SF 2 HF youtube channel

Hey guys just beat the stuffing outta cigarbob hd on sf 2 HF for xbox live type gyromitefan1983 on youtube.com to see my sf 2 vids Ive beaten many great players including the agg and I am wanting to challenge real decoy but he keeps running

Crayfis and cigarbob talked all kinds of smack saying ggpo players are better then xbox live players well I beat cigar bob 10 games to 0 and crayfis and decoy are too scared to play me

I enjoyed the e.honda bulldozing and filthy trash talk.

“GGPO middle-aged man too cheap to pay for X-box live” :rofl:

What the hell is the point of this thread.


Fucking corn fields. Get in one.

lol this guy

I thought HF on live was laggy as hell…

I thought CE was what everyone played on ggpo?

You a wild dude so I am going to sub you for real. I like the trash talk. Corn fields!!!

Just a question Rocky, you have a computer and an internet connection so why not play them on GGPO? The experience is much better than HF on Live where its filled with lag.

Just curious…

The lies this guy spews is incredible. He cracks me up. They played one game, and its all of a sudden 10-0 hahaha. I also love how this clown will only play laggy xbl hf, and probably too scared to play it on ggpo with less lag, or play hdr on xbl with less lag as well.

Ill keep the thread open for hilarity. This hick troll is so amusing

Can someone tell me why?

I mean, come on. CE?? :confused:

:sweat: I guess I thought wrong. :lol: I made the mistake of believing what I read in a forum that doesn’t exist anymore (2dfighter) that CE was more popular or well regarded than CE. My bad.

Stop your hatin’ and start playin’.

Its not even “hatin’”, just curious why it got most play.

I’ll pass.

Hey guys I can never get ggpo to load,Plus cigarbob played me on his sock tag before playing me on his real tag thats why I didnt record the whole 10 games cuz if I showed me beating him on his sock tag he would have an excuse

I encourage you guys to look thru my vids and find ken mexicano and lazypunkasmand master G these guys are beast at sf 2 HF and I beat them always in a series,I now have the record for most sf 2 HF vids uploaded on youtube.

What in the fuck is a sock tag?

I beat a this guy from tokyo japan yesterday he was a beast with dhalsim ill be posting that soon with eye of the tiger background music,Theres also this great zangief player his original tag is the zangief king but I played him on his tata n elmo tag LOL and he lagged switched out the gm when he lost and I recorded it and will post.

AT paparhino a sock tag is a 2nd xbox live account to disguise yourself like cigarbob tried to do when I beat him 10 to 0

STFU buster!