Season Four Discussion Thread

I was thinking this might be a bit premature, but with talk of a SFIV tourney at the Feb 20th event, I figured maybe not. But I made this thread for a couple of reasons. One, to figure out when we should start the season. With NWM 09 shooting for a mid July timeframe we could get a good 9-10 tourneys in before the event happens. Also I understand that a lot of people didn’t play SFIV in the arcade, and that they may want some time to get themselves attuned to the game before they start spending more money on it. Another reason why I created this thread, and it actually makes me laugh that I’m asking this, but, I wondered what people would be more interested in playing come season four, Marvel or TvC. While it’s hard to say either will be at Evo, it’s easy to say that it would be fuggin crazy to try running four games at Zach’s.

So anyway, ROCK THE VOTE and post your opinions, thoughts, concerns, etc.

TvC? That game has been relegated to nothing more than a mere distraction to the greatness of MARVEL, STHD, and SFIV.

Oh yeah and for clarification I meant for the games in the poll to be alongside HDR/SFIV.

I would like to see that happen just to know we could run it! It might be too intense to keep up, but it would be fun for awhile.

It’s time to let the past go, at least on a competitive level (casual Marvel will always be there to stay). It’s time to step up to what is the future of the fighting game community. We did it once (while kicking and screaming) when they made the transition from coin-op to console. Let’s do it again…minus all the kicking and screaming =]

I guess we could replace Marvel, but I don’t see that happening at Zach’s. TvC has been set up like two times and no one gave a shit about it. I blame it being on the Wii, but still, not too much interest.

Besides, why replace a good game with shitty one just because it is new? Since when do we care about inferior new games? Anytime other fighters have been set up, they serve as nothing more than a curiosity, not replacements. I don’t see anyone here petitioning to have MK vs DC in the line up.

I agree with frank. Let’s focus our efforts on training for Evo games this year. I for one am really happy to see guys like Frank and Wenzel start entering the HDR tournaments and doing well – I’ve always known that our talent pool is quite strong and if the seattle marvel community focuses on the games at Evo I think we will have a very competitive team to show for HDR, SF4, and whatever else.

It would be nice to know the EVO game lineup right now.

The first time it was set up (in the living room) there was a heavy ass rotation for the game. The second time it managed to get set up (again thanks Zach for the marathon of stairs you had to go through) by then it was too late to start a tournament, but there were ppl down there playing.

Why replace a good game with a shitty one? How about the fact that the game has a very slim chance of being at Evolution this year.

So how about we start focusing on the games that are going to be there, so we don’t have another embarassment like last year with ST. I don’t know about everyone else here. But I want to see Seattle back on the map, not just with a few superstars like Row/Jmar/Rat/Kuan. I’m talking about making Seattle be a threat. The last time that was even a reality was in 2k3. And after the hype and what not with the ST scene last year only to have ppl get murked either in money matches or in the tournament itself. I’m not going to let a scene that I have so much pride for get shitted on or have egg on its damn face again.

Actually everytime I think about Marvel, I think about when my stick went analog at NWM 08 whenever someone died (be it my character, or my opponent’s) and I remember the drastic effect it had on my match afterwards.

Thus, my vote goes to TvC, even though, I think I hate that game too.

I don’t see TvC taking off. Marvel.

How was last year an embarrassment for ST? Zass held it down for the crown, and ST is hella gross so lots of crazy shit can and will happen. He is probably the only reason anyone outside of Zach even bothered to go to evo in the last two years. Did I miss the Seattle bandwagon somehow? I had been asking peeps to join me in battle forever. I know work and money can be an issue, but planning ahead does wonders. Besides, unless you roll around Gwop City with VIP status, you don’t want to wait one week before buying any plane ticket.

I find it kind of gross that the turtle fest known as SFIV was enough to bring peeps out of the woodwork, but I guess whatever it takes to get people hyped. I will be there, like I have always been in the last few years. All I ask for is the final game list, because this is getting ridonkulous. It is just making me angry waiting for news I don’t want to hear.

As far as the embarrasment goes, the Seattle ST scene was turnin heads, due to the fact that we were the only scene that had been having tournaments continuously. Expectations were high for you guys (saying you guys because I was not apart of that scene), only to have 1 person do semi-well.

And you’re talking about a turtle fest known as SFIV??? You fucking play Zangeif. Only a fucking moron is going to rush his ass down. Don’t ppl turtle against you in ST when you play geif? You might call it turtling, It’s called playing the match-up/player. But best believe if I’m playing against Chun or a shoto, Bison is in that ass.

In regards to evo last year, the only game that I was moderately interested in entering wasn’t at EVO, but was at the WCG’s. Which I played all qualifiers for.

Let’s break it down like this. Do you want to go to Evo and have a Zach session down at Vegas playing Marvel in the B.Y.O.C. room or in someone’s hotel? Or do you want to step up on the big stage and play some SFIV, HDR, or possibly TvC against the best in the world to see where you stand compared to others?

I know that Marvel will never die in Seattle probably unless they announce MvC3 (and even then ppl will still be on MvC2 status). I think the matter at hand is. People are refusing to learn a new game. People want to be comfortable with the fact that they can walk up to marvel and do the same shit that has been done for the past 6-7 years. No one wants to put in the time to get good at a new game, and no one wants to lose. But I’m going to break it down like this. None of these new school cats just walked up to Marvel and became beasts. Nobody just walked up to MvC2 for the first time and was like oh let me but out that fly-unfly combo. Everyone took their beatings, everyone practiced, everyone played HELLA. The same type of mentality can be applied to the new games, if people would just stop being lazy and gtfo out of their comfort zone.

I for one need to straight up atone for my 0 and 2 lack of performance last year at EVO

This is exactly what I was reffering to. Do you think if we were playing marvel like you guys were (tournaments at nearly every Zach event along with playing at someone’s house 2-3 times a week for months) that this would happen? Last time Marvel had sessions like that going on, Row and Rat placed in the top 8, in 2k2, and Row and Kuan placed top 4 in 2k3.

Listen I’m really not trying to bash our ST/HDR scene in anyway, and I do believe that we can be beasts at this game. I just am not sure if the dedication is there or not. And this actually applies to all games. Maybe I’m flying solo here, but who here is actually hyped for Evo? Hyped meaning who is going to put forth the effort of practicing, training, meeting up for sessions, going to tournaments at Zachs AS WELL as going to tournaments outside of Seattle before Evo? IMO that’s the formula to make champions. If you don’t believe me just ask about our marvel scene in it’s prime (2k2-2k3).

Frank, we ST players need what you’re doing: someone keeping us in check. I know on my end my work scheudle and wanting to play other non-fighting games have derived focus from ST/HDR.

Maybe my expectations are just too low, but I was glad we got anyone of us that high last year. To be consistent in a game as brutal as ST is an accomplishment in my eyes.

Yeah, I am biased, but even in certain match ups in ST Gief gets kicked in the chest multiple times. The playing field is hella wide in SFIV, which most likely adds to my frustrations with the game. I still call it a turtle fest just on all the tourney footage I have seen. It is like a CVS2.5 3D World Warrior edition. I will keep saying that until I see something that convinces me otherwise.

Despite all the hate I like to dish out, I play damn near every fighting game out there, and I may even practice it if I find worthy of my time. I may never be great since I have more a gatekeeper role when it comes to fighters. If anything, Evo makes me appreciate others who are willing to put 100% behind their favorite fighters. My raw talent only gets me so far.

It would be a really bold move for Evo to be only new games, but I wouldn’t really hold it against them. I don’t really mind if it is for the greater good.

I seriously doubt that EVO will have an import only, play on MODDED WII only game as a major part of the tournamnet.

Unless there is some other motive behind it, such as convincing Capcom to port it by showing there’s interest, I don’t really see why it would be included. I think the game is amazing, but it just doesn’t seem practical.

As with me too, work and other things like that do take priority, and I’m not trying to be a dictator (Nyuk nyuk nyuk) about the whole thing. It doesn’t need to be super hardcore 5 hour solo practice sessions or anything like that. I think that if someone can find 30 min. to an hour of time in their day to sit down and practice either HDR, SFIV (wether it’s practicing combos, playing friends online, or playing against randoms online just to try out things etc) everyone’s game will get better in the long run. And let’s not forget ppl, we have a slew of players that are willing to teach any and everyone the ins and outs of this game. I guess what I’m getting at is that now is a great time to try and put forth some effort to get beastly at these new games.

As far as Seattle ST’s Evo2k8 performance, I just remember reading a lot of negative shit on irc about our players and it was horrible. But beyond that, I don’t think Julien placing so high/well negates that. I’m not gonna sit here and say that I would’ve done great or as well as he would have had I gone. I think for me personally, I just want a Seattle bred player, to do very well in these new games. Yes Beasley, Cole, and Apoc are Seattle now, but I wanna see someone originally from here rock the spot. We haven’t had that since JMar placed top 8 at Evo 2k6. Having played Marvel, 3S, CvS2, GGXX, and all that for the past eight years, makes me grateful for all the newer games that are coming out. I’m just happy I can compete against ANYTHING that isn’t Storm/Sentinel, A-Bison, or Yun III. Seriously.

Anyway, continue to vote and post thoughts people!

Seattle! Let’s go!