Search for Seattle Female Fighting Gamers!

With the announcement of the all girl Invitational and with AfroDojo opening up March 1st, id like to send out an open invite to all the seattle Fighting game Females.

AfroDojo would like to help train all the females in the area that are serious about attending EVO and wanting to represent females in Fighting Games. If this pans out well with the training, it be nice to form a 5 female team to represent the AfroDojo and NW Fighting Game Community.

A lot of females will be attending this event and the invitational looks pretty promising. For the females, they pretty much get to enter two tournaments for the price of 1! I have seen some of the females in our area play and they have their skills and techniques down. With some extra concentrated practice, we could guarantee a NW victory for the Men and the Ladies of NW.

So if any players out there know of any females that are into their fighting games but haven’t really been discovered or been to GW or zachs, please feel free to pass the information on. A few have gone to Tourney Wars, so hopefully they check this thread out and are willing to level up with the rest of us!


Jason “Afro” Cole

Mor and our friend Monica will be teaming up for TWs next season so I’m sure they would be down to practice up.

Should get atleast one girl rocking Fuerte. You know 90% of the girls entering won’t be able to handle that hotness.

Furious, you need to take it upon yourself to pass on the knowledge of El Furete to your lady. Get her in the mix foo!!!

Whoever knows that Rose/Chun Li player that was at TW two weeks ago needs to get her the info. As well as ALEXIA VALLE!!! LOL Just for the name alone.


Her name was Tanya and the Oregon guys know her. She had a solid Rose, she took out Jared’s Seth and made him switch to Blanka.

I’m trying to get my girl interested, but I don’t think it will happen. She doesn’t really play any video games at all. Though she rocks me at Mario Party.

Yeah she did. She pretty much showed me I shouldn’t get high before playing… :frowning:

There was also that girl Ryu player (who I think also beat Jared at NWM in casuals lol) that was decent, though I don’t remember her name and have no idea where she was actually from.

Getting girls into competitive gaming is always awesome, but it’s pretty hard to do haha. Usually it’s a certain breed of woman that’s hungry to win, either that or its a girl who’s man plays and wanted to try it. Either way it’s pretty rare.

RedPhoenix? Yeah, I was looking to play her in the tournament, but Jameswalton beat her, and I ended up playing him instead.

Tanya from Oregon or used to live there and now is here? She already seems pretty gung ho. Thing is, we already have a few females that are playing and are really good…they just dont come that often. So whoever can get a hold of these women needs to get the info to them and see where their heads are on the subject.

Everyone should be scouting out not only for females, but any new comer onto the scene. Direct them to the AfroDojo!!!


Hah, when is the Dojo open for business anyway? March-ish?

I’ll keep trying to get my girl interested, but I think if she plays at all she would pick Dan since she really likes him. Hah.

I sent a message to Tanya, we’ll see if this interests her.

March 1st 6 cabinets in the garage to start off. 2 dedicated ssf4 2 jap cabs (3s,ST), 2 stand ups with interchangable arcade games (a3, a2, cvs2, mvc2)

Cole, I think I love you…

But seriously, that’s awesome. Hopefully we can get some females out to represent Seattle.

I forsee myself being at this dojo a lot. Cole, lets GET IT! Evo baby!

Word Rayblade, so she really is an Oregon player? She drove 2 hours to be down with TW? That’s tight, definitely send that shout out. With the addition to Mor and her home girl Mindy (?) Alexia Valle (someone find her!!) and Tanya, we are gonna BEAST in EVO. Just need 1 more to get that full 5 Female team!

March 1st folks, its coming!


get me a wig and hella make up. Or I could looking very butch.

No, she’s actually from Seattle.

jwo’s girl gabby is a BEAST at tekken, if mor isnt playing bison jwo can teach her probably. if you get on tz hit up jwo about it

my girl’s trying to pick up Ryu. She’s the basics down so far but with work she’ll be solid.