See how you fare! The online Wanted Poster thread

**I’m no longer updating this thread.
if you offer a player’s name here, i assume that means they can beat you in a set.
please dont offer the names of players that you can smoke.
i dont know why you would, but i dont want to end up with a list of everyone on line.
also i may take players down or put them back up based on match results.
i want the players on this list to be a consistent challenge for us.
also, please dont bother mentioning anyone that doesnt play online or wont accept challenges or respond to messages.
obviously we cant get games or learn from those guys.

Abel :
xbox : II Strider ll
ps3 :

xbox :
ps3 :

Akuma :
xbox : BRONXPUERTOROCK, PIKACHUAKUMA, Her0 of Tim3, fourwude
ps3 :

Balrog :
xbox : Geom DC Hustle, MajorCrimson, YFAJones, Aweakplayer206
ps3 :

Blanka :
xbox : NBG InsaynNe, chivas chivas, charliebearboy, ATLshinblanka, El Sweepador
ps3 : iLIKEpizza, skrface13

Cammy :
xbox : Aulord, Steinmania, Draykaden, Ca Teknique, Sp4anish H1tman
ps3 : DivinationV, findmyfarms, blakdanielz, yasssi

Chun li :
xbox : Shizza24, spoo radley
ps3 :

Cody :
xbox :
ps3 :

C. Viper :
xbox : PlayinCODNaked
ps3 : Pblaze30

Dan :
xbox :
ps3 :

Dee Jay :
xbox :
ps3 :

Dhalsim :
ps3 :

Dudley :
xbox : Liquid Srk
ps3 :

E. Honda :
xbox : BlackandRed, Semitry
ps3 :

El Fuerte :
xbox : RomanLogan
ps3 :

Fei Long :
xbox : tsua
ps3 : Evans_95000

Gen :
xbox :
ps3 :

Gouken :
xbox : o Shiine o, Guyofkaillera, OokillakellyoO, Raunwynn, TakinFlight
ps3 : Elingedro47

Guile :
xbox : Geom Modinside, staticjack
ps3 :

Guy :
xbox : ROBO OROKUSAKI, Guyofkaillera
ps3 :

Hakan :
xbox :
ps3 :

Ibuki :
xbox : Ca Teknique
ps3 :

Juri :
xbox : Mikeinfinite, spoo radley, Weirdoneo
ps3 :

Ken :
xbox : lilsicx66
ps3 :

Makoto :
xbox : Draykaden
ps3 :

M. Bison :
xbox : Geom DC Hustle, SoCal Badboy89, De Mavrick
ps3 :

Rose :
xbox : Saqs, GammaCharge1977
ps3 :

Rufus :
xbox : Pistolah
ps3 : Hugo101

Ryu :
xbox : wax631, crazisalvi516, Joey Miggs81
ps3 : DivinationV

Sagat :
xbox :
ps3 :

Sakura :
xbox : citiofbrass, MT PaXz, uruseii
ps3 : Pblaze30

Seth :
xbox : Robgva703
ps3 :

T.Hawk :
xbox :
ps3 :

Vega :
xbox : Foutskazuya
ps3 :

Zangief :
xbox : IFC Zangief, CRIZZ NATION
ps3 : DivinationV

Gouken- Raunwynn, TakinFlight- w/ Raun- many mistakes on my part and very few on his… good shit. TakinFlight- Crazy up close mix up game, did me in a few times

YFAJones- Balrog- I hate Balorg with fucking passion. LOL… espescially after he wins and does his swagga pose… OMG!!! When I’m playing well I can win or atleast be 50/50, but when I’m playing bad… it’s bad

GammaCharge1977- w/ Rose. But this is b/c I suck at reading this match up.

Haven’t struggled too much against anyone else… I guess I need to play better people. I would prefer to lose instead of win.

If you guys ever happen to record while doing sets against those tough players, please share! I think my gameplay progress has been stagnating lately. It be should refreshing to see some potentially different Gouken playstyles as well.

I’m getting a capture card this weekend… I may need to buy a splitter since I wan’t to have the image on my flat and my cpu. I can with a normal cam, but I don’t want to waste the time and effort transfering the data from dvd to my cpu.

i would love to record my matches, mainly to analyze my own play and improve my game.
does anyone know a good thread that can start me out from level zero?
i understand how to turn a computer on and press “post”.
i agree with goathead, match videos would make this thread much better.
i want to make sure that we focus on our losses and difficulties though.
no domination/combo videos please.

i did well against gammacharge1977.
these were the main tools i relied upon:

  1. neutral jump > c.hp xx ex palm > mp. palm
    when rose is rushing you down, she has to be careful of this.
    any character that uses a move that pushes them forward, like her drill or slide, can be open to this setup.
    neutral jumping is fairly safe, so you can use it liberally when she is at range to drill you.
    rose can set you up for ultra or her dp throw if you get predictable with it.

  2. varying charged lp. fireballs.
    if you mess with the charge times on your lp. fireballs it makes them harder to reflect and nets you free damage.
    there is also a specific charge timing that will shoot down a player who jumps toward you from outside of their jump in range.
    you hold the charge for just a moment, then release.
    if the player was planning on jumping over it to close space, they can accidentally sit on it because they jumped when a normal fireball would have been released.
    i believe you can get an hp. palm xx super after this setup as well.

  3. demon flip and rose’s ultra
    gamma was very good at denying demon flip after fireball with his ultra.
    just know that you cant do that and dont set yourself up for it.
    you can demon flip at her though, just dont make the timing so obvious.
    random demon flips have two timings that rose has to deal with if she is trying to ultra.
    if she tries to ultra the df throw timing, you can respond with df kick and beat it for huge damage.
    if she waits to ultra the kick, she is risking the throw.
    so random demon flip is a lot safer than charging up a level 2 lp. fireball on her wakeup and following it with ex demonflip.
    he knows about that.

Here you go.


No problem.

There are a few different ones out there… Pinnacle has one for $99.99 if you are not using HDMI. If you are using HDMI has the HDMI splitter for $99.99 to split the feed coming from the XBox > TV and PC if you want to broadcast the signal on both, and of course you will need the cables. I still haven’t found a cheap HDMI capture card though… maybe I’ll look on Ebay or craigslist.

If you look at the vortex vid. [media=youtube]vTJ5srcjWiA[/media] It was done using a capture card and then edited with Software on the PC/MAC. If you have a MAC you can use IMOVIE and do all the funky shit that lordofultima did with editing the vid. With the PC I’m not sure of editing software but it’s alot out there for pretty cheap.

Like you, I’m much more concerned with my losses… esp. in mirror matches. I keep forgetting that jumping mp destroys the Demon Flip and I have to stop blocking so much on the meaty DF b/c I get grabbed a lot. Another really bad habit I have is neutral jumping and having someone land behind me as I attack before Gouken turns around (bad bad bad bad habit). I learned most of that from my matches with you alone LOL.

It’s kinda demoralizing and rewarding at the same time b/c you get your ass beat but learn in the process. Not if anyone cares but I’m actually working on a training document so i can track my execution over time, that way I can really iron out the weak spots in my game.

I’ve also noticed that with the360 keeping the settings on default … if you try to j. hp xx cr. hp > EX Palm using only the 3 punch buttons sometimes cr. mp comes out instead of cr. hp. This happens to me ALOT. I also tend to counter alot instead of tatsu b/c of the overlap of the counter and tatsu. I either have to make sure I’m in a neutral state or do HCB > Kick instead of QCB and Kick to avoid the overlap.

when i execute c.hp xx ex palm on the xbox controller, i use the hp button and the x3 punch button.
i hold the hp button down for the c.hp while inputting the srk motion and then execute the ex palm with the x3 punch while hp is still held down.
the x3 punch registers as only lp + mp while you are holding the hp button.
i removed a lot of my own execution errors with that method.

Yes, destroys df even if gouken parries. I like to try and bait gouken/akuma or predict when they are going to do them just so i can do The followups are decent depending on your meter/ultra guague. The damage from ultra is laughable, but if its going to kill them or put them extremely close to death its worth it. Usually i just do ex tatsu or normal tatsu(less reliable though). I woudl do super but i almost never have full meter to do so.

I like to focus on my loses as well and it is demoralizing when you get smashed on. Learning from it is great, but as an example, playing a good gief, ie vegita-x its not so much demoralizing as just a realization that gouken pretty much can not win this match-up consistetly and i would argue that it pretty much un-winnable when playing a good gief. Learning from your losses makes you a better player, but what i have learned here is that if i pick gouken im basically giving the match away. I think dan has a better shot at taking him than gouken does. I still feel there is a way to bust through the red cyclone, but i feel i have exhauseted myself in this matter and now feel its pretty much unwinnable. hopefully someone figures something out.

Another good option for capturing matches is the Hauppauge HD PVR. I have one of these and it works great. It definitely captures in 720p, but I don’t think it handles 1080p. The one other big pro/con for it is that it only works if you’re using component cables to your connect to your TV.

One Cammy player to add on there on PSN is DivinationV.

As far as I know, he plays Cammy, Ryu and Gief to a very high level.

good job, back on track!
lets hunt these players down or post some new wanted posters guys.

Maybe the Geif’s I’ve been fighting have been fairly shitty, but I’ve done well against them online.

This match up is about spacing…

Green Hand- You can punish after Block with cr. HP> Palm > whatever. If youthink it is coming you can also neutral jump and put his ass away, I do alot of HP to Ultras here for the 4 hit combo.

Vary mp and hp fireball for zoning- he can’t do shit about mp fp. If you throw a fireball to bait a Lariat then you can df slide and sweep his feet while he’s spinning. Just hurry up and reset the distance either tatsu away or back away neutral jump incase he feels lucky enough to green hand.

I never jump over on him or into except for meaties b/c of his Headbutt, too. You just have to wait until his lariat is over and keep him away which Gouken is good at. From far away spam FB’s if you got the lead to make him risky. Then they will try to Focus Asborb and come in, but you can either throw charged FB’s or follow it with Palm to suprise him.

If he get’s in close it could be murder though. LOL

This is one of the matches that I make frequent use of his EX tatsu to escape corners (it sometimes works as a crossup hit if he’s waking up while you’re escaping through his body)

Gief gets free walk up on Gouken. The Gief’s you’re playing musn’t realise it.

Save this talk for the matchup thread anyway, matchup talk always seems to derail the other threads.

Im pretty sure you have been playing shitty giefs. About that green hand punishment therem, c.fp needs to be timed VERY well in order to not eat spd or worse. the frame data on block respectively is -7, -8, -9 and ex is also -9. idk what non-ex version giefs favor but for me ill always assume its lp version. That said, c.fp is a 6 frame move so you have one frame to get that to hit him or you are screwed. However, if you use say close standing mp or mk thats a 5 frame move which is a little more doable or which is a 4 frame move. Furthermore, each of those can be cancelled into hk tatsu for decent damage and space control. Ofcourse, you could skip all that and just do backthrow and punish that way like raun does, he likes to keep everything simple. But, any gief worth a salt isnt going to do a green hand that you can block unless its ex and that would only be cause he was anticipating a FB or if he has meter to fadc backdash. But, i will happily punish ex green hand with c.fp cause of all the time you have to do it.

you should hit up IFC Zangief and try him out. There is a reason raun listed him here. He is VERY good with zangief and should be able to give you an example of what neville and i have been talking about with how lopsided this match-up is.

i played against steinmania, kelly.
he had to go after beating me 5-2 though.
the problems i had against him were similar to the problems i have with every cammy.
mainly cannon strike up close and ex arrow or super/ultra through fireballs.
i was doing something new against him that worked a little bit though.
i was crouch teching with lp + lk + mk.
i picked it up from a tip by jchensor in the cammy forum to help against rufus.
if cammy uses a close cannon strike, the tech move that comes out is, which shoots it down.
i havent gotten it to second nature yet though, so it was fucking up my teching.
3 buttons with one thumb takes some practice.
also, is 4 frames compared to 6 frames for, so this technique is good in general.

dude, thats FUCKING CRAZY. As i was sitting at work board all day i started to wonder if that would actually work for option select teching cause the is so much faster than I also was curious if it would work with sweep, but i havent had a chance to try any of it. but apparently, you already found out works. thats a plus. less for me to test. good shit raun!!!