Seth Combo Thread **Check first post for BnBs**

If you are a new Seth player, look at the first post of this thread and ignore the second part.

Combo notes (aka look here before posting, feel free to skip):

Combo notes


[]cr.hp xx EX Tanden does not work in the corner. However, cr.hp link EX tanden, -> EX Tanden, EX Shoryuken -> EX Tanden, and fp shoryu FADC EX Tanden work in the corner.
]A lot of the time you can almost reach the corner with the link, but not quite. If you’re unsure if you can make it to the corner, do cr.hp -> hk Hyakuretsu. It does less damage than the link, but more than the first BnB. This is also a lot easier, if the link scares you.
[]You do the lp Tanden Engine after a crumple forward dash for the meter and to make the followup easier., cl.hp is only possible after tanden as well. Also, the tanden looks cool. It does not scale the combo at all.
]Hyakuretsu only scales 1 hit even though it hits 17 times.
[]In general, Seth’s Ultra 2 (Tanden Typhoon) gets fewer hits the more juggle hits were in the combo. This can actually make it punishable on hit in rare scenarios if the last hits whiffs.
]When possible, ending combos with hp SRK is better than hk legs midscreen because it leaves you in a mixup situation afterwards with divekick/crossup The mixup after legs-> teleport is comparatively weak. You’re actually -1 on the teleport against most characters.
[*]All of these combos are the ‘best’ possible combos as far as I know. If you are going to suggest an alternate combo, you must defend its value. This is supposed to be a resource, not a bullshit list of every combo possible in the game. If you have a cool combo that’s not practical, I’ll put it in the ‘style points’ combos.

Seth character-specific combo spreadsheet

Spreadsheet notes

[details=Spoiler]In the corner, I am 99% sure that the list of characters that sonic boom fadc cl.hp is the same as the characters that lp tanden -> cl.hp works on.

I use -> cr.lp -> xx mk legs off a divekick reset because it does more damage than jabs and shorts. Alternatively, you can do cr.lp -> s.hp xx hp srk. [/details]

Bread and Butter punish combos:

Important situational combos:


For stun/ultra punishes, is the most damaging jump-in you have. If you aren’t going to use meter though you should do FA3 instead of a jump-in because FA3 does more damage. Also, you can’t do the lp tanden ->, s.hp after a jump-in.

Focus crumple backdash combos:

EX Bar combos (advanced)**

2 bars:

3 bars:

4 bars:

Style Points Combos:

Thanks to Tsurael and Jinrai for providing some numbers

Good shit, I learned some stuff from this.

Just outside corner can’t you use EX tandem engine combos then end with roundhouse lightning legs since that shiz slides them back so far in your initial movement that you can do the corner stomps follow up?

Yes. But you can’t do xx HK Hyakuretsu. Note that some of the combos listed are only possible in this position - that’s why I write it as BnB instead of the cr.fp xx lp shoryu combo - because you might be able to get the corner combo off instead.

You should add your LP sonic boom, EX FADC, PPP teleport cross-up-thingy, methinks.

I also thinkyou should focus on the opening attacks as well as the number of ex bars the combo require, like the old thread. You only really need the best combo for a specific first attack and how much super/Ultra you plan to spend during that opening.

im pretty sure ive found an 800+ stun combo for almost every character if you’re near the corner and have 50% meter. meaning no matter what you land after the reset, guaranteed dizzy. no jump in required… i think. close HK is an important tool here, it allows you to nail 200 + 50 stun (scaled obviously), putting you just over the edge in a lot of cases (810 stun). if i can make this consistent, having 2 bars in the corner means any combo puts you into a 33/33/33 situation that gets you a dizzy. still testing though.

back to the science lab!

Well, I just know one with Zangief XD (HP headbutt, c.HK XD)

Trash combo:
HP shoryuken x(2 or 3) -> LP super (Think it worked with both stages of it) 100-125 stun, variable damage (100/140+ at least 200, I’d say)

misspelled cawmbow, voted 1

j/k, thanks a lot bro!

I’m gonna follow Doopliss’s suggestion and organize the combos by opening move and then bar. Eventually >.>

my stupid combos:

  1. cr.lp s.hp xx qcf.p fa dc cr.lp s.hp xx qcf.p cr.lp s.hp xx qcb.k j.d.mkx3
  2. cr.hp EX.srk EX.qcb.p cr.hp EX.srk
  3. s.hp xx qcf.p fadc s.hp xx hp-srk fadc j.d.mkx3

Interesting note: Starting off either BnB with Sonic Boom -> does exactly the same damage as FA3 -> BNB. However, the Sonic Boom -> gives a bit more meter (including the lp Tandem afterwards) and is safer to attempt from full screen versus a stun.

If you’re ever going to punish with a super, just do neutral -> close s.fp xx fp Sonic Boom xx Super. 490 Damage.

Here’s my very very weird 2-hit combo.

The opponent jumps over your sonic boom, right after you do the Ultra… 2 hit combo… WTF should be 20 hit as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

Sonic Boom -> ULTRA crazy shit

If you push them into the boom the half damage of it is fricking lame. >.<

Get the damage (and stun) on these and I’ll put them up.

sure, u’ll get all the info tomorrow then

  1. FA.lvl3 cr.lp s.hp xx qcf.p fa dc cr.lp s.hp xx qcf.p cr.lp s.hp xx qcb.k j.d.mkx3 372 dmg, 600 stun, AKA worst combo :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. cr.hp EX.srk EX.qcb.p cr.hp EX.srk 437 dmg, 667 stun
  3. s.hp xx qcf.p fadc s.hp xx hp-srk fadc j.d.mkx3 369 dmg, 589 stun
  4. FA.lvl3 s.hp xx qcf.p FADC s.hp xx qcf.p FADC s.hp xx qcb.k j.d.mkx3 452 dmg, 725 stun
  5. s.hp xx qcf.p FADC s.hp xx qcf.p FADC s.hp xx qcb.k j.d.mkx3 457 dmg , 850 stun
  6. cr.hp xx lp-srk FADC EX Tandem xx qcb.k j.d.mkx3 453 dmg, 861 stun
  7. ULTRA 360 dmg, 0 stun
  8. qcf.p -> ULTRA 324 dmg, 50 stun
  9. qcf.p -> SUPER-hp 360 dmg, 50 stun
  10. j.hp s.hp 140 dmg, 400 stun, very great actually
  11. j.hp -> ULTRA 324 dmg, 200 stun
  12. cr.lp s.lp s.lp 121 dmg, 235 stun
  13. qcf.lp wall j.d.mkx3 172 damage, 205 stun
  14. 2hits 1 hit j.d.mkx3 192 dmg, 255 stun
  15. 2hits 1 hit -> SUPER 310 dmg, 150 stun
  16. cr.hp xx EX Tandem cr.hp srk-hp FADC j.d.mkx3 367 dmg, 615 stun

That’s all I got

For the record, I haven’t forgotten about this. I’m currently looking at Sonic Boom FADC combos. Will update soon or you can hang me.

An absolutely useless combo as there are better options to choose.

cr.hp->> hp shoryuken x3

254 dmg and 354 stun

I guess it looks somewhat flashy.

This thread must be updated soon…

NEW COMBO: qcf.lp (full screen) j.d.mkx3