SD Muddclub Pricing Changes

With the turn of the new year Muddclub has dropped the $2 admission fee! We hope to see you guys back at the club too.

We are currently servicing our CvS 2 cab, but currently have SF 3 and MvC 2 up and running and ready to go!

-Mudd Club-

thats good news. i might stop by sometime

make marvel a quarter if ya haven’t already.

are 3s, cvs2, and mvc2 still 50 cents?

do it. it’ll be worth it.

QUARTER games will guarantee customers. only reason why folks down south would drive to MUDD is only if games are a quarter a piece.

at this time the games will remain at 50 cents, which we still think is fair due to the fact we maintain and have higher end equipment.

This doesn’t mean we will never drop them down to 25 cents, but at this time we have no plans of doing so in the near future. We appreciate the suggestions and hope to hear more from you.

Actually, guys, it’s because they only have a few arcade games and people are on them all day long! They’ll only lower the price when people realize they can play those same games for a quarter or cheaper at many other places in San Diego that are just as close or closer than their establishment.

At least…I hope people are on those games all day long. That would be the only smart reason not to lower the price. If not…somebody’s not taking advantage of a huge market and otherwise making a foolish mistake by not listening to potential consumers who could then spread negative word-of-mouth to their fellow potential consumers.

Man…I was so close to checking this place out for myself. I’ll never frequent an arcade that doesn’t truly value the opinion of the seasoned and knowledgeable consumer.


I think dropping the 2$ admission is definately a good idea. Thank you for considering that option and going through with it. As for the 50 cents, it’s still pricey, and like Lazeeya said, 25c will garauntee customers. But, I still think it’s fair to keep it at 50 cents. I understand that profit must be made somewhere. Thanks again for dropping prices. Hopefully you’ll get more people coming at this point.

Sorry you feel that way, however part of the reason we dropped the 2$ admission fee was because we listened to our customers. Hope you can come by sometime and at least check the place out, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

it took a year to listen to us ?? or a year not going ??.. i mean 50cents a game isnt bad … i still play that when i go play at chula … but 25 cents WILL bring more ppl … prob making that THE mid spot for everyone … but still yes you do have high end products on there … 25 cents will be able to pay for everything in the long run … i mean $2 bucks for gatorade … . never mind i dont wanna go there … but yeah good ish on dropping the entry fee

Ok, you get points for listening to your customers and dropping the $2 admission fee…even if it took a year. (I’ve been to plenty of arcades more responsive than this.) However, here are a couple of things for you to consider…

  1. 4 people on this thread have already told you that they would drive from South Bay all the way up to your place if you dropped the prices on the machine to 25 cents. Think about this. If you provide a place with machines that are kept in good shape and the average versus game takes…let’s say 5 minutes (though I’ll guess that it’s even quicker than that), then they will come all the way up there (think about the price of gas these days) and collectively spend $2 on one machine within…at the most…40 minutes. Keep in mind that these are players that are good at the game, meaning that they’ll likely finish matches under that 5 minute time easily. Think about what would happen if you constantly had two people matches on all of your fighting games. (By the way…there are more than 4 people in San Diego that feel that way about a variety of games…some of which you don’t have…yet. Did I hear someone say they want to see Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Street Fighter 4 at your place? Tekken 6? Virtua Fighter 5? King of Fighters XII? I’m sure you will if you get more people in the door.)

Look at what your fighting game machines are making now relative to how long you’re open, specifically paying attention to peak times. Do your numbers fall short of the above scenario?

  1. This website is a hangout for many tournament-level fighting game players here in SD. (I think you know this, otherwise, you wouldn’t be posting here.) What would happen if your establishment’s name started appearing here as a place…or better yet…the place to play in San Diego? Isn’t that free advertisement for you? You’d have to start a snack bar for the people coming there to spend all day watching people play! You’ll get out-of-town visitors. You’ll get local visitors. They’ll come to your place to practice against people and to play tournaments there. In short, you’d be giving people all the more reason to come to your place and play…all day long, if they can.

And to think…I was only talking about your fighting games! What happens when you apply this to the other games that you have that also have online communities?

Now…I realize that I’ve given you a lot to think about and I can see that you all are taking baby steps with your decisions. Maybe this arcade thing is new for you. Maybe you’re not as familiar with the arcade market or its history or specifically why things have gone the way they have gone. I can respect that. That’s why I just outlined two things that, when paid attention to, have helped other arcades that I’ve frequented or gone out of town to visit succeed. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. There’s plenty of information out there that backs up what I’ve said. You could even start here at this website by going to the Domination 101 section and reading “A Streetfighter Comes Full Circle: Living The Dream” ( Read about and learn from a hardcore Street Fighter player who is now running his own arcade.

Anyway, your decision on this one seemingly little thing will help you decide if you want to have a few people on hand when you buy Street Fighter 4 within the first couple of months that it’s out or have a whole lot of people on hand when you buy Street Fighter 4 within the first couple of weeks that it comes out.

i went to mudd club like twice last year only…
because of it’s hype as a new arcade…
the price and distance is what deterred me from going again honestly…

ended up going to nickel city instead while i was in that area
frankly because more people went there instead…i think it was the price.

but now that there’s no admission to mudd id be more inclined to go there seriously…
good sticks, big screens…

how about us sd folks organize something there sometime this month?
seems like games have died down recently due to the holidays…

a change like this will definately revamp the scene…
how does January 18th or 19th sound to you guys?
maybe for that day muddclub can do a special 25c thing only for those two days.
what do they really have to lose?

post up.

Hey…there’s an idea! Give them some actual data to draw from so that they can see the moneymaking potential they actually have!

I’d still say…don’t go unless they agree to lower the price. It’s called “leverage” guys…and we customers always have it.

Once they comply…we’ll give them all the incentive they need to try branching out to a more central location. :slight_smile:

nickle city will still be the arcade of choice for Northern SD peeps, simply cuz it’s CHEAPER. yes, their shit doesnt work most of the time, but they have 2 marvel machines, one of them’s bound to work…haha. Quarter games, you’ll definitely see more players.

or you can keep the $2 dollar fee, and make games 25cents…i think everyone’s cool with that, 10cents more per game than nickle city, but at least it’ll work better right.

Actually…there’s no point in them taking the second choice. They got rid of the admission fee for a reason. Now…let them make the choice that makes them much better…instead of average.

can’t really pressure them, the dont really need us to come play marvel, cvs, and 3s. they can get rid of those three games and do just fine, thats not where they’re making their money im sure.

make it a quarter. there’s no reason for us southbay heads to drive all the way up there to play for ANY money when we can play for free.

all arcades in l.a. are a quarter. look at how their scene is doing compared to ours.

yea its not just a 2d fighting arcade…their primary revenue is probably from it being a LAN place as well…

@ freshoj
we’ve laid the pressure on a little thick last year…i think everyone knows we did…

having a 25cent day for a friday saturday on the 18th and 19th of this month would definately be fun and seems like a fair compromise.
having a cheaper day will feel like an event people would want to go to…
like 2 big macs for 3 dollars…
or buy one get one half off pho.
taco tuesday…
happy hour…
the list of customer incentives goes on but doing this will definately spark an interest in players. because honestly i dont think ANYONE goes to muddclub. i never hear about it anymore… it would be nice if they did something like this at least once so people know its still there.

meh, I’ll stick to playing in L.A. or home. why pay 50 Cents for old games? dropping the entrance fee should have been done last yr. weaksauce