Seth Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like focus attacks, ex moves, jumps, and throws.


Health: 750 (worst in the entire game)
With 750 health, Seth takes 60% more damage from attacks than Zangief, 33% more damage than Ryu, 13% more damage than Akuma, and 6% more than unmasked Vega.

Stun: 750, then 900, then 1080 (also worst in the entire game)
It takes roughly four fierce attacks from most characters to stun Seth.

Walking Speed: Absolutely terrible
Size: Sagat sized
Jump arc: Regular
Jump Frames: 4 prejump, 34 jump (slightly faster than average)
Dash Frames: 20 (slower than average, ties with Rufus and Claw)
Backdash Frames: 20 (faster than average, only ElF and Sak are faster)

(Note: Most of the animated GIFs here are sped up. Some aren’t. Sorry.)

Not much to say about most of these normals so far. It’s like getting a mixed bag of shoto normals, Urien normals, and Dhalsim fierces.

Since image embedding is no longer allowed in the SFIV character discussion forums, please refer to the Frame Data thread for information on normals - all the info you used to be able to find here and more is now located there

Neutral Jump / Back Jump Fierce
Dhalsim normal. Seth extends his arms to Dhalsim length at a 45 degree angle.

While jumping back or straight up, :hp:

Damage: 60
Stun: 200
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • This is like having Dhalsim’s jumping Fierce, only without Dhalsim’s terrible floaty jump.
  • It just beats out a lot of stuff and has a ton of range. You will be using this a lot and using it mostly to run away or keep out. It can also be used to put pressure on.

Far Standing Fierce
Dhalsim normal. Seth extends his arms to Dhalsim length near to the ground.


Damage: 80
Stun: 200
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • Goes under most fireballs. Doesn’t go under Low Tiger Shots, or under Sakura’s Hadoken.
  • Use this to discourage your opponents from Focus Absorbing your Sonic Booms, to slap on extra damage to booms that do hit, or just to be a jerk :slight_smile:
  • The range covers roughly 3/4 of the screen. You will need to put some pressure on your opponent when throwing Sonic Booms so you can stay in range for a Fierce.
  • Avoid being predictable when using this with Sonic Booms, don’t forget that you also have the option of wall jumping or using j.Fierce as well…

Command Normals

Yosokyaku (Headstomp)
Seth mimics Chun’s headstomp.

While jumping :d: + :mk: (can be repeated two more times after hitting)

Damage: 115 (50, 30, 35). The third headstomp usually gets damage scaled.
Stun: 140 (50, 50, 40)
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • All three headstomps do combo, even on standing opponents. However, you are usually too far after the second headstomp to hit a standing opponent with the third.
  • You can get all three headstomps in on a standing opponent, but the first headstomp must hit very deep or must be done on their wakeup.
  • When used on a standing opponent, the third headstomp will knockdown.
  • When used on an airborne opponent, the third headstomp can be followed up by a divekick.
  • You can wall jump after any headstomp, so if your cornered opponent blocks all three of your headstomps (not likely as they tend to crossup), you can bounce off the wall and head back to safety.
  • If used during a wall jump, you will maintain your momentum from the wall hop and coast away from your opponent. This is great for getting out of a corner, but many reliable AAs will stuff it out easily.
  • You can use this this instant you leave the ground and it will act as an instant overhead.

Divekick (Tenmakujinkyaku)
Seth mimics Akuma’s divekick.

While at the peak of a forward jump :d: + :hk:

Damage: 60
Stun: 100
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • Much like Akuma’s divekick, you want this to hit very low so that you can combo off of it.
  • This can be used to speed your descent or fake out an opponent who is expecting a jump-in.
  • When used during a wall jump, you will lose your momentum from the wall hop and descend normally like a divekick. This is good if your opponent is expecting you to use a headstomp to escape the corner instead, as you should land in time to punish their AA.

Wall Jump
Seth mimics El Fuerte’s wall jump.

While jumping at a wall, :uf:

Damage: 0
Stun: 0
Armor Break: No
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • After a wall jump, you have three options - use a headstomp to bounce off your opponent and escape from the corner, use a divekick to fake out your opponent, or use a j.Roundhouse to attempt to go for a combo.
  • This does not have to be done off the top of the wall - it can be done low as well and act as a somewhat instant air dash. This instant air dash can be used to punish fireballs, or to simply let your opponent know that you have other options when jumping besides just j.Fierce and headstomp.


Neutral/Forward Throw
Seth kicks the opponent to the floor.

:lp: + :lk:, or :r: + :lp: + :lk:

Damage: 130
Stun: 150

  • This throw leaves you fairly close to your opponent, which is probably not what you want when playing as Seth…

Back Throw
Seth tosses the opponent behind him.

:l: + :lp: + :lk:

Damage: 130
Stun: 150

  • The better of Seth’s throws, unless of course it would put you into the corner.

Focus Attack
A focus attack, standard on every character in Street Fighter IV. Like many of his normals moves, it closely resembles one of Urien’s moves (Chariot Rush).

Hold :mp: + :mk:, then release at any time

Damage: 65/85/150 (Lv1/2/3)
Stun: 100/150/200

  • It’s a Focus Attack. There’s tons of information available on this elsewhere, as it is a general gameplay mechanic.
  • Seth blinks white when his Focus Attack is charged to Lv2.
  • Seth most likely has the best ranged Focus Attack in the game, being able to hit from almost half a screen away.

Seth mimics Dhalsim’s teleport.

Four ways to teleport:

:bdp: + :3k: - Teleports back.
:bdp: + :3p: - Teleports back.
:dp: + :3p: - Teleports just behind the opponent.
:dp: + :3k: - Teleports just in front of the opponent.

Damage: 0
Stun: 0
Armor Break: No
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • Although it appears to be like Dhalsim’s teleport, it functions more like a faster version of Bison’s teleport, that is…
  • It cannot be done in the air.
  • It does have recovery. Your opponent can c.Short you after your teleport on reaction, so you pretty much have to use the teleport in response to a whiffed attack. (So no, it isn’t the teleport > SPD brokenness you speculators thought it would be)
  • Obviously once the teleport is started, you are invulnerable until the recovery frames.
  • If you get crossed up during a teleport, it is very likely that you will get the wrong teleport and end up somewhere you don’t want to be (i.e. the receiving end of a 720).

Spinning Pile Driver
Command throw.

360 + :p:

Damage: 130-150 (30, 100/110/120 depending on punch strength, EX: 50, 120)
Stun: 200
Armor Break: It’s a throw
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • Jab version has best range but worst damage.
  • Stronger punch = worse range, better damage.
  • EX version has the best damage and seems to have the same range as Strong.
  • This is obviously nowhere near as effective damage-wise as Gief’s SPD, but it still has the strengths of being a command throw (better range for tick throwing, cannot be teched)
  • Appears to be as fast as SPD. When doing c.Jab or c.Strong, SPD, you have to wait after hitstun to throw.

Sonic Boom
Seth throws a Sonic Boom with one hand.

:qcf: + :p:

Damage: 60, 45x2 (EX)
Chip Damage: 15, 11x2 (EX)
Stun: 50, 50x2 (EX)
Armor Break: No
FA Cancel: Yes (after the boom is thrown)
Super Cancel: Yes

  • Although it appears to be a Sonic Boom, it does not have the properties of Guile’s Sonic Boom… it behaves more like an ordinary Hadouken.
  • Low Tiger Shots will not go under it.
  • Stronger punch = Faster sonic boom. Recovery is the same for all Sonic Booms except EX (which is slightly longer)
  • EX version will throw two Sonic Booms. This doesn’t quite have the benefits of regular EX projectiles, since it takes longer for Seth to throw two Booms instead of one. In a fireball war, your opponent can probably block the second Boom after negating the first one. It also won’t juggle like EX projectiles do.

Seth uses Ryu’s Shoryuken.

:dp: + :p: (do two more times for extra hits)

Damage: 128 (80, 40, 10) / 138 (90, 40, 10) / 148 (100, 40, 10) / 188 (100, 40, 16, 16, 16, EX)
Chip Damage: 45 (20, 15, 10) / 47 (22, 15, 10) / 55 (25, 20, 10) / 47 (25, 12, 10 EX)
Stun: 133 (100, 25, 10) / 149 (EX)
Armor Break: No
FA Cancel: Yes (first hit only)
Super Cancel: Yes (first hit only)

  • No FADC Ultra here kids, sorry.
  • It’s still a solid AA. It seems fast, but it doesn’t seem to have the kind of priority and invincibility that a real Shoryuken does.
  • 5 frame startup, so it’s slower than Ryu/Ken’s Shoryus and more along the lines of Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut.
  • Jab SRKs do the least damage and have the least horizontal and vertical range, but they’re also the safest. Strong SRKs are stronger and have more range but are less safe, and so on…

Hyakuretsu Kyaku
Seth moves forward and goes for a standing Roundhouse. If it connects, the opponent will be hit by 16 very quick kicks.

:qcb: + :k:

Damage: 120 (20, 4x15, 40)
Chip Damage: 5
Stun: 250
Armor Break: Yes
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • Short version has less range but better recovery.
  • Stronger kick = More range, worse recovery, slower startup. Roundhouse hits from almost 3/4 of the screen away.
  • EX: Same range as Roundhouse, same recovery as Short, some fireball invincibility. Punishes fireballs well at midrange, though it’s unlikely anybody will throw one at you knowing that you could just st. Fierce them anyway.
  • Hyakuretsu has great range, but is very unsafe on block.
  • Not much else to say about this, really.

Tandem Engine
Seth activates his Tandem Engine and sucks in the opponent for a free hit.

:qcb: + :p:

Damage: 0
Stun: 0
Armor Break: No
FA Cancel: No
Super Cancel: No

  • Seth is invincible to fireballs while the engine is active. Unfortunately, due to the long startup, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get any practical use out of this feature.
  • Jab version has half screen range. Strong version has 5/8 screen range, EX version has 11/16 screen range, Fierce version has 6/8 screen range.
  • EXing Tandem Engine costs two EX stocks instead of one.
  • EX Tandem Engine is able to grab opponents out of the air and out of certain states, while regular Tandem Engines cannot.
  • The vacuum always sucks opponents in half a screen and always lasts the same amount of time, no matter which punch is used.
  • The amount of frame advantage you get on hit depends on the distance the opponent was sucked in. If they weren’t pulled in at all, you have full frame advantage (+23). If they were pulled in the entire half screen distance, you will have almost no frame advantage.
  • Tandem Engine usually has a set duration, but if the opponent is sucked into point blank range, then Seth will end Tandem Engine and recover from it sooner (which is why he gets frame advantage if the enemy was already near him when they got vacuumed)
  • Combos involving Tandem Engine do not count Tandem Engine’s hit.
  • Tandem Engine’s vacuumed state is considered hitstun - you have to wait until it ends to SPD someone. You could learn the timing for it, but you may just be better off spamming DF+P for a Shoryuken instead.
  • If Tandem Engine is blocked, your opponent is stuck in blockstun - so the above still applies on block.


Super: Tandem Storm
Seth creates a dark ball of energy that sucks the opponent in like Tandem Engine but starts to do damage as soon as the opponent touches it. Follows up by breaking the ball if it hits.

:qcf::qcf: + :p:
Super: Requires full Super Combo gauge

Damage: 350 (10x20, then 150)
Chip Damage: 77 (2x20, then 37)
Stun: 0
Armor Break: No

  • Jab Tandem Storm has the same range as Jab Tandem Engine, and so on… startup also increases with stronger punches (Fierce takes twice as long to startup as Jab)
  • The further you use Tandem Storm, the fewer hits you will get. Considering most of Tandem Storm’s damage comes from these hits, you may want to avoid using it at max range.
  • Tandem Storm can hit airborne enemies and Seth will usually still break the ball at the end for the full 150 damage.
  • It has zero invincibility though, so don’t rely on it to counter jump-ins.
  • Due to the long duration and the vacuum effect, Tandem Storm is an easy way to punish whiffed attacks from afar.
  • Like c.Fierce, it can be used to discourage Focus Absorbing of your Sonic Booms.
  • It does NOT armor break, it relies on multiple hits to armor break instead. If used at point blank against someone charging a Focus Attack, they can release it and it will counterhit against Tandem Storm. - It will still punish Focus Attack charges at longer ranges, though.
  • The engine will negate projectiles, but the engine does not immediately activate until after startup. You can still punish slower projectiles, but you will likely get stuffed out by faster ones like Guile’s EX Sonic Booms.

Ultra: Tandem Stream
Seth pushes forward with a wave of force. If it connects, he will suck the opponent into his Tandem Engine and shoot them out at the camera for laughs and damage.

:qcf::qcf: + :3p:
Ultra: Requires half full Revenge Gauge

Damage: 243 (6x19, 129) 340 with full ultra (8x19, 188)
Chip Damage: 0
Stun: 0
Armor Break: Yes

  • Can catch enemies that are not fully airborne, so it cannot be used to counter jump-ins.
  • 10 frame startup.
  • It takes some time for the wave to hit an opponent from full screen, so you must be somewhat psychic to use this to punish whiffed moves.
  • It appears Seth is fully invincible during Tandem Stream (couldn’t stuff out with Tiger Shots or c.Roundhouse).
  • I encountered a bug once where I would not get the first 19 hits from doing cr.Fierce > Ultra on Zangief… it soon went away and I don’t remember what may have caused it, but there you go.

**Links and Basic Combos

Close Jab > Close Roundhouse (1 frame link)
Close Jab > cr.Strong (3 frame link, cancellable)
Close Jab > Close Fierce (4 frame link, cancellable)
Close Jab > cr.Jab (4 frame link)

cr.Short > cr.Jab (1 frame link)

cr.Jab > cr.Strong (2 frame link)
cr.Jab > Close Fierce (3 frame link)

Close Roundhouse > cr.Strong (1 frame link, cancellable)

Close Jab > Close Roundhouse > cr.Strong > Cancel
cr.Short > cr.Jab > Close Fierce/cr.Strong > Cancel

Close Strong, Forward, or Fierce
Low Short, Jab, Strong, Forward, or Fierce

j. Roundhouse, Roundhouse (200 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, cr. Roundhouse (170 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, cr. Forward, Sonic Boom (188 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, cr. Forward, Hyakuretsu (248 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, cr. Forward, Fierce Shoryu (254 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, Fierce, Sonic Boom (228 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, Fierce, Hyakuretsu (288 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, Fierce, Fierce Shoryu (294 dmg)
j. Roundhouse, Fierce, Fierce Sonic Boom, Tandem Storm (480 dmg)

Divekick, cr. Forward, Hyakuretsu (218 dmg)
Divekick, cr. Forward, Fierce Shoryu (224 dmg)

j. Strong, Yosokyaku x3, Divekick (215 dmg, 450 stun)

Jab Sonic Boom (far), dash, Fierce (140 dmg)
Jab Sonic Boom (far), instant wall jump, j. Roundhouse, cr. Forward, Hyakuretsu (288 dmg)
Jab Sonic Boom (far), instant wall jump, j. Roundhouse, cr. Fierce, Hyakuretsu (309 dmg)
Jab Sonic Boom (far), instant wall jump, j. Roundhouse, Fierce, Fierce Sonic Boom, Tandem Storm (480 dmg)

Those of you with better execution can think up your own hot combos :v

A few seth combos

  • jump in :hk:, :hp:, SRK (:dp:+:p:, any strength links)

  • :d::lk:,:d::lp:,:d::lp:, :d::mk:, :lk: Hyakuretsukyaku (:qcb:+:k:)

-jump in :hk:, sonic boom (:qcf::p:, any strength links) xx Tandem Stream (:qcf::qcf:+:3p:)

  • :d::hp: EX Tandem Engine (:qcb:+:2p:), :d::hp:, EX Tanden Engine, :d::hp: xx Tandem Stream

  • :d::lk:, :d::lp:, :hp:, EX Sonic Boom, xx EXFC, Tandem Stream

Great thread but I think you forgot his SRK special.

Haha, I did. That’s what happens when people show up to play SFIV while you’re typing :rofl:

Stu, are you sure that :d::lp: links into :d::mk:? I can’t get it to work and I’ve been at it for a while now!

As far as matchups go…

Zangief has a terrible time against Seth. j.Strong and Lariat will beat a predicted Seth’s j.Fierce, but Seth can just delay the j.Fierce and punish either of those anyway. j.Fierce keeps Zangief from green handing in, st.Fierce and Sonic Booms keep Zangief from just Focusing/Lariating for meter. Teleports let Seth out in the rare case that Zangief gets in. Feels like 7-3 in Seth’s favor.

Seth has the tools to fight against Sagat, but it feels like it’s mostly a matter of overcoming the huge damage handicaps that are working against you. Probably 4-6 in Sagat’s favor.

I don’t remember many specifics from the few Bison vs Seth matches played. Bison’s j.Strong beats out Seth’s j.Fierce pretty cleanly though, but it felt like neither character was able to control the air as much as they could against other characters.

I can’t really say much about the rest of the matches played, since there was a lot of console char vs console char and I don’t think many of us have figured out the solid way to play our new characters yet. Fighting Cammy sucks ass though, what with her Cannon Spike that does absurd damage and has 200something active frames (an exaggeration, maybe, but it’s true!)

Do you think you should mention that Seth’s Triple Shoryuken resembles Cyclops’ Gene Splice from the Marvel games? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice write up and thanks for it. Sorry for bringing this up but looking at his low damage outputs I can’t help but feel that he is at best Mid-tier what do you say to that?

Nah, Gene Splice has that projectile that makes it a lot better :looney:

I can’t really say for sure where I think Seth falls in the tier list. I haven’t been able to get great use out of his Teleport or Tandem Engine, but it just feels like there’s a ton of potential and new strategies there that I haven’t been able to use.

I originally thought Seth (and Gouken) would, at best, be as high tier as Akuma. Oddly enough, Prima’s tier list agrees with that :rofl:

Oops forgot about the optic blast XD
I dunno his damage output is really somewhat low for the most part, but if he has good Stun damage output, would that put him high in the rankings?

Great thread. Thanks for the time it took to create this. I’m sure it will come in handy in the future.

Beautiful first post. Love the gifs. I wish every character had this sort of thing.

Wait are you sure about the damage of his Ultra?
50%=243 Points
100%= 340 points
1.5*243=364 points

Umm mind elaborating on it please?

IMHO, if an update patch comes out in DLC form, Ultra should do 280 at 50% and 420 at 100%.

Nope, it really does super-low damage, presumably because it’s supposed to be easy to land, it’s not too terrible. What I think is gay is that your opponent gets almost a full EX stock if he gets hit by it.

I copied those combo’s from the guide. So they should work.

Are you sure his health is 750 i read somewhere else 800.

Yeah, I see now that the Prima guide says Seth has 800 health too.

I dunno, I just punched Seth in training mode until his health hit 0 and ~750 was what I got.

lol, well maybe in a future DLC update damage may be increased but priority reduced.

Forget that bullshit

What the fuck? Does Seth really have his own RunStopFierce?
Ugh… there go my hopes of Seth not being broken.

Yeah its pretty easy to execute in comparison to RSF. Only difference’s being that it’s alot easier to land but costs meter. Seth doesn’t seem to need to use EX from what I can gather so theres no reason not to use it imo.

Wait, isn’t C. Fierce a launching move for him and isn’t EX tandem necessary for sucking in and grounding a juggled opponent?

Woops forgot to put ex in front of the tandem