I’m a fan of the game
"Street Fgihter 2’ Champion Edition" (it came out in 1992)
and the web site(http://cafe.daum.net/sf2ce) leader in Korea.
Our purpose is gathering the sf2ce gamers all over the world.
I have been in Shanghai,China (Oct 2~6, 2005) to join their meeting.
<<Beause almost all of Chinese sf2ce gamers met in Shanghai
(LieHuo Game Amusement ; there’s only 3 arcades in Shanghai!!!).>>

As soon as possible, I’m going to visit Japan for meet Japanese sf2ce gamers,
and we are going to have a tournement! :encore:

I came here because I really want to join with sf2ce gamers
from America and all over the world.
If you like and enjoy sf2ce,
then mail to me, and we can join soon~~!!!:wow: :wow:
my mail^^

***The First Tournement in Korea, held by "cafe.daum.net/sf2ce"
1st sf2ce battle in Korea, Feb. 26,2005

***Oct 3, 2005 /Shanghai, China / Chinese sf2ce gamers meeting
Chinese meeting

Why CE? It’s fuckin’ crap compared to ST.

Because some people like CE.

The music in that trailer was top tier.


Just watched the second vid, I noticed a ST machine next to the CE machine, thats cool that you actually have both. Be sure to post up some vids of your CE Bison players in action, I wanna see actual beasting with him done right.

Hello and welcome to Monkey House:

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is a classic. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying this title.

You might want to try looking in the Strategy Zone or Domination 101. SRK does not take too kindly to anybody posting in the wrong forums. Please delete this soon to avoid the countless flames and dissappointment. I hold not much power, but I can predict what will happen if this thread is not deleted.

Cool site btw.

Both vids were good. Basic, to the point, although in the first, the dude was messing with the camera’s settings WAY too much.

Good matches all around, I look forward to more from you guys.

Hello. Welcome to SRK, and I hope you enjoy your stay. There are many CE gamers here, and you can find some here http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=215

In fact, if you’d like to play me sometime, let me know.

Thank you for read my thread.
Add that, we like sf2ce because
it’s the original fighting game.
I know that sf2 is came out before sf2ce but
there’s some problems in it.
(A friend of mine said that “YRKungfu”(maybe 1984) is
the first game in arcade but
it’s too simple to play now…)
Anyway, I want to show you all of game videos
in here.(Korean and Chinese sf2ce games)
Can I make a room in “shoryuken.com”?

Thanks for read my thread and lack of my English,
I can exactly understanding these posts.
Anyway, how I can contact “fatherbrain”?

It’s really that our hope is to have a world tournemant soon.

You can use this thread to showcase your other videos, or show us how to navigate your site if they are all archived on there.

there is a proram called MAME to play arcade games on your computer. You can also play against other players anywhere in the world. It is free, but the games are hard to find. Send me a private message and I can help you more.

Great stuff :tup:

Oh, we are not play emul.
We only play sf2ce in arcade.
We only play ““real”” fighting game.
(original version,world version)
So we want to have world battle.

The problem is that there are maybe 2 CE machines still in arcades here in the states. Any US tournament in CE would have to be either privately held (and, unfortunately, given the geography and location of players, turnout would probably be underwhelming in any given area), or played online. FB’s on the right track, as online is probably your only real hope to pull together the best of the best and actually get a turnout.

Thanks for the vids, btw, d/l’ing now.

:edit: Good stuff. More tourney vids, please!!! :slight_smile:

why do you keep sending teh trolls to GD?

the 1st korean sf2ce tournement

It’s the first Korean sf2ce tournement
*Date : 2005/02/26/Saturday
*Where: JungIn arcade(Noryangjin,Seoul,Korea)
*Held by:http://cafe.daum.net/sf2ce

sf2ce intro

Final : BlackKen vs. RyuJjang
1st battle ad

korea_sf2ce - thanks for posting this information. I sent an email to you.

and to the moron that said 'CE is crap compared to ST, please kill yourself.

?? ? ???.. ???. ??? ??? ???..??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???.

This makes me homesick. Neverthless, good stuff.

That brings back some nostalgia for me, SF2CE is such a really good game. I highly doubt that there are only two sf2ce machines out there left, I think there are more than that, you’re best bet though is to probably use the Ultracade machines to play Champion Edition now if you want to play in US Arcades

2nd battle in Korea

Priliminary 1

This is the Priliminary of "the 2nd sf2ce battle in Korea"
held by http://cafe.daum.net/sf2ce
*2005/5/28/Sat/pm 4:30 ~ pm 10:50
*JungIn arcade (Noryangjin,Seoul,Korea)

  1. Black_ken : Onlyken
    _1/5 ken:ken
    _2/5 ken:ryu
    _3/5 ryu:ryu
    _4/5 ryu:ryu
    _5/5 ryu:m.bison
  2. Lohengrin : Shun
    _1/3 ryu:zangief
    _2/3 ryu:zangief
    _3/3 ryu:zangief
  3. Gungyea_adul_sagat : Guile_anju
    _1/3 sagat:guile
    _2/3 sagat:guile
    _3/3 sagat:guile
  4. Fantastic_control : Starboy
    _1/3 sagat:m.bison
    _2/3 sagat:m.bison
    _3/3 sagat:m.bison
  5. Starboy : Ryu_jjang
    _1/3 ken:ryu
    _2/3 guile:ryu
    _3/3 guile:ryu
  6. Nalara_bison : Bulkkoknamja
    1/3 m.bison:ken
    2/3 m.bison:ken
    3/3 m.bison:ken
  7. Lohengrin : Power_jun
    1/5 ryu:ryu
    2/5 ryu:balrog
    3/5 ryu:guile
    4/5 ken:guile
    5/5 guile:guile
  8. Jo_myongyuon : Park_sungho
    4/5 guile:m.bison