Sentinel [[STOMP]] Patterns

i need some tips on trapping an opponent to the corner with putting them in BLOCK STUN. what’s the best way and please tell me buttons.

It helps with unfly mode.

Fly, lk, fk+call assist, unfly, lk, fk, then from here you can either…

1)land, s. lp, rocket punch, HSF to whatever.
2)land, s. lp, fly and stomp away.
3)land refly lk, fp, unfly, fly, lk, fk+assist, rocket punch.

lots of ways to keep then locked down.

Sentinel stomping / pressuring strategies

Hey guys, my sentinel sucks…its just too slow I think, and I’m tryin to figure out the best ways to keep pressure on the opponent by jumping lk and hk flying lk and hk unflying lk and hk while calling out assists. Every so often I’ll dash back threw a standing or crouching FP cancel into fly and repeat.

This is not effective though…My sent gets whooped on.

What do you guys to keep the pressure on the opponents?

this is a really good thread. probably the reason why nobody answered you.:lol: not very many people that know what they are talkin about post now…although there are some, enough to keep posting.

pressuring on the ground is very easy for me since i have mag-a backing me. c.fp+mag-a and flying lk’s can do the job on the ground. in the air, fast flying is key for zoning. although; when your zoning on the ground, they might try and sj. ad/f attack, in that case, fly and frying pan.

stomping patterns…still working on those, they become less effective when the opponent has capcom (scrub, santhrax, etc) so i haven’t had an opportunity to practice on those much. I f.rh, unfly, lk, fly, fp+assist, unfly, land, go low,, unfly lk,…just stuff like that when they DONT got capcom or cammy, u get tha picture. cyke might hit u, but he don’t hurt:lol:and u should have ur assist out so mag can’t jump and infinite u, plus u get unfly again if he does hit…so u know

now if other people who play a good sent/xxx could post that would be nice.

thanks 50, those are some good tactics…It’s going to take some time to be able to j lk f lk unfly lk f lk for me though, I guess I’m still to slow when it comes to flight cancellation.

Mostly what I do is J. lk, F. lk, unfly lk. land repeat. Hopefully I’ll be able to cancel flight after that unfly lk in time to keep the pressure on.

It seems when that other people are simply able to super jump out of the corner when I start puttin the pressure on and this throws my whole rhythym off. I gotta keep them trapped in the corner to be effective.

How do you guys use the standing or crouching fierce punch to keep the pressure on? Is it just a couple of random FP xx flight xx unfly repeat?

And also, when you have an opponent in block stun, or ur just applyin alot of pressure, is it better to use a projectile assist like mag a, storm a, doom b or an anti-air assist like psy cyke or capcom? From what i’ve seen from soo’s storm/sent/capcom team, cap’s anti air is really only used in fast fly combos once the opponent has been launched. what do u guys think?

You can’t J. and still be in UnFly Mode. Because if you do, you loose your UnFly. You have to sj. so you won’t loose it but its a bit harder. But if by J. you meant sj., then my bad.

haha; opps…no, my bad for a typo, but thas wut i meant…unfly mode is f’in crazy though. there are ways to gain a free unfly…:evil:

I remember reading a bit about this somewhere in gamefaqs… how does it work?:smiley:

Get hit by cyc?:lol::confused: but thats not free…

i would like to kno too…

there is a way to get like an extra unfly…its like lets say you have unfly; and you lose unfly…try doing f.lp or (you don’t even need the f.lp or i don’t think), f.fp, unfly, throw out a normal…fawked up huh? i still don’t understand it completely yet…still experimenting

when u figure it out IM me on aol and let me kno homie!! i wanna get my sent better…

haha! this is awesome, like 5 years later, and we’re still comming up with new shit.

i figured this out with sent before. try this out,, s.lp, fly, unfly, hk, land. this works even if u don’t have unfly mode. the trick is this:

everytime u cancel into fly when the opponent is in block stun, you can do an action after you unfly. this is true only if you do absolutely no action while flying.

so in that example before, the s.lp caused blockstun in opponent, and u cancel the s.lp into fly while the opponent is still in block stun, now u can fly where ever u want, as long as u don’t punch, kick, or do a move. when u unfly, this is when u can do some action, or block.

yeah; i still haven’t found a good use for psuedo unfly, to tell you the truth, i just about forgot about it

all i can think of is one use so far, high-low mind games. u can do this:, fly, unfly, hk, /, s.lp, low rp XX HSF…, fly, unfly, hk, / /\ …

seems to come out fast enough to confuse people. haven’t actually done it, since i can’t get that unfly into hk consistantly.

what da hell are you guys talkin about o_0

how exactly does one use sentinel when they’re not in unfly mode? I just began to understand this unfly mode shit like last week lol. kinda late but i get it down. But now i’m just almost letting capcom hit me so i can get into unfly to beast lol. how exactly do i use sentinel if i’m not in unfly? I just do,s.lp, fly, hk, unfly really. and wait till capcom/cammy/cyclop assists hits me so i can beast. any tips on using sentinel when i’m not in unfly mode?

i need to improve my sentinel:(

dere’s lots of ways to get in unfly mode

1.when ur in flight mode anything tht hits u out of it jus get bak into flight mode da instant u get hit
2. if u superjump n sumthin is strong enuff to hit you all the way to the ground from the air then ur in unfly mode
3.if you have sentinal as an assit n sumthin knocks him in the air ur gonna be in unfly mode when u come in

anyone got their opinion on who’s the best assist for sentinal all around

You get unfly mode from getting hit by an attack that knocks you on your feet, not on your back, even though you activate flight before you touch the ground, you must have to have been knocked on your feet if you had not activated flight. Point is… capcom aaa hits you, cyclops aaa hits you… you were in the air and got jabbed, etc. standing and getting hit by a RH which sends you back a little doesn’t activate it, you have to be knocked on your feet, or you WOULD HAVE BEEN knocked on your feet except you flew before. If you switch out and you have unfly mode, the game keeps track of it and when you re-enter, no matter how it be, you will still have it. You can even get unfly mode as an assist… just get hit by something that would knock you on your feet.

Now, about this blockstun thing… I think you guys are just getting mixed up free unfly mode when you normal jump. If you NJ, fly, and then unfly, you have 1 action, which represents the action you had from normal jumping. It can be a normal, a special, a super, a normal into special, or a normal into super.

Free Unfly - don’t know how it works, but it is out there. you do not have to believe me, but i’ve it seen with my own eyes. credit to raekwon187, his sentinel is a beast. it has something to do with a flying frying pan when you don’t have unfly, then after they block the frying pan you get unfly. like i said, im still experimenting…even though i haven’t experimented lately. one day ima try n figure out how to get it EXACTLY. i think you have to of had unfly first and lost it. (maybe you have to lose it the real way too, by using it all up, then try the block string f.lp, f.fp)

Psuedo Unfly - when you do something to get the opponent in BLOCKSTUN (not sure 'bout using an assist to do this, i know normals work) and you fly and unfly then do a move.

edit: btw, musker juss taught me something, i dunno why i didn’t know that but know about this other shit

edit numba 2: alright…the free unfly…isn’t what i originally thought i’d be but it helps sentinel with guard strings and pressure tactics…here is the situation…condition one is that you MUST have ALREADY HAD unfly…condition two is that you must lose unfly…now…go and do a f.lp,f.fp, unfly…and for some reason you have unfly mode, but JUST WHEN YOU DO THAT COMBINATION, you can substitute a lk for the lp and get the same effect…so this doesn’t mean NOW YOU HAVE UNFLY, its just when you do that guard combination…kinda nice you can have a safe guard pattern (free of AAA’s after you drop from your f.fp)…also, this could probably be used as a mindfuck in a way, because u can make them think you have unfly…when you don’t:lol:

edit 3: you must have lost unfly the techinical way (by using it until you don’t have it anymore)