Search for Seattle Female Fighting Gamers!

This is amazing! Looks like i’ll need to set aside gas and time to drive out to AfroDojo.

Sup Ray, was wondering if Tanya got back to you bro? Also, Mor…you should bring your girl Mindy to next tourney wars. Start getting her in the mix yo!

AfroDojo, 3 weeks away!!!


This sounds sick dude. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open.

Damn…you may make me want to travel up to Seattle more now! ><

I’ll see if I can get the wife interested. she has some mad button pushing skills.

maybe to find out all the SF girl players that’s out there… just host a “Bad girls fight club” tourney and see who shows up…

That would be cool - I remember Arcade Infinity did a female only SFIV ranbat.



You’re a female?

Lol, her name is Monica, and she is Emanuel’s friend, so I’ll have him ask her to come out :tup:

Eman wins.

I never could beat Emanuel’s rush down cross up short short scissor kicks !__!;