SF:HF 360 screens

http://www.gamersreports.com/media/427/recent/ :lovin:

Hooray for MS


It would really be useful in console tournaments if fighting games had an interface like that before each match. Different pads and joysticks wouldn’t be a problem.

No comment on the game though. Looks good as far as I can tell.

I can’t help but wonder why this game even needs preview screenshots to begin with 0_o

The new mode looks decent.

so is it possible to use joystick online with this, and if so what kind?

As of now, I think your only option is the Dead or Alive 4 stick. From what I hear though, it’s a purchase that you wouldn’t regret.

Also, maybe the Sega Virtua Stick USB? I have no idea if that actually works on the 360. Blind guess. Good luck finding one though.

It won’t work, Webscud, 3rd party sticks need to have a special protection chip to work on the 360. The only way for a controller or arcade stick to be released with one is to pay MS licensing fees.

They spelled “Default” wrong.



the arcade mode looks like it has alot of comedy potential :rofl:

i cant wait to geta mic and download this game :rofl:

ugh, SF2 HF on a system with 3 symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each, and an ATI gfx core that has 500 mhz on it. oh yea… that game is REALLY taking advantage of that systems specifications. Plz, whatever respect is left in HF just let it die in peace already. Its amazing how you guys refuse to move on, 100 hadukens and 50 DPs in one match is enough for a life time instead you guys wanna do it forever and ever. You guys stick with your stone aged game and I’ll be in the present playing Quake 4. :rolleyes:

^ You sir are a dumbass.

And a typo in a capcom game is new, how? :stuck_out_tongue: You ever look at the back of that boat on the Brazil stage in 3s? Or the match end quotes from MvC?

okay. you hate on SF, but your username has “Gouki” in it. and then you start talking about Quake on WWW.SHORYUKEN.COM


get a clue.

What alot of gamers fail to realize is that what the hardware can do doesn’t make games for fun.

What SSJgouki (which is easily one of the gayest usernames I’ve ever heard) needs to realize is that this game is a rerelease of a classic, therefore WHO THE FUCK CARES IF IT USES THE HARDWARE WELL?

People have different tastes, so quit like yours should make sense, dumbass.

To show the high quality graphics of the next generation consoles, silly.


That seriously made me burst into laughter.

Guys do you think the game will suffer from a lot of lam?

lam > you

I dunno about all the SSGouKi hate…? I think he had a point. Would it have been impossible for them to skillfully port Super Turbo? Couldn’t they have at least done Super? Seems like Microsoft was aiming low with this one.