Seth is definitely a strange case. He feels one buff away from being broken, and one nerf away from being useless.

He could use at least 50 hit points more. 750 is ridiculous, even for the formidable moveset that he has.

A way to even up the Gief matchup a little bit would be nice. It’s really just his jump back fierce/s.fierce and wall jump that make that match so one-sided.

The point in balancing is that there ARE bad matchups. You can’t be good against EVERYONE, that would be hilarious.

I’d say he’s pretty good as is. I do agree with giving him just a little bit more health though.

Of course there are bad matchups, but the Seth-Gief matchup is so heavy in Seth’s favour that it’s nearly unwinnable for Gief.

Seth is perfect.

Don’t touch him please.

Well that happens I suppose. Comes down to player skill over movesets/etc.

The Abel Gief match up is so bad for Abel it’s a joke. So Gief’s even, right? :confused:

zangief damage on his 360 and health fck it make him gill

I don’t know about unwinnable. It is winnable, it just takes some guessing and predicting. It’s hard though. EX green hand through standing Fierces and counter headbutt is an auto stun. You also can’t cross up Seth or it gives him a free out.

If hes a buff away from being broken and and a nerf away from being useless…wouldn’t it make sense to do nothing to the character in the first place?

I personally think he should lose his jumping.HP, or whichever one gives him the dhalsim arms. Either that or make him less mobile (slower or take away his teleport).

Any slower and he wouldn’t even be moving…

uhh jumping hp is like 50% of seth’s game dude

If I remember correctly, he’s actually at 700 right now.

I think Eventhubs has him at 700 but his health is actually 750.

I rest my case then?

Against Abel its about 80% of his game. I’d prefer him to have a fuckin air sonic boom or something instead.

Wouldn’t that just mean Seth wouldn’t have to worry about trading hits on it anymore?

Hell I’d go along with it, first time I’ve heard someone wanting to buff someone they have trouble against. :lovin:

because hes limited to doing absolutely that and nothing else since abel can actually get in on him? j. fierce isnt even that hard to beat anyways if you knwo what youre doing.

if you take away j. fierce he pretty much gets turned to shit as seth has crap footsies.

i would like either

  1. completely redesign him, take away copied moves altogether and give him all new original moves like tandem engine, or

  2. take away jump up/back fierce, stand fierce, and give him normal life


i always hated that in some fighting game bosses, more Bosses with original moves please, like Bison in SF2.