Sega Stick Appreciation Thread!

We have the Namco thread and the Konami thread, but why not a Sega one???

Lets show some appreciation Gents… Whether it be an HSS, VSHG, or any other Sega Stick, lets show some love…

Heres my Freshly modded HSS-0130, currently has 2 DB25 Breakour boards with DB25 cables out the back to be run to Project Boxes.

Everything fit perfectly insode this stick with no modifications needed. This is without a Doubt, the best stick I have ever owned. I took out the stock Panel (Keeping it in case I ever decide to sell this masterpiece) and dropped in a spare Seimitsu Panel I had. This panel has LS32’s and Sanwa OSBF Buttons. This thing plays like a DREAM.

Fuck I was gonna make this thread when my HSS-0136 showed up this week :[ I was gonna write up my findings on modding the stick, means the info is a bit slim.

No pics yet, but I <3 agetec dc sticks. My new cases are based off of them. Can’t wait to see what this thread brings.


modded… naturally.

A great case shape. I think I slightly prefer this case over the agetec, but both have their qualities.

Beautiful Sticks Kingbuzzo. I really like that Astro One.

This thread is DELICIOUS!

To contribute: HSS-0136 I picked up off eBay for $18.

Later model with an ASCII stick (was hoping for an ls-56 but for $18, it’s still a steal).

You beat me on price by a bit d3v :stuck_out_tongue: I hope mine has the ls-56… its a used stick, so I can dream. How long did they make them with it?

At least it’s pretty easy to put an LS-56-01 in there provided you don’t mind destroying the artwork, though it’ll be a little high since the HSS-0136 used a shorter shaft for the LS-56-01 than normal.

I got one! ASCII optical and Sanwa OBSC-RGs for main 6.

rtdzign’s HSS-0130 is so goddamn sexy. I want OBSCs :sad:

Also can’t wait to see what d3v does with the 0136.

It’s really a mystery, no Japanese sources seem to agree. You can check to see which stick yours has (ASCII or authentic LS-56) by lifting up the dust disc and looking at the pivot, though.

RTD’s HSS is the one that pushed me over the edge and made me want to snag an HSS. So nice man.

My HSS-0136 just came :slight_smile: Opened it up, and I spy a pcb that says LS-56!

I know I’ve seen a mod for an LS-32, do I need to dremel the bottom plate or anything? I don’t have a spare ls32 to check the height against.
The button layout on this thing is fucking godlike.

HSS-0136 (PS2 model) is a stick I really want to own now.

Actually, I was thinking of making a clone out of MDF.
Would anyone kindly measure up their stick for me, please?

sorry but the best sega stick by far is the sega vshg i owned 3 hss-0130 and one hss-0136 but the vshg is by far the best retail stick period imo

Just got done cleaning and dremeling out my HSS-0136 :slight_smile: The art is peeling though :[ Does anyone have a psd of the top panel so I can get a new one printed?

Last I checked there did seem to be a consensus that earlier sticks have a higher chance of having the LS-56.

My favorite Sega controller – aside from the six-button digital (Japanese) Saturn pad – is the Agetec joystick.

Technically, it does have Sega hardware. The OEM PCB is Sega branded. The rest of the OEM equipment is fairly good for its vintage (circa 1999). The joystick is loose like the JLF and the buttons fall in between the Sanwa OBSX-30 and Seimitsu PS-14-P buttons in sensitivity. Pretty good for a joystick that does not have arcade parts!

I didn’t keep my Agetec in stock condition. I played with it a few times with the original PCB but with upgraded parts – LS-32-01 and six OBSF-30 buttons. After the break-in of those parts, I removed the original PCB and the new parts to dremel holes for Start, Select, and Home as well an RJ-45 adaptor. I painted the exterior off-white as well.

The revamped Agetec has a decidedly Macross theme with an Art Hong plexi replacement for the original metal plate and a plexi art for the VMU slot… I keep the original VMU holder and glued it in front of the original VMU slot.

The joystick mod is still as yet unfinished pending spare monies and ordering of new parts but the interior is planned out for the MC Cthulu and RJ-45 adapter when they’re bought and ready to bit fitted.

All in all, it was an involved mod but ended up being one of my favorite joystick cases… Thankfully, the 2.0 MC Cthulu firmware revision enables it to be used with the Dreamcast through a Saturn pad converter so I no longer need the original PCB.

I’ve got plans for a second Agetec conversion but they can wait until the money situation improves.

I believe that this calls for a “Pics of GTFO.”

That makes sense…did the black PS2 repro come with an LS-56, do you know? I’ve never seen one of those in person.

It is a Sega product in Japan. I never knew what was up with Agetec licensing a Sega peripheral…but then again, ASCII may have fabbed it for Sega in the first place.