Self entitled monsters+what really happened at UC Davis

Last i checked it is universally referred to as a movement expressly implying a multitude creating a single entity.

What flaws?
Your picking apart the posted manifesto that when asked i provided the information garnered from.
You addressed nothing and have proven nothing aside from wasting time in semantics and frankly i expected better from you of all people.

Anecdotal in your eyes because of your unwillingness or inablity to actually garner anything at all.
Present an actual counter point.
Anything that’s not finger pointing.
A single solid fact.

What you seem to be missing is your “making fun of me” is both a massive failure and presents the pro OWS argument in exactly the light i described it as.
Rudderless and listing.

Sadly you are right my pretense might be a lost cause but only because of my need to address post’s exactly like this.
I do not expect you to understand my meaning,most people unwilling to take a stand are unable to do so and i hold nothing against you my friend.

Soooo…are you seriously using the video of an obviously mentally handicapped woman and her “Love Children” as a point against OWS?

No sir just more evidence of the Self Entitled State we live in.

9 alone will create even greater unemployment for us citizens. These idiots act like they don’t know illegals are occupying jobs outside the fruit fields. Have they never seen a construction site (where the average pay USED TO be enough for a family of 3-4 to be comfortable with only the father working…before the illegals showed up and wages dropped so much, americans had to leave that field for the simple reason that you can’t be a full-time construction worker, then go do a part-time job afterwards. Constriction is too physically demanding) in the last 10 years? Then there’s 3, 5, 12…hmmm, 6 and the first part of 7, while good, simply cannot be done. Not enough money. They have to get on the white house’s case about that, not Wall Street. Make them stop hooking up their crony companies like Solyndra with money for nothing, and funding failing and hostile countries.

LOL, You make it seem like the wages dropped because of illegals coming into this country.

The above demands are retarded and do not really solve the government and corporate corruption.


the 99% percent of NY.

They’d think, “Why are niggers owning land and voting?!”. The founding fathers can eat a bag of dicks.

OWS are a bunch of idiots anyway. The ways of sitting on a stick and saying “this is my way” are gone. I don’ really see what they are trying to accomplish, they are unorganized.

Why do people want to save this country again???

I cannot believe Peter Schiff was brave enough to talk to a bunch of niggas at OWS. They all wanted to pin him down as a racist to which he should of just told them that he was a Jew.

Because as we all know, wealthy white people talking with niggas is dangerous, and all the niggas Schiff spoke to obviously wanted to do some kind of harm to him and/or defame his character. … Do you understand exactly what you’re saying? Or do you want to clarify what you actually meant?

One of the major complaints I remember coming from OWS was outrage over the TARP bailouts a couple years back. Sothen this comes to light.

Am I a self-entitled prick to find this an abomination? Yes, I blame the Fed Reserve and the banks who took this money.

Some of those niggas looked intimidating to me and I personally would not go out of my way looking for trouble with ignorant people on the streets who don’t understand what the fuck they are talking about when it comes to economics, capitalism and pretty much anything.

What good would that do? Not nessessarily saying that Peter Schiff is raciest, but it’s not like being Jewish exempts you from being raciest.

Hell, the majority of business that dealt in the sales of African slaves in the US were Jewish owned.

Sorry man, that tactic does not work on the truly educated.

Again, NOT saying that Peter Schiff IS raciest, but being Jewish doesn’t automatically exonerate him from that accusation.

They just depress wages on jobs they flock to (if you pay above minimum wage, you can pay whatever you want, as long as it’s above minimum wage) from “livable/good” to “damn near minimum wages/hope you’re not single or you’re now the working poor”. That’s why there’s such vitriol towards them. Not “They tuk mah jerb” but “Nao mah jerb ain’t payin’ shee-it, but afore these fellers showed up, a man could take care 'o his family, college and all, and wifey didn’t even have ta werk.” Employers tend to pull shit like lowering everybody’s wages once they get a lot of illegals, so there’s no pay discrepancy (because, even though they are here illegally, they have the right to the same pay…somehow)…unable to live on such a low pay, americans leave the job, more illegals are hired, and that field of work is now considered “theirs”, like construction in well, every part of Florida I’ve been to.

yeah but it will work on dumb people that bring up offtopic things like race into the discussion.

:rofl: pretty much

Dave Chappelle: Run, nigga! It’s George Washington!!

You know, I think I’ll stick to Adam Carolla as a comedian and not listen to him for actual serious socio-economic problems. That whole rant was nonsensical from beginning to end. Only problem is that the OWS people didn’t go in there with a proper goal. Their protest was something that should have been focused, clear messaged and non-whimsical. Instead we got a bunch of douchy people with Apple products.

Guess I’ll sit back and enjoy how nobody is willing to look at the fact that we are being taken on a very real, non-conspiracy theory ride by a lot of rich people and how there are a lot of different factors for success. FUN FACT: Tax on top percentile during the Eisenhower administration was 90%. That’s how we paid for a lot of the nice things we have now.

Yeah that might work except rich people are not stupid. They’ll either lobby Washington to change the rules for them like they’ve always have or just fucking leave to other countries where taxes are low to non-existant. Do you think my nigga Schiff gives a fuck about taxes? He operates a lot of his businesses outside the US and so will all the other rich folk eventually. Either way you’ll end up with a bunch of salty poor people protesting.

I think its funny that people call the OWS people “entitled” when its the same Entitlement of the wealthy to everything in this country that is causing them to protest in the first place. The corporation that run this country manipulate supply/demand for their own benefit by passing rediculous laws that prevent competition and ensure their control of the marketplace. A majority of our taxes are spent on subsidies so companies like GE end up making a net profit from the government ensured by taxes fleeced from the middle class and rich but not super rich who can’t avoid them. They outsource to slave labor and import essentially slave labor through illegals to make it impossible for workers to negotiate living wages in careers where you could raise a family. They even managed to change patent laws to be first to file instead of first to invent. So that means huge corporations and their army of lawyers will get to arbitrarily file as many patents as possible and just sit on them. Waiting for someone to come up with an idea. Market it. Create a market for it. Then sue them to oblivion.

You did not earn something by manipulating the system. A majority of the rich in this country all inherited Daddy and Mommy’s hard work anyway. They earned so little they shouldn’t be entitled to anything. This country’s GDP has went up but the only people who’s wealth has went up throughout this growth in the past 10 years are the super rich.
The only thing people want to be entitled to is a system that isn’t a stacked deck against them from day one.

sadly both sides are right

you have people that are gonna try and ride this and get everything for free

Because “intimidating looking niggas” are clearly ignorant about economics, capitalism “and pretty much anything.”

Is this exactly what you mean to say? Seriously?

Also, to the next dozen troglodytes that want to call Occupiers out on being “self-entitled,” does that opinion also hold true of the veterans, middle-aged union workers and public service workers, and elderly demanding social security not be cut? Very curious about that, considering the OWS I’ve read up on has included those groups also.