SF IV Online Impressions

First of all the game is great, however online is funny with things that people do

-1 round matches 30 sec timer
-Disconnecting after losing one round
-Lots of turtling no offense players
-Lots of KEN lol!!! (with predictable DP strats)
-Wack connections

Of,course Ken is like everybody’s favorite!

No guard bar means more turtling. Netcode is awesome, Ive only had 1 laggy match at 3 bars, everything else is smooth.

You can still gaurd break; I’ve done it alot. The moves that “armor smash” also gaurd break from time to time; it’s abit random. either that or they tried a focus just as I did an armor breaker.


Alot of 1 round 30 sec matches, ALOT OMFG ALOT.

Here’s how my day went yesterday:

Blanka (my first loss of the day)
Blank (another loss!)

Still haven’t encountered any 1 round - 30secs matches but seeing the majority of the people with no bars is pretty dissapointing :frowning:

I thought all the 1 round 30 sec matchers were for friends trying to farm the 10 ranked wins in a row trophy since that tends to be the least common match setting

lots of 2/3 bars

too many ken matches! love the netcode though!:pray:

My view on this game generally:


  • Not as laggy as SF HDRemix.
  • New characters with really varied purpose. El Fuerte reminds me of Ali for some reason: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee- grappler version. Abel is like the best of Alex+Sean.
    -Focus attacks has lots of potential.
  • Overall art style is really amazing. Love the paint canvas effect.

-RETARDED english sound track- I cringed everytime I hear the main theme song:mad::chainsaw::chainsaw::chainsaw:. Its sad because the intro CG is really stylish. Who approved this crap??

  • No round-robin online feature. Would be nice if private invites can support 4 people.
  • “Saving…”: If there is an option to turn off all the damn saving before and after matches, I’ll switch it with the swiftness. Takes too damn long from char selection to actual fight and post fight exits. Maybe an option to make a plain vs menu? SF HDRemix simple interface spoiled me.
  • None of the original strat works- you would think if your good with HD Remix some of those skills might come over; not true imo. I can’t play good ole Sagat cus jab srk reversals just don’t pop fast enough. Other thing I notice is the system doesn’t seem to award ppl that can do long string combos and ANYTHING links with jab punch apparently.

Will vent more as I see em. :annoy:

I found it easier to find better matches if i hosted the room myself, that way you can still have however many rounds you want for how long. But the Ken situation is pretty bad.

SOrry to hijack. Question, how do you tell if a person was disconnected, or quit the match? Also, when you’re challenging someone, and it says “Unable to Play: Search Again” does that mean that person accepted a challenge right before I sent mine? THanks.

Too many people raping me.

Hey Peon long time no see. Or at least I just haven’t been reading shit you post.

Anyway, yea I had the options menu sitting on full blast in my room the first day I got it while I was doing other stuff. I don’t know how I left it on as long as I did but my sanity was far gone before I ran over to the 360 and just hit the power button. Jesus christ that’s some bad music.


Online connection

I thought my internet connection was fast but not once have i had a match with full bars. Also, i tend to fight Blanka and Sagat much more than Ken. My PS3 must be haunted.

It’s pretty good when I play people on the East Coast. But once I leave the region and play 3 bar matches from players in Chicago, it gets laggy.

ive had a bunch of matches with the blinking signal and had only 2-3 laggy games. Alot more 1 round rape quits from players. i dont see why people care about ranking so much to quit after 1 ROUND! its sad really. also to god damn many ken

Not to worry…SF4 CE will be AVA to DL Soon

I’m not gonna play online for a while. I’m sick of playing Kens…seriously

It feels GGPO smooth alright, I can get lag free matches with orange bar players but I’ve never seen someone with green bars. I’ve only had one or two lag spikes but that’s it.

does anyone know what kind of formula they use to calculate battle points??

i’m wondering b/c i always seem to lose more points than other people do.

of course i know im just being paranoid, but im also curious if game play factors into the amount of points you earn as well. ie: do getting perfects earn you more points? does winning with a super or ultra combo give you more points?