Seimitsu LS-32 and Seimitsu LS-56

currently have my fight stick with JLF and Sanwa buttons, read through the threads etc now want to try another arcade stick consisting of all Seimitsu parts.

Question, read that people love the Seimitsu LS-56 with the octagonal gate, how is the LS-32 with the octagonal gate?

I know joysticks is about peoples prefrence, but i’ll love to hear peoples comments on the two, trying to work out which one i should get.

Oh you can flame and say to read the stickies first :lovin:

You already know it’s all about people’s preference…

Well I prefer the 32 with square. Tighter feel than the 56.

I have all 3 and from what I can tell:

JLF w/ square gate - loose, largest throw, does not feel tight at all and requires the biggest hand movements on my part. It feels unforgiving if your movement isn’t fast/large enough to hit the switches
LS-32 w/ square gate - Sits right in the middle. Tighter and smaller throw than the JLF, and looser/larger throw than a LS-56
LS-56 w/ octogonal gate - smallest dead zone and throw I’ve tried. I barely flick my wrist and the switches are activated. It has more tension than the LS-32 and it feels like a mini version of a happs joystick but with more sensitivity.

To me, the LS-56 is great for the most motions, but it depends on your style of play. If you like big arm movements with less resistance, go for the JLF or LS-32. If you’re more precise and use smaller hand movements and do a ton of double tap motions (parry, sadc cancels, etc) give the LS-56 w/ octo gate a try. The LS-56 bounces back to its center really fast.

For me, I’m gonna convert most of my sticks to either LS-32 or LS-56. After trying them, the JLF isn’t much fun to play on anymore

The LS-56 is tighter than the LS-32. I’d place the LS-32 in stiffness between the LS-56 and JLF. I’ve had both and personally, I prefer the LS-32. Don’t get me wrong though, both sticks are amazing. I chose the LS-32 over the 56 because I wanted a stick that was somewhat tight but needed little movement to engage. Both sticks can serve this purpose well but the LS-56 was just a tad too tight for my tastes.

Also, there’s no octagonal gate for the LS-32. If you really must have an octagonal gate, then the LS-56 is a great choice.

thanks for the replies, i don’t have to have the octagonal gate, reading through the many threads here alot of people were saying that LS-56 with octagonal gate is one of the best combos and is gaming nirvana, now i understand why the 56 is good for SHMUPS with smallest dead zone and throw.

i just want a bit more tension and stiffness, sounds like the LS-32 is the choice, would it be good for BLANKA =D

what about the ls-55? it’s feels the same as the ls-56?

ps:i know the shaft is a bit longer, can i mount it fixing it under a 20mm wooden painel?

If you just want a little more tension and stiffness, consider just changing the spring in your JLF. You can [media=youtube]L67fUfH3S5o"[/media] to the current JLF spring to increase the stiffness a bit. Other variations include 2 LS-33 springs (alone, remove the standard spring), one LS-32 spring (alone), one LS-56 spring (combined with stock), etc… Search around, there are a handful of posts on this.

Note that the LS-32 isn’t just like a stiffer JLF; it plays differently and is of a different design. More so for the LS-56 IMO. The LS-56 feels very stiff in its stock form, but feels a little better with a bat top and octo gate, which gives it a feel sort of like a Japanese twist on an American stick. Precise and with a very short engagement point and short throw.

I went through many permutations of stick and button combinations. Back in the day I played in the arcades on Happ parts, and built my own Happ sticks, but when I got back into fighting games I wanted to give the Japanese parts a shot. I started with a JLF and Sanwa buttons. One loose-ass slow stick with no springback and overly-sensitive hair trigger buttons. I kept at it for a while but couldn’t help thinking I’d play better with another setup. I ordered stuff from LizardLick, from Akihabarashop, tried out all sorts of buttons and sticks, different springs, different switches. I was having more fun messing around with the parts than playing the games.

So after all my experimentation, when I was finally tired of messing around with parts… I ended up preferring a JLF with Sanwa buttons (OSBF/OSBN-30). Stock, square gate, standard spring, nothing fancy. I liked lots of things about everything I tried, but in the end I just played better on the stock JLF.

My favorite stick is the Happ Super. I like the way it feels. It’s an American stick, very stiff and incredibly sturdy, uses leaf-style actuators, and you could beat someone to death with it. But I play on a JLF because as it turns out, I execute best with it in fighting games, even if it is loose and floppy with a square gate. It does exactly what you tell it to because the actuators are well-spaced and the spring doesn’t resist your movements very much. There’s a reason it’s popular; you might wanna give it a shot a while longer.

sounds like i’m in the same phase as you were before, i know the Seimitsu has a different feel that’s what i would like to experiment on, LS-56 sounds like a whole different experience altogether i might try this :wgrin:

Do it. Sticks are fun. :slight_smile:

Cheaper than some other hobbies I can think of.

According to Slagcoin’s site, the LS-55 has the longest throw and engage distance of all the Japanese sticks. Is this true? I want a stick with a longer engage/throw than the JLF I currently use in my HRAP 3.

so the length of LS-32 and LS-56’s shafts are the same right? My understanding is that they mainly differ in tension and throw distance?

Shaft of LS-56(-01) from bottom of Ball Top to bottom of Shaft is 70.5mm.
Shaft of LS-32(-01) from bottom of Ball Top to bottom of Shaft is 68.6mm.

Shaft thickness of LS-56(-01) is 09mm.
Shaft thickness of LS-32(-01) is 10mm.

Rest of Joystick models have thickness of 09mm also.
Shaft thickness of Sanwa JLF 09mm too.

thanks to slagcoin for this:

I don’t know, did you call me out Zebra?

Yes, I compared the measurements I got to slagcoin also.
I decided to go with what I got.

I used measurement directly from Seimitsu Catalog.
slagcoin’s is slightly different from Seimitsu’s.

Seimitsu Catalog:
Shaft of LS-56(-01) from bottom of Ball Top to bottom of Shaft is 70.5mm.
Shaft of LS-32(-01) from bottom of Ball Top to bottom of Shaft is 68.6mm.

Shaft of LS-56(-01) from bottom of Ball Top to bottom of Shaft is 70.0mm.
Shaft of LS-32(-01) from bottom of Ball Top to bottom of Shaft is 67.5mm.

So, who is right?

Some time ago I needed to measure the shaft length of the LS-32 (from bottom of balltop to bottom of shaft) and found it to be 67.5mm. I was surprised to see that the Seimitsu catalog was off. Now I see that Slagcoin is in agreement with my measurement so we can safely say the catalog is not correct about that. I don’t know about the LS-56 as I don’t have one.

Oh wow.

Thank you for that information M K L.

kandiman, this Thread starter, got Seimitsu LS-56-01 eight days ago.
So hopefully he can chime in on the measurement.

the difference is ~1mm…no big deal:)

Seimitsu is right, if you want a better pic i’ll take another :lovin:

give or take it measured 70.48 70.49 and 70.51 but i did get it exactly 70.5, i guess you just gotta round it up to the nearest number :wgrin:

i never did get slagcoin measurement of 70.0mm that’s 100% fact!

Thank you for confirming kandiman.
Good stuff.

Aww, did you just take the LS-56-01 from your Arcade Stick today just to help us?

haha nah i’m in the process of making a new stick should be finished in a couple o hours lolz