Selectable super/ultras

i have just read the troll complaint thread about sf4 and i feel he had made a very good point about selectable ultras/supers.

these could potentially change the gameplay, mindgames and combo list of sf4 for the better, but it would need to be a blind select thing.

at the min every character has just the 1 ultra/super which we all know how these ultras/supers act (how to counter/avoid/etc), if every 1 had a choice of 3 of each this would change the predictable nature of the supers/ultras.

edit: lets assume that capcam can make 3 ultras/supers that all have some use.


No, because everyone will use the same one.

Yes, and that will not be “selecting”.

thanks for pointing that out, now thats been said maybe something constructive could come of this.

^^Yup, if SF is anything like nearly every other game the best will get filtered out & that’ll be the only one used competetivley.

you could say do it for the more amateur players, but then reality kicks in & you could say “why not add” for a whole lot of things in that regard.

Nice idea though, i never got to play third Strike (didn’t release it on Ps2 in UK) so it’d been nice to see how that system works out. & lastly, as for “Blind Select” i really don’t think addinga random risk/reward function in to any game makes it better.

i didnt play 3rd strike myself but have read on here that everyone used the same move all the time, i always assumed that the move was better than the other 2 and thats the reason it got used.

i dont see it as a random risk reward thing (although thats what the ultra is) i see it as adding a load of extra possabilities.

Everyone picked the same exact super art in 3S. Every Chun-Li used the super lightning legs and I remember in a lot of the Chun mirror matches, seeing it like 6+ in 3 rounds…so the answer is no since the final conclusion is that everyone picks the same super thus really making it only one super, so whats the point of having 3? Wasting Capcom’s time and money.

It’s more useful for some characters than others. The only reason chuns always pick SA2 is cause it is leagues better than her others. Some characters however have supers that are all unique in their own ways.

Stop thinking about the perspective of one or two characters, look at the whole.

“More is better” is a fail argument. where does it end?

“Adding more mindgames” could also be justification to have selectable normals, or 100 supers instead of 3.

actually mindgames come from KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT.
If you keep randomizing it by flooding new moves it will actually lessen the mindgames.

Well I think the argument that “only one super will be chosen anyways” doesn’t quite make sense. Sure in 3rd strike for yun, chun, ken, only one super makes sense, but for the majority of the characters, picking a super depends on the matchup and your personal play style. Take Makoto, generally SA2 is the considered the best super, but a lot of pro players pick SA1 against characters where it’s hard to set up the karakusa combo or simply just pick nothing but SA1 because they like it more.

I think adding more supers would definitely add to variety and the depth of the game by allowing new strategies and combos to develop. Yet I am still divided because of balance issues and the fact that it may over complicate the game. I think adding ultras would be kind of dumb because they seem like they should be the sole unique last technique for a character and supers are already so rare that it probably won’t make a difference.

Of course if you add like a genei yun super, suddenly a character’s playstyle will become completely different and might be interesting (though probably broken).

Instead of a bunch of supers that you could choose from, why not add custom combos instead?

Capcom should be really careful if they add an extra ultra for each character.

Akuma is already top tier,quite possibly S tier along with Sagat and yet his ultra is one of the least reliable.Can you imagine Akuma with a fireball ultra(both land and air)?

Some of the low tier character could probably gain from having an extra ultra,like Guile and Claw or some of the console characters since we can assume they couldn’t do worse than Claw current ultra.

Just had a thoguht from thinking of what Claw’s Ultra does. Suppose selectable Supers were implemented in a way that helps characters pick an appropriate Super for their next opponent and perhaps if done well, it could even out difficult match ups further.

Not necessarily supporting the idea, just putting a thought out there.

2 Ultras
3 Supers

If the supers are diverse but useful then people will select different ones. Characters whos ultras have next to no range right now could get ones that have a dash start up or something.

It wouldn’t be as bad as in Street fighter 3 since every ultra is one stock/use only.It was a little silly to have super arts with 1 or 3 stocks(and a couple of them took far longer to max out like the shin shoryuken),since you also needed the meter for ex moves.

The challenge is making one ultra different from the other,but have both be useful for a different situation or match-up.

No matter how you looked at it, there was always one super that got picked more than the other. Regardless of the character. To deny that, or to try and downplay that fact is delusion.


The eaiser or most destructive input will always be chosen…

Why would it need to be blind select? you can only choose one so as soon as you throw it out your opponent knows which one you’ve selected and can anticipiate the next round(s)…

If you really want to suprise your opponent you should have all 2 or 3 ultras available via different inputs, like Gen.

Not necessarily.

Makoto got split between SA 1 and 2 a bit.
Remy could choose SA 1 or 2.
Ryu was the only character where all three were balanced and good.
Hugo’s SA 1 and 3 were both viable choices, depending on your playstyle / matchup.
Yang could choose SA 2 or 3 to great effect, again depending on matchup and style of play.
Q could pick 1 or 2 and be effective with either.
Same for Elena.

Back on topic, I don’t see the issue with just including multiple ultras or supers without including the need to choose. I always hated introducing new people to 3rd strike when they would get to pick their supers. I think it’s a little daunting to new players to see multiple options earlier. Well… by “new players” I mean scrubs that can’t super in the first place, but you get it.

Anyways… would it be neat and cool? Yes! Necessary? Not really.

Then the next question should be why does everyone pick the same super.

Capcom need to go back then and look at how they can balance up the supers/ultras, making them more specific to play style. Someone who likes footies, some one who likes being aggressive, someone that prefers to be defensive and counter.

Anyone that likes custom combos can burn :stuck_out_tongue: