SECRET INVASION SPOILERS! Who will be the next character revealed to be a Skrull?

As the title suggests, this is a pool where you have to guess who is the next character Marvel will reveal is a Skrull. The prize is my Captain America Loeb and Liefeld issue #1 signed by the artist, basically a prize nobody really wants so there are no sore losers. :rofl: If I win the pool I will photo copy a bunch of pages from the Captain America comic, put it on my fridge and take a picture unless someone offers to send me a crappy comic they don’t want. :looney:

So here is the comic you are fighting for. “THUMBS DOWN SOLDIER!”

Now for some rules, even though most of them are common sense but just in case.

  1. The character you choose has to come out as a Skrull in Marvel’s mainstream continuity, otherwise known as 616. If someone turns out to be a Skrull in an Ultimate Marvel Comic, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, a What If book etc., well that’s very nice here’s a cookie but you won’t win this pool. If you have no idea what any of this means don’t worry about it, pick a characater as most of us regulars know the difference. If by some miracle someone turns out to be a Skrull in the new Iron Man movie, the new Spider-Man cartoon, the Fantastic Four cartoon, a fan fiction you wrote on your way to work, a piece of fan art you drew while sitting on the toilet, a dream you had last night or a new hidden secret you discovered while playing Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter that’s been locked away for years none of that counts it has to happen in 616 gosh darn it! :annoy:

  2. No psyche out / shock value reveals. What this means is let’s say Squirrel Girl turns out to be a Skrull at the very end of Astonishing X-Men #789. In Astonishing X-Men #790 it turns out that she got bopped on the head and was only a Skrull for one week. Comics do things like this to psyche people out and increase sales. Stunts like this don’t count. The character has to of been a Skrull, let’s say at least prior to Civil War otherwise what’s the point. Elektra turning out to be a Skrull is a good example, which would at the very least have to of taken place after Millar’s run on Wolverine if not earlier. This entire rule is debatable but for the most part let’s say we wait one month after the reveal to declare the winner or wait for the inevitable Newsarama interview where Joe Quesada claims “Oh yeah I planned on Howard the Duck being a Skrull way back when I was drawing my independent comic Ash.” :clown:

  3. Banned characters. These are people we already know are Skrulls so you are not allowed to vote for them. Hulkling, Super-Skrull and Elektra AKA Skrullektra along with other characters we already know are Skrulls, seriously get out of here with that! Luke and Jessica’s baby is banned because that’s an obvious choice. Both Luke Cage and Jessica are possible suspects though. And yes, we all know Taichi is a Skrull that is nothing new. Sorry Taichi, I could not resist! :rofl:

  4. If 2 or more characters are revealed as Skrulls in the same week we go by the alphabet. Meaning, if Shuma-Gorath being a Skrull is revealed in Alpha Flight and Blackheart goes Skrully in Great Lakes Avengers Shuma-Gorath takes it. If two or more characters are revealed in the same comic it goes by the order they were revealed in that book. If a bunch of characters are revealed in the same exact panel we go by the alphabet using their names. In that scenario Blackheart beats out Shuma-Gorath. Well let’s hope Marvel only has one big Skrull reveal when they get to one of our characters to avoid confusion… :sweat:

  5. If your character is currently, um well, dead and you are not aware of that I may tell you ahead of time that the person is dead and you should pick someone else. If you refuse and want to stick to your guns then hey, go for it. Death in comics is more like a state of mind anyway…

  6. All entries must be submitted by October 17 2007. So you have 2 weeks. Oh and you are not allowed to change your entry.

That’s it, have fun! The next post will have all of the entries we have so far. Good luck! May the best Skrull win! :tup:

EDIT: The pool is now closed, no more entries. The final update can be seen below and on page 4.


sano - Sub-Mariner
akumatrunigga - Storm
Adam Warlock - Wolverine
FreddyLOcO - Wonder Man
Pained Auron - Mr. Fantastic
ShinkuuR - Spider-Woman
4Play - Blackbolt
Kane_warhead - Professor X
Wolfkiller - Captain America’s dead fucking body
Wellman - Doctor Strange
Rengoku - Maria Hill
Sheng-Long - Jarvis
Taichi - The Irredeemable Ant-Man
Zephyranthes - Night Nurse
darksoul173 - Quicksilver
P.Gorath - Puma
Sanchez - Doctor Doom
TornadoFlame - Dum Dum Dugan
chopperbyrne - Mar-Vell
Khaotika! - Colossus
Pryde - Emma Frost
Carpet Lint - Wong
Deathscythe - Slapstick
The Electrifying One - Spider-Man
maxx - New Captain America
Shin Mech Brain - Sentry
m121akuma - Bob Agent of HYDRA
Are_you_okay?! - Helmut Zemo
Vegita_x - Black Widow


skrullano - Skrull-Mariner
akumatruskrulla - Skrullorm
Adam Skrullock - SKrullverine
FreddySKrullO - Wonder Skrull
Pained Skrullon - Mr. Fantastiskrull
ShinskuuRull - Skruller-Woman
4Skrullay - Blackskrull
Kane_skrullhead - Professkrull X
Wolfskruller - Captain Skrullerica’s dead skrulling body
Wellskrull - Doctor Skrange
Rengoskrull - Maria Skrull
Skrull-Long - Jarviskrull
Skrullchi - The Skrullreskrullable Skrull-Skrull
Zephyrantheskrull - HELLOOOOOO SKRULL!
darkskrull173 - Quickskrullver
P.Skrullath - Skrulluma
Skrullchez - Docskrull Doom
SkrullnadoFlame - Skrull Skrull Skrugan
skrullerbyrne - Mar-Skrull
Khaotiskrulla! - Skrullossus
Skrullyde - Skrull Queen
Carpet Skrullint - Skrong - You can never trust the Chinese. Or the Skrull.
Deathskrull - Skrullstick
The Skrullifying One - Skruller-Man
skraxx - New Captain Skrullerica
Skrull Mech Brain - Skrulltry
m121skrulluma - Skrob Agent of SKRYDRA
Are_you_skrullay?! - Srkrullmut Zemo
Skrullita_x - Skrull Skrullow

My pick is Blackskrull :lol:

Oh I missed you sorry! I’ll go back and edit.

I vote for Jarvis! Trusted Avengers butler.

The switch was made when he went on a vacation before NA assembled.

I want the Irredeemable Ant-Man!

or as we all know his real name…

the Skrullreskrullable Skrull Skrull

I think I know my choice for the Skrew Poo. (Spelled with a “k,” bitch! As in “Skrull Kill Krew.”)

Put me down… for the Night Nurse.

I believe her bonus Skrull name is HELLOOOOOO SKRULL!

I spelled it with a C oh snap I was too busy checking to see if I spelled Skrull right a bunch of times. :rofl: Okay I’ll fix and update.

quicksilver aka quickskrullver

quicksilver as a skrull? comon…

man, some people aren’t really trying to win that Cap comic. Don’t u all realize its worth?

Well he was the cause for HOM and he made the inhuman really pissed of

I’ll go for the swerve of all swerves and say Mar-Vell is a Skrull!

lol he’s dead…though that doesnt matter in marvel…lol mar-vell is not a skrull…lies!!! :rofl::rofl:

Like wha… aside from being dead he is Kree… his younger version who time traveled to our time is around though. This is my obligatory “Are you sure about that?” reply but if you want I’ll put you down. I mean it’s possible they screwed up and instead of getting a regular Captain Marvel from the past they got a Skrull… I think… maaaaaaybe… :looney:


I still don’t know why Joe Q wanted to bring him back.

I have not idea who is and isn’t a skrull, and furthermore WHY they would just suddenly spring on you random skrullifications, other than that they have no plot ideas. But I will, however, donate a shitty comic for your prize if you win, sano.
I pulled this out of my pile o’ comic randomly. It’s the Rise of Apocalypse, issue 2, art by Mark Morales.

Okay cool man I will except your crappy comic if I win thanks. :rofl:

Well thre’s a preview for Illuminati # 5 now with 100% more Skrully goodness:looney:



I mean, Dr. Doom.