SECRET INVASION SPOILERS! Who will be the next character revealed to be a Skrull?

I wanna vote for that guy who exchanged the hulk serum in The initiative to be a skrull.

All the pages on that link are silent, I assume cause they add the word on on the computer, but I hope Black Bolt doesn’t talk. Cause he can’t.

Now that i think of it xvaier does make alot of sense being a skrull

Here’s my Zephyranthes Fantasy Football Weekly Preptalk:

I don’t think Xavier is a Skrull. Although it would make sense for the Skrulls to infiltrate as a prominent and high-ranking member of the mutant community, not to mention someone in the Illuminati, I just don’t see it happening.

The main reason is because of what Brubaker’s been doing in Uncanny with Xavier. Outing him as a Skrull would feel like a complete cheat to the reader. It would be the equivalent of introducing a sudden, random Avengers tie-in to a completely unrelated X-Book.

In addition, the X-Men have their own major crossover coming up, Messiah CompleX. It would probably be horribly convoluted to have Xavier involved in that and then be revealed as a Skrull. That’s the sort of “We’re Forcing You to Buy ALL of Our Random Comics!” attitude I would expect from DC, not Marvel.

Dum Dum Dugan is a guy I could see as a Skrull. The guy was supposed to have died some time ago, I think. Who knows what’s going on with all those SHIELD guys. Dugan, Jasper Sitwell, Clay Quartermain, Contessa de Fontaine, Jimmy Woo - ALL POTENTIAL SKRULLS. SHIELD isn’t impervious to being infiltrated, as evidenced by recent happenings in Captain America. And it would make sense for the Skrulls to place agents in SHIELD.

Maybe that’s why Nick Fury left in the first place. He knew SHIELD had been compromised, so he peaced outta there and started his own underground network.

Maybe Agent Brand (from Astonishing X-Men) is a Skrull. On the one hand, that would be another “Straight out of NOWHERE” revelation… And yet, I could see Whedon laughing maniacally, claiming he planned her as a Skrull from the very beginning. She does work with aliens and have a strong knowledge of various races.

Storm probably won’t be a Skrull. Mainly for the same reason that Xavier won’t be. She’s too involved in other series right now and it would feel like a big cheat if she were a Skrull. Marvel even went through all the trouble to release a miniseries that detailed her past with T’Challa. Then there was the all the hubbub about their wedding. Can you imagine the Black Panther’s comic if she were a Skrull? I hope they’d slap “I MARRIED A SKRULL!” on the cover. And then release a zombie variant.

Sub-Mariner and Black Bolt are both good potential Skrull candidates. I lean more towards Black Bolt, mainly because he doesn’t have to speak and Xavier hasn’t been around lately to read his mind. Namor, I know, has his own miniseries right now, but I haven’t read any of it because it had a Michael Turner cover and looked like a lousy read.

My main question with Namor is, If he IS a Skrull, when was he replaced? But yeah, it’d be a really critical move on the part of the Skrulls to impersonate either Namor or Black Bolt. Can you imagine being able to command the army or manipulate the people of an entire kingdom of metahumans?

Cap’s dead effin’ body. That corpse won’t be a Skrull. I guarantee that one.

Wolverine. He’s already been IMPOSTERED by a Skrull before. They wouldn’t do it to him again… Would they? It would be pretty dang sneaky if he were a Skrull, though. He’s got access to the mutant community, the mainstream/Avengers community, Canada, and he was a member of the New Fantastic Four back in the '90s! (Haha, remember that? Spidey, Ghost Rider, Wolvie, and Hulk?)

Mr. Fantastic is a possible Skrull, but I would still think the odds are low. Mainly because he’s still the superintelligent Reed Richards that comes up with all these crazy ideas and inventions. It’s easy for a Skrull to replicate his powers - not so easy to replicate his intellect. Even during the Civil War, for all of Reed’s “alleged” acting out of character, he was still coming up with, like, insane math equations that explained the outcome of human existence.

Spider-Woman is still a prime candidate. Her reaction to the Skrull Elektra’s corpse makes her very suspicious. Is there such a thing as a Sleeper Skrull? A Skrull agent who thinks he’s actually the role he’s playing? If so, Spidey-Woman is a prime candidate.

She doesn’t know who she really is. She spent the first year or two of New Avengers bouncing forth between working for Fury and Hydra. She has new powers she didn’t have before.

She is a Bendis-favorite character. She was even in Alias back in the glory MAX days. It would be just like him to mess with us by making her cool, only to strip that away by making her an IMPOSTER.

Reasons why she might not be a Skrull: 1)Too obvious. Bendis could be really messing with us. 2)A promised, up-coming ongoing series with Alex Maleev. (Although it would be REALLY sneaky if this series was just a ruse to throw off the trail. Bendis and Maleev have been putting it off for years and now they are doing Halo. But to be fair, I could imagine Bendis being devious enough to start an ongoing based around a Skrull who’s IMPOSTERING Spider-Woman.)

Doctor Doom. He won’t be a Skrull. Reason being, we saw him escape the hell he was trapped in from Waid’s FF run when Doom hitched a ride back to Earth on Mjolnir. He would be a great candidate for a Skrull, but it’s just unlikely. Maybe a Skrull is posing as a Doombot somewhere in Latveria. But the real Doom is just too good to be IMPOSTERED for long.

Doctor Strange might be a Skrull. I would lean against it because he still has all his magic tricks.

“Yeah,” you say, “but have you seen the way he’s been written in New Avengers lately? Dude can’t even save people from a crashing airplane!”

Good point. But have you seen Amazing Spider-Man lately? It’s a good bet that if Strange has a huge role in reshaping Spider-Man’s world, he won’t be a Skrull. And Strange still has his other magical tricks and artifacts like the Eye of Agamotto (or whatever it’s called) and the Cape of Vishanti (or whatever it’s called). No matter how good a Skrull is, I doubt he’d be able to use those magical artifacts.

Jarvis is a good idea. It’s so far out there that it just seems plausible enough. The butler did it. They always do. Don’t they?

For similar reasons, that’s why Wong, Dr. Strange’s Asian manservant, makes another viable candidate.

Maria Hill was going to be my choice. I still think she could be a Skrull. Who is she? Where did she come from? Only Bendis knows. That’s why she’s a great choice. On the other hand, she doesn’t seem to be TOO Skrully… She refused President’s orders to nuke the Avengers when she had the chance. Although that could have been part of some grander scheme, I suppose.

Quicksilver. Not too likely, I’d say, based on the stuff happening in X-Factor. He seems like a player who has too much of a role in the X-Books to be involved as a Skrull.

On the other hand, once an Avenger, always an Avenger. And all that stuff about him messing with the Terrigen mists - very Skrully. Skrulls hate the Kree.

Wonder Man. He’s lame, very powerful, but overall, pretty bland. All of which makes him a prime candidate for Skrullhood. No one would expect him to be one. And we haven’t seen too much of him until Mighty Avengers began. What’s he been doing since that first issue? Talking to his Skrull overlords?

Irredeemable Ant-Man. Maybe, maybe not. I would say not. Why? Because he was in his own comic and had his own life and stuff.

But… BUT! We know his series has been canceled. Wouldn’t it just be like Bendis to keep his buddy Kirkman’s character alive by revealing him to be a Skrull?! There’d be a zombie variant for this guy, as well.

I don’t know shit about Puma. Good call, P.Gabby, you’ve stumped me.

Prime candidates who remain available for the SKREW POO:

Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye
Any of the aforementioned SHIELD agents I mentioned in Dum Dum Dugan’s write-up
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Someone should be bold and bet that Cage and Jones’ baby is NOT a Skrull
The guy who hired Electro to bust the villains out of the raft
Viper/Madame Hydra
Silver Samurai
Henry Peter Gyrich
Xavin from Runaways (just kidding)

I don’t think Maria Hill is a skrull at all. She’s just a noob shield agent handed down this heavy responsibilty and she knows it (and Ironman knows it too) that’s why she’s a hardass most of the time, compensating for her lack of experience. She and Ironman had this conversation before, I forgot in which book, about something fishy that of all agents, an inexperienced one is put in place of Fury.

I think Reed is a skrull. His power is easy for them to replicate. Several of his decisions lately have been very questionable, ever since before Civil War started (including Thor clone-bot, vewy skru-wy indeed).

Dr. Strange also I think is a skrull. Him dodging Civil War was an excuse because skrulls can’t replicate all of his powers and he has been severely nerfed lately. He joined New Avengers so he can keep track of those guys. That trick he did in the most recent New Avengers could just be a light show, easily replicated with Skrull hologram technology. Also, possibly Wong, and all his artifacts are fake and just for show.

Jarvis to keep track of Ironman.

I don’t read any X-title other than Astonishing so I have no idea who’s a mutant skrull.

When did Jessica and the baby came back from Canada? I never read all of the frontline stuff, I just saw her on New Avengers again back in the states. Something fishy there, that Canada is very skrully indeed.

Nice analiyze here are some of my ideas(using mini opera) If spider woman is a skrull than one of the illumaniti is almost for sure a skrull or she wouldnt bring the body to Tony and im pretty sure she/they know about the illumaniti and that Tony will bring the body. As for who is a skrull between the 5 well everyone execpt Tony is a good canidate: Xvaier is the biggest name in the mutant community and he was nowhere to be found for quite some time, Strange well like stated before with all his power couldnt rescue a crushing plane and what about the time he used that spell in new avengers and found squat and im 100?%? one of the NA is a skrull so he could just faked the spell. Reed and Namor well the reasons in zep post are good enough . Blackbolt well its easiest for him to be a skrull since he doesnt talk and he barely uses his full power (last time was against the hulk and we all knows what happened)

Yeah, the more I think about Maria Hill, the less likely it seems she can be a Skrull. The primary reason she seems suspicious is that Bendis created her. But I think we as readers have been privy to some of her motivations and inner thoughts and she seems human enough.

Strange would be a good candidate, but I am just not convinced that Marvel planned all of this terribly enough to allow him to be a Skrull. Making him a Skrull would not seem to go at all with what we’ve seen in One More Day.

See, the reason I suspect the Night Nurse is a Skrull is exactly why Strange’s powers seem to not be as dominant as they ought to be. (Assuming lazy writing is not the culprit, of course.)

Night Nurse is Strange’s girlfriend. Maybe she has been affecting him somehow. Who knows what sort of effect banging an alien would have on human physiology?

She’s also heavily involved with the superhuman community in general. She knows their secrets, their weaknesses, their strengths, and she probably has access to their DNA and stuff from all the times they’ve stumbled into her emergency room.

Thirdly, Bendis was the one who brought her back into prominence all the way back during his Daredevil run. We don’t exactly know who she is or where she came from. She gave Ben Urich an interview once, but that could be a Skrully fabrication. Is there proof she is whom she claims to be? I don’t know about it.

Fourth, in Bendis’ last DD arc, Night Nurse and Elektra did have some interaction. I don’t know if that Elektra was the true Elektra Natchios or if she was already a Skrull at that point. But it’s still a connection, one that merits some analysis.

Fifth, Brian K. Vaughan was the writer who hooked Night Nurse up with Strange. BKV and Bendis are both bald Brians from Cleveland. There’s a real conspiracy here. I am not sure yet if Brian Azzarello is involved.

I said this in the Marvel thread before but I think Sub-Mariner as a Skrull is way too obvious, kind of why I picked him and I don’t really expect to win. He’s had several personality changes going from villain, to hero, to whiney hero. It’s way too easy to say the person who bitches about everything is a Skrull. On top of that, he is also the person who has no say on matters. Civil War? “That’s a human problem.” Shooting Hulk off into space? “You guys are all nuts!” If he was a Skrull he doesn’t seem to be manipulating events like the rest of the Illuminati.

If there is a Skrull in the Illuminati I’m betting on Blackbolt. Him losing to Hulk is still a little suspect, I’m sure it could happen because Hulk is super angry and stuff but still. All that Silent War stuff, not so sure he is acting in character. Would be funny if Medusa found out she was boinking a Skrull…

Course I could be wrong and turn out to be the winner even if that is not my true intention. :rofl:

One thing i was wondering about, Did the skrull swap with the characters all at once or in diffrent times?

We don’t know but different times makes more sense to me.

lol skrull=pod people

wait the original capt mar-vell is walking around? has his kid met this younger version. i still wanna get my hands on the captain marvel tradeback from the series reboot with chris cross…comic was sooo rediculously funny.

wtf happened to dr.strange?

Good call on the night nurse, I forgot about her. Yeah, between her and Wong, the Skrulls got Strange in check. Bendis had mentioned in wordballoon that the skrulls didn’t necessarily place their agents on top but in positions where they could influence or watch over the powerful ones easily, so I think most likely are the girlfriends (Night Nurse, MaryJane?) and manservants (Wong, Jarvis). Imagine the secrets Ironman and strange has told them that they haven’t told anyone else.

oh btw, Skrull Invasion is in April 2008, so we might have to wait a bit. lol

Strange probably traveled in his astral form since he didn’t want to meet Tony in person. Them being in opposing teams and all.

Oh, good call on Night Nurse, Zephy. very good theory there.

Maxx - No Hulkling (If that’s who you mean) hasn’t met the younger Mar-Vell yet. Last I heard about Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel he stopped being a warden of the Negative Zone prison and is on the loose somewhere.

Who knows maybe whenever the Young Avengers mini comes out they’ll play with the two meeting up.

This new Mar-Vell is a bit too convenient. He was in one story and that’s it. A Skrull could just look like him and be wearing nega-bands.

Well I’ll add your Mar-Vell vote all the same lol! Up to date list coming up.


sano - Sub-Mariner
akumatrunigga - Storm
Adam Warlock - Wolverine
FreddyLOcO - Wonder Man
Pained Auron - Mr. Fantastic
ShinkuuR - Spider-Woman
4Play - Blackbolt
Kane_warhead - Professor X
Wolfkiller - Captain America’s dead fucking body
Wellman - Doctor Strange
Rengoku - Maria Hill
Sheng-Long - Jarvis
Taichi - The Irredeemable Ant-Man
Zephyranthes - Night Nurse
darksoul173 - Quicksilver
P.Gorath - Puma
Sanchez - Doctor Doom
TornadoFlame - Dum Dum Dugan
chopperbyrne - Mar-Vell
Khaotika! - Colossus
Pryde - Emma Frost
Carpet Lint - Wong


skrullano - Skrull-Mariner
akumatruskrulla - Skrullorm
Adam Skrullock - SKrullverine
FreddySKrullO - Wonder Skrull
Pained Skrullon - Mr. Fantastiskrull
ShinskuuRull - Skruller-Woman
4Skrullay - Blackskrull
Kane_skrullhead - Professkrull X
Wolfskruller - Captain Skrullerica’s dead skrulling body
Wellskrull - Doctor Skrullrange
Rengoskrull - Maria Skrull
Skrull-Long - Jarviskrull
Skrullchi - The Skrullreskrullable Skrull-Skrull
Zephyrantheskrull - HELLOOOOOO SKRULL!
darkskrull173 - Quickskrullver
P.Skrullath - Skrulluma
Skrullchez - Docskrull Doom
SkrullnadoFlame - Skrull Skrull Skrugan
skrullerbyrne - Mar-Skrull
Khaotiskrulla! - Skrullossus
Skrullyde - Skrull Queen
Carpet Skrullint - Skrong

all you fuckers that are saying that strange is a skrull are wrong. bendis stated that IT and strange aren’t skrulls. IT because then it’d fuck up what happened in CW; and strange because the skrulls have no way to mimic his magic powers. so you are left with three options as to who the skrulls are in illuminati. my money is either on reed or blackbolt…i pray it’s blackbolt

This is a terrible story by Marvel but what else is new? Skrulls have been around over 40 years and now they have the power to take over Earth? Even if they could (which would be inconsistent with the past 40 years) what would be the point?

The Skrull empire is reduced to almost nothing because of Galactus and Annihilus but they can fool every superhero (especially telepaths) into believing one of their own. Even when the empire had power they were never a threat until now when they’re at the absolute weakest? What a joke.

It’s funny but you’d think that a prerequisite for taking a job writing comic books was that you’d actually read one or two. Clearly that’s not the case with Bendis or most of the Marvel writers for that matter. Maybe they’re too cool or something.

Oh well it’s just more confirmation that Marvel Comics superhero books absolutely suck.

For the record anybody who has a hint of powers should be excluded from skrull status since they can’t replicate powers. Or until the powers that be decide to discount continuity even further and change that.

Go post in the Spawn thread. They need you there.