Secondary Characters

Hey Guys,
With SSF4: AE v.2013 on the horizon and Juri getting some buffs (more than likely) along with some other characters, I wanna learn a 2nd character. So far, I’ve thought of Bison, Chun, Cody, Guy, and Fei.
Who would you guys choose for Juri’s bad matches? Also, match-ups aren’t the main reason I wanna learn a 2nd character. It’s mainly for a nice change of pace every now and then.
So, who are you guys 2nd characters and why?

I mained Akuma in Vanilla. I picked up Juri in Super. I play Akuma/Juri in SFXT. When Akuma became vortex heavy towards the end of Vanilla I put him on the back burner, and focused on Juri. I’m not a fan of the vortex style and I found Juri to be far more fun. I lost interest in SF4 when AE 2011 came out. I tried AE 2012 for a while, but dropped it when SFxT came out. I’ll give AE 2013 a chance. Hopefully this time Capcom focuses on improving Juri as a whole character, instead of just giving her bits and pieces. The U1 buffs were nice, but you’re only in FSE for 10-15 seconds at a time.

Akuma was a good secondary. He has good match-ups, a few bad ones, and a full tool set. He requires a lot of time in training room to learn all his set-ups. When you mess up you pay for it, but he’s really scary when you get it all down.

I’m personally thinking of trying Fei as a second. He has rekka pressure like Chipp from Guilty Gear and does great damage. Plus he has a great wakeup game. Either Fei or Bison because of his offensive pressure and his fast normals which hold alot of priority.

Sagat isn’t a bad secondary if you are looking to cover bad match-ups. I think the only bad matches they share are Fei and Cammy. However, you’re going from 1 zoner to another zoner. Not really a change of pace.

Makoto covers most of Juri’s bad matches (not Honda though, or Cammy I’d imagine). However, she’s a total different character.

Or you could just play Cammy. She’ll fix any problem. Only a pulse required :wink:

I was thinking about Sagat as my main and Juri for my secondary for a while since they share a very similar playstyle and zoning game w/ their fireball mix-ups. I also wanna try Abel, but it would feel like I’m trying to imitate juicebox. Only problem with Sagat and other top tier characters is that people know what to expect. That’s the reason I picked up Juri in the 1st place. I might end up making Bison, Cody, Guy, Sagat, or Fei
my 2nd even though Sagat and Fei goes against what I believe.

theoretically, guile is the perfect secondary for juri if you like him and/or can play him.

I actually found Fei (or even Guy if I actually tried) is probably the best since he handles the Seth match well along with some other bad ones. And any bad match Fei has (I’m looking at you Zangief), Juri contends in well.

Well I learned Cammy and Yun because I like to press some buttons from time to time but thats it. I never thought of counterpicking since I am not a big fan of it (too characterloyal). If I would plan on start counterpicking I would really start to think about Juris worst/annoying matchups which are in my opinion:

Guile / pick Cammy
Bison / pick Guile or Cammy hes fucked either way
Seth / pick Cammy
Honda / pick Guile
Sakura / pick Cammy
Akuma / pick Cammy

I can handle most matches (except Cammy and Seth), its really just I wanna learn someone else for a change of pace. I guess a better question would be, who’s the funnest characters to play in you guy’s opinion?

Ibuki, Cammy, Yun, Viper, Guile (yes i said it he’s fun), Bison(Dic)

I’m shocked you said Cammy’s fun. :open_mouth:

What?? Shes not fun to face but shes fun to use.

I find Chun, Cammy, Adon and Guile to be the most fun outside of Juri. Dee Jay is fun too.

Fei, Guy, and Abel is who I’ve been finding a lot of fun

This is the perfect thread for me since I’m currently searching for an alt character as well. Some people say that I shouldn’t be playing Juri (still relatively new when it comes to actually getting better on this game), but I rather not play a shoto and I hate charge characters (I can’t use them and they all feel so awkward to use).

It just feels like Juri would have all the most variety when it comes to moves, she can be played in several different ways, looks awesome and is a badass character overall which makes it hard to find anyone remotely as interesting as her. I might have “ruined” Street Fighter for myself by picking Juri as my first character lol.


Have you actually considered to play all characters except the ones you loathe like the plague to an extent so you can actually make up your own opinion of what is fun for you and what is not fun ?
We can’t really tell you who to play because you have to make the decision anyway. On the other hand you didn’t provide any material so we could judge how you play. I also consider Guile to be a fun character (if played properly which is hard if we are honest) but since you hate shotos and chargers I doubt we would agree here. If you want to cover Juris bad matchups go for Guile and Cammy (like i do hue) but if you just want to play another character just for the sake of it just play anyone you think is fun. I like technical characters will lots of tools so I really enjoy playing Yang, Juri, Ibuki, Cammy, Yun and Gen (although I am still terribad with him).

I’ve tried several other characters, watched videos of others and played against them online and offline. I might give your suggestions a try when I got time, thanks for them!

A bit offtopic but you were talkin about a video of my gameplay, should I post it here, on the newbie video thread or on the Juri video thread? For basic feedback on how to improve that is.

Sorry for takin over the thread lol.

Either one will do. Juri video thread is kinda crowded, but you’ll get critique if that’s what you’re looking for.

There’s also this thread in the newbie section if you want. Pretty sure I was the one who responded to your old vids there, btw. :lol:

Viper and Guile are the best to cover her bad matches I think? Other than that, go wild.

What do you guys think of ibuki?