Seth's Trial Mode

I didn’t see a Trial Mode thread, so yeah.

I have a question regarding Hard Punch -> Ultra

No matter what I do, the Super always comes out. Even if I hit the All 3 Punches button. What am I doing wrong?

If you get a super instead of an ultra, it almost always means that you are doing the ultra too quickly (and getting a super cancel instead of an ultra link).

I can’t do the FA, cr HP, 3x headstomp
I can only pull it off without the FA

I don’t understand why this is called trial mode thread… hes not a trial hes a real character, and he has real moves. We can post our trials in the movelist thread.

But… yeah you have all day to hit QCF x2 plus Punch x3.

its a corner combo.

having trouble with the fourth trial in hard mode…the links followed by ex sonic boom then ex focus then tandem stream…any tips?

edit: HAHAHA WOOOOOO SHIT I DID IT! two continuous hours trying…jesus


5 almost continuous hours later i finally beat the last trial

does anyone have tips on completing seth’s 5th combo on normal trial lv4 ?

Put Dan in the corner then do it or FADC after the cr.HP.

any tips on getting the standing hp to come out after the cr.lp? that alone makes trial 4 hard as hell.

Take your time. You don’t have to link cr.lp into st.hp as fast as you think. As soon as you find the timing it becomes a whole lot easier.

any help with trial #3? when do you cancel from c.hp into ex.tandem? Every time I try Dan is able to block the next c.hp.

You have to cancel the 2nd hit, not the first (they have to go airborne). While they’re in the air, they’ll get pulled back in and the next c.HP should hit. If I remember correctly, you have plenty of time to do the 2nd c.HP, so just relax and don’t rush it.

Any tips on this one? I only tried it briefly. I’m having trouble canceling st.HP into EX SB for some reason. I guess I’m not doing it fast enough…

i was trying to do it in the corner the whole time :frowning: lol i got it now, thanks for the tips

I’m stuck on the “st. hk > tandem storm” trial. Any tips?

You cancel into it. The cancel is after the first hit of

Note that this is completely fucking useless and needlessly difficult.

Last hard trial? what’s the timing needed for the 2nd sonic brah?

Same as the last one? You also have to EX Focus cancel it immediately.

hey guys can I have some tips for Seths hard trial 4

I can get the to fierce punch but it’s hard for me to do the EX booms…any tips on the timing and what position my stick should be?