Self entitled monsters+what really happened at UC Davis

I am really loth to open this considering what happened to the last one but this information need be shared at every level possible because these self entitled monsters need learn nothing in life is handed to you.

I am prepared to fight both for our rights but against these people.

We agree that change need be made but your proposed mean’s are beyond ludicrous


I understand counter point’s shall be made and i welcome them,hopefully with a pinch of reason.




Transition to this state is horrible.

So they’re asking the government to ignore a whole bunch of laws and fling money around like it’s confetti?

O_O I don’t know anything about politics or this kind of thing, but it SOUNDS kinda like too much.

Just my (uninformed, noobish) opinion.

So all the OWS protestors got together, agreed on a list of demands, and posted it on the one website that they all run?

lol, really? This is one of the most meandering list of ideals I’ve ever seen. Raise imports to high levels in order to have a higher wage? Does whoever wrote this want us to have another great depression style recession?

Guarantee a living wage? Ha, no way. Almost every demand in here is just totally beyond unrealistic in a real economy.

Like number 10: Count ballots in person with an independent party? Elections are expensive enough as is. HOw about changing our terrible style of voting?

This is clearly not the thoughts of the whole movement. These are the ramblings of someone with no grasp on basic global economics that somehow got spread by the media.

Please don’t make me repeat myself.

For fuck’s sake, several of the very articles you’ve listed are making my point for me.

32,000 people in NY alone, not even counting all the other locations of this now-international event. People ranging from socialists to libertarians to anarchists. I know you don’t believe that any one so-called manifesto speaks for even a significant chunk of the people who are turning out for this thing.

Then again, you did refer to them as “self entitled monsters”, which strongly tempts me to dismiss you as just as much of a crackpot as whomever is responsible for drafting that list of demands.

Of course i do not believe it speaks for all of them.
The majority though i could easily believe think this a fair and just list.
But i included it because they have allowed it to be associated with them and their movement with little to no action to counter point most of the requests made.

The movement was very quick to disassociate with the one man in the video making the fuck the military fuck veterans comments,so why allow this to stand on their own site without being refuted or countered(and please do not say the comments are that because that is not an official stance by any means)

Also i do not understand how you can refute the self entitled monster moniker.

that majority of those “demands” are terribad.

Because, believe it or not, a video saying “fuck the veterans” is infinitely worse publicity and is absofuckinglutely guaranteed to show up on the radar of every mass medium that has so much as heard of OWS.

Uh it even says on the website of the list you quoted that it wasn’t an official list, just an anonymous forum post that, of course, was blown up my The Media™. Not surprising though, slander and misinformation are some of their greatest weapons :/.

Fair enough,i do not agree and i’m fairly sure that a good portion of the movement members see this list as fair and valid.
Hence the moniker.

like every issue, this can be resolved by asking ourselves “What would the founding fathers think?”

They’d be confused why all the white males gave up their power they worked so hard to give them

Of the protesters? They would beat them with sticks, put them in the public stockades for people to throw rotten food at, and finally, throw them in a jail a thousand times worse than a modern-day San Quentin.

And I’m fairly sure that such an assumption is highly convenient to the position you had already formed prior to your discovery of this dubious evidence.

Though I’m sure you’re hearing nothing but circus music by now, the one thing these people have in common is their feelings of marginalization and anger toward the people responsible for running this country–including those who have taken up an increasing share of the nation’s wealth during a time when the nation as a whole has been struggling, and those in the government who have an obligation to represent all citizens and punish all criminals fairly, but don’t.


I am actually curious why you take a stance of attack when i am keeping it reasonable.
Reasonable is keeping the dialog open not agreeing with you.
My circus music is their ideal that something is owed to them,nothing is owed to any of us.
I have heard you address the manifesto but not the point of unlawful gathering,lack of direction and ping ponging between what they claim to want.

A better question for you,i have met and spoke with UC Davis students as well as Occupy LA members about this information before forming my opinion.
Have you?
Have you done anything other then try and strike down anyone calling these “Self Entitled Monsters” on their bullshit.

spelling errors aside, we still have B.I.G. problems facing our country!

You keep saying “they” as though “they” are a homogenous unit.

Nope. I also don’t see how it’s germane, given that the only information you have that I don’t is anecdotal at best.

I’ve pointed out a few obvious flaws in your position. And now I’m pointing out that while I am indeed making fun of you (taking a “stance of attack” as it were), your pretension of “keeping it reasonable” was destined to fail before it started, so I doubt that this thread had any kind of standard to uphold to begin with.