Sega's new not what you expect

Not what you expect:

What the shit? :wtf: Sega being Sega again.

Hmm so what games will this console have?

I was hoping for more rumoured pics of the DreamCast 2…

32 bit graphics sounds…interesting I guess. Sonic CD, maybe some Panzer Dragoon?

I wonder what Nintendo thinks about this. It’s pretty much a remodelled Wii.

They will not care, it is Japan only and will have a niche market.

WTF is up with Sega these days? They keep on doing dumb shit after dumb shit(except the VOOT port).

-Making lame Sonic games.
-Bastardizing the Shining Force series
-f’ed up PS3 Bayonetta port
-Not bringing VF5R to consoles

And now this? Maybe this is great for some people, but finding a way to port Saturn/DC games and getting them to work on XBL/PSN would be a much better investment of dem dollas, especially with all the different Sega collection titles out for the consoles.

Maybe it’ll educate some kids.

I’d honestly be much more interested in a full re-release of the Snes. I was def a Snes kid growing up

So it’s basically a Sega Channel Wii? meh I’ll wait besides they already made 20+ collections so what am I missing Sega?

oh yeah if this shit allows you to download Dreamcast and Saturn games and allows a external HDD I’ll drop all other systems no lie…

This thing looks exactly like this ghetto Wii knockoff at Walgreens called Zone 40. Sad.

I guess it aims at ye olde folkes nostalgia.
I always had a Nintendo though, although playing Sonic at my friend’s was cool.
But Nintendo is annihilating Sonic on it’s Wii with karting games and such. I guess they still hate him too much to give him one more great platformgame.

Wait a sec, I’m sure I’ve seen this console before but not by sega, they must have bought the company and slapped their name on it

Seems like a waste of money to me. I would’ve thought they would have learned from their last system and the fact that it only plays old games sures that it won’t sell.

Why does it have the contours of a used pillow

and why didn’t they just put out a sega collection on wii or somethin

Software version=Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. It can take cartridges, though…what the hell? I’m wondering if it can emulate both 8-bit and 16-bit games, also, it looks like it outputs those old games in HD/smoothing from the screenshot of that LCD.

Who’s the clown that runs sega’s marketing strategies. I’ve been asking that shit to myself for years now.

This is not really a new idea;

This sounds like a knockoff product that just happens to be licensed by SEGA. Not that it automatically makes it a bad thing, just saying. Also, it doesn’t have Genesis cartridge support, which actually seems like a step backwards.

I’ll buy one if it gets a good port of VF5R. :looney:

Because they already have 20+ other collections/compilations (Sega Genesis Collection, Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection, Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Gems Collection, and the 30+ Sega Ages collections in Japan) but then again this is Sega we’re talking about so it’s probably on their “To do list”…

Who ever he is I’d like to shake his hand, Sonic fans (and a lot of Sega fans in general) pretty much eat up everything Sega throws regardless of it’s quality so they gotta be making easy money, seriously those guy’s must have the easiest jobs in the video game business… it’s almost a crime :lol:

According to the article, it can take cartridges. I’m not sure if it can take both 8-bit and 16-bit though, I’m curious to find out more about this thing.

Sega fucking sucks.

I can say the same for SFIV/SSFIV.