Sentinel [[STOMP]] Patterns

FREE UNFLY GUARD STRING (neater post was needed)

Conditions - must have had unfly
- must have lost unfly the technical way (using it all up)
- must use f.lp, f.fp or, f.fp

now, after your f.fp, you have unfly afterwards (for one use, im not sure on the duration of it, somebody can check that out or wait until i do).

Uses - to mindfuck somebody, people sometimes play differently when they know you have unfly.
- to get a hit
- to keep a pressure string going (this is nice because now even though your out of unfly, you can still block an AAA)

thats about it…nothing that is going to drastically going to change the way sentinel is played…just something that could come in very handy at times. nice to have a bag of tricks.

but if you start the trap at the beginning of the fight wit out unfly mode wat would u do then? thx in advance :xeye:

Your not going to have them in the corner in the beginning, but say you dont have unfly, it takes more effort, but it goes: fly, hk+assist, unfly(very quickly) fly, repeat. Take a nade from cable, beam from mag, typhoon for storm, or an RP from another sentinel are easy way to get unfly. Keep in mind that sentinel takes damage very good, though he can eat up to 5 ahvb’s. Magneto(Projectile), Tron(Projectile), Capcom(Anti-Air), Doom(Anti Air) and Storm(Any assist) are common used from trapping. When you trap and unfly for about 4 reps, get to the ground so you wont lose your unfly, sj. lk, fly then repeat trap.

Hope this helps, and remember, a good sentinel CAN beat a good cable with practice :tup:

this is hard, but it’s possible, since my friend javier gets it on me a lot…

during flight, if they try to jump, hp, xx unfly, land, spit… u get the unblockable, then free RP HSF launcher. it’s rough, but if u can predict it coming, it’s VERY useful

learn all your options after your opponent blocks a HSF, especially the options off a dashing s.HP

c.LK, s.LP xx RP xx HSF ->

  • call assist (magneto, spiral, cyclops, bh, etc) -> dash/fly/etc
  • dashing s.HP ->
    • call assist and/or drones, continue pressure
    • cancel to RP xx HSF and repeat

there’s a shitload more options, but most branch from these, depending on what assist you have (say mag/cyke/bh/capcom) you can just keep doing stomps until they get frustrated or you lose control

its funny how much this works but a mixup to people pushblocking your stomp patterns is to juss throw a f.fp into your string where they think you are going to pushblock, then they will pushblock the air and dash backwards, and thats when you unfly rh to a nasty combo…iono, works a lot

Sentinel Q&A

After going thru the magneto qna thread, i thought one here would be good to start. Hopefully we can keep this organized and not have people just come in and ask how to connect lk after going into flight in a combo, so…post resets/strats/assists/sent v. whoever and any question thats not in a thread already.

With that said, anyone notice sanford does a rp but cuts it real short? i can guess why he does it but how do you cut the rp short?

Cancel the RP by doing qcb+lp in the middle of the rocket punch. Cancel it at any time before it extends too long and/or hits someone. I ALWAYS do this for one reason in the middle of an air combo: it misses. Its a useful tactic on sentinel vs sentinel. Also against cable’s if you wanna bait their supers, but I wouldnt always do it since you can get fried, but, it might work the first time.

what are the exact patterns or just good ways to trap and stomp out your opponent?

my sent needs tips fighting cable, thx

I just hit back and punch. Works.


Some notes: Dooms excellent for trapping, but lacks control of space, commando isnt that good for trapping, but controls space. Another thing in gameplay, ESPECIALLY runaway storms, and other sentinels are to control space with commando and sentinel. Use commando to limit your opponent’s space, and control what you have and make them be afraid of getting hit by it. Vs runaway storm, corner her, most likely she would have sentinel, commando, or psylocke as an assist. Commando does good against all of these. Just pull ur assist, dont attack, right after you hit it fly back, and then here are the stomping patterns:

WITH UNFLY: The opponent will always try to sj out of it, so if you think he will throw a hp in there. Here goes: FLY, lk, hk, unfly, lk, fly, hk, call commando, back up, unfly, laserxxfly, fly towards, hp, unfly, lk. This is one I use all the time but it depends on your opponent really, just mix it up. Also, dont abuse the unfly, you dont want to get hit just to get it back. This is all done in a fast process

WITHOUT UNFLY: This is a bit harder and it hurts your wrist alot. But, worth a tourney victory. Here is the pattern i use: FLY, hk, Unfly(quickly) FLY, hk, call commando, backup, go forward, hp, UNFLY, FLY, lk, repeat. The only difference is that you have to unfly then fly back quickly. Which, again, hurts ur wrist like a bitch. Thats it for now, u guys have anything let me know.

sent- if you want to trap a sent with your sent, dont let your opponent get over you. whoever is on top has all the advantages.

if you dont have unfly, do the hk unfly xx fly that was mentioned above. do this until you get too far away to keep sent in stun, then call your aa, commando is best to ground sent but cyke does a good job also, even cables weird scimitar angle can work. then proceed to stomping again. yes you can be push blocked, but if you’re in flight you can make it back over to sent before he can act if you throw out a fp and stun him again.

thanks will print out and study…I’ll come back if I have anymore ?s :tup:

I am bored so I might as well post some good sentinel combos

First one:launch, lk, fast fly (fly then quickly tap any direction) lk, rp,(pause), lk, mk, diagonal rp.

Second one:(in corner) launch, lk, fast fly, lk, hp, unfly lk, fast fly, lk, hold forward, grab, lk, mk, rp.

Third one:(in mid screen) launch, lp, fast fly, lp, mp, rp, grab.


First one: (commando) launch, lk, fast fly, lk+commando, hp, diagonal rp

Second one:(Storm proj) launch+assist, lk, hp, land, (WW hits), launch, lk, fast fly, lk, rp, lk, rp.

Third one:(storm variety) launch+assist, lp, lk, mp, hp, fly (go around) lk, mk, rp

question. i know this has been asked somewhere before but i still do no understand so bear with me. does sent have to get hit by ur opp. to go into unfly mode? can someone briefly explain unfly, i can fastfly just not unfly.

Yes, fast fly is harder than unfly.

The thing is, you have to get hit, but land on your feet. So say cyclops AA hits you and you land, you have unfly. But if cyke hits you and then storm continues with a LAxxLS, you will fall to the ground, and not have unfly. Some goes for the hail storm. Getting hit by MOST AAs (not psy) would give you unfly without a followup.

so the only way for you to combo ur opp. after the fastfly combo is wait for him to hit u? i’m all confused.

question about sents fp priority

Ive noticed that in sent vs sent matches/vids that when both if both sents are flying and one does a rocket punch towards the other, the other sent will do his frying pan (fp) and totally knock the rocket punch away, Im not sure if its all angles or what, also I seen wong in vids do frying pans while fighting other sents in the air.

comments plz

shao01 - you should be hit before you attempt the combo. Then you can pull out moves during unfly mode

fernando - sentinel’s hp can beat out RPs, but I THINK not the ones going diagonal up. Its easiest to swat away a straight one, and timing isnt that critical. But yeah, if they fake it quickly unfly then fly back up again.

I’m pretty sure you have to make the pan come down on the hand of the rp in order to hit it down.