SF X Tekken - Do you think Claw is there?

Hi there,
so, what you think?? how much are the odds ?? claw in this game? your thoughts

Of course he will. But in Namco’s version…no. Vega’s moves are designed for a 3-D, side stepping engine at all.

well they have to add some moves to every SF character if they want to be Tekkenized. So yes, hopefully claw gets in it

I really hope so. It would be about time he came back for another crossover. I want a rival fight between him and Miguel X3.
And one for Bison vs Dragunov <3

am i the only one who does not give 2 shits about this game??..fuck tekken

normally i agree with you. but this is the first game with the tekken brand that i’m intrested in. (unless you count soul calibur)

Looks ok drop tekken since 5, played 2,3 &5
i was in doubt at first until i saw the trailer.

If Vega’s in it then my interest goes through the roof. If not then i’ll remain indifferent.

CH->walljuggle-> crossup SHC ftw.

Nope, but he should, and if he is, he will suck.

If there’s room after they stuff in every shoto in sf history, chunli’s thunder thigh’s and Guile, we may have half a shot.
Wouldn’t mind some Vega/Dragunov or Vega/Hwoarang tag action tho.

I can see Hwoarang’s “down down popup kick”* into Bloody High Claw :3
(* Horrible at Tekken so I really don’t know names of moves)

maybe… i don’t think rapid fire links really suit vega, and if there’s no EX in this game Vega will be really different anyways

as for namco vs capcom, it would be a SIN not to include vega. seriously, i would probably consider not buying the game if vega weren’t in it. that would be ridiculously disappointing.

i dont think he is gonna be in it. with wall juggles, i just dont see it. infact when i saw the trailer i thought SF3 lol. any who, the question is when is CvSnk3 gonna come out? Want to get my team going again. Sagat, Vega, Rock

I think vega has less odds appearing in Namco vs Capcom’s version of the game considering how Tekken is played. I mean, 3d for vega?!! I expect no wall dives moves?
As for Capcom vs Namco’s version of the game, if vega is not in the game there’s a strong possibility that i’m not getting it… I think Capcom is not targeting vega players in this game :frowning: … can we do something about that?? send them a letter or riot? lol

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to see Vega vs. Yoshimitsu. Claw vs. Sword.

Nah. Vega will get put aside for a more popular Tekken character, like Roger, Kuma och Doctor B.

They’re both new characters, and not very popular. Dragunov and Miguel have about as much chance making this game as a Makoto player has beating Daigo.

Vega on Namco version is not entirely unfathomable. They would just rework his footsie game and make his wall dive game a minor component to the overall playstyle. After all, in SFIV you’ll rarely see wall dives outside of combos and the occational ‘telekinetic’ EX launch. Teken still has a wall to bounce back and forth to so Claw being in it is not unthinkable. I"m thinking a closer incarnation of SF EX 3 Vega where ST will serve as a juggle against throws and regain his command grab. So kinda like ST–>Air grab like King and SF EX 3 Vega.

raven does some funny stuff in tekken 6, i can totally see vega getting some fast side step dodgy moves , and blink out and blink back from nowhere in the sky moves.

the real question is is any of those two game be released on PC or are they going to save them for the XBOX 360 and PS3, not rying to taunt but these console are anything but next gen now, they are going to be as advanced as a SEGA megadrive in 2 years.

The guy asked if Vega would be in SF X Tekken…not Tekken x SF. Two different games…wtf people?

Vega is probably one of the easier characters to move into a tekken engine honestly, most of his game is footsies which is all tekken really is. His aerial moves would obviously have to work totally differently, but there are plenty of funky aerial moves in tekken that they could function similar to. Archetypes like defensive fireball characters, or SF type grapplers seem much harder to transition, since the play styles themselves don’t even translate.

I imagine both games will be focusing on the classic/iconic characters first and foremost, so I would be surprised if Vega was left out of either of them.