Scrolling Beatemups

Thought it wold be good to have a thread up for Scrolling Beatemups as I know lots of VS Fighter players play these games too. Its nice sometimes to take a break from head to head action with your m8s and teamup, use some of the skills that translate from vs fighters in co-operation, especialy as some games allow for 3 or 4 payer action :tup: Its a real rush to play these games 1 credit with a friend/friends, it adds that sense of urgency you get with vs fighters, as opposed to just sloppily coin feeding through a game. As you improve you work out team strategies and specialised roles, and gradualy start to make it further every time you play. Great Fun.

There are so many great titles in this field that have show true quality in the longrun, mostly Capcom, but with a few exceptions, most notably I.G.S’s excellent Knights of Valour series. These games have alot of depth, containing lots of the best aspects of vs fighters, such as combos, distance & and zoning games, area control, special and supermoves etc… as well as many specific attributes like secret items, character upgrades, magic spells and different routes. Although not a high profile in the west as Matchvids, in Asia, there is a huge scene for rplays of these games featuring all the latest strats, tacts and combos. Usually due to the timescales, these come as small easy to download emu replay files rather than big movies. Here I’m going to lnk to some of the best resources:

Here I’ve uploaded a bunch of wild tricks and boss strat videos (WM format):

Here is an excellent Japanese site covering the game:
and the T.O.D section:


Fantastic youtube channel featuring many replays:

REPLAY-EMUZONE is the no1 place for replays, huge amount for all the CPS1 & 2 classics, Knights of Valour, you name it. Also has a large archive of older emu revs needed for replays (see menu bar on the right:

This is another great resource for ScrollBeatemups emu replays, great for more rare classics like Golden Axe 2 and Sengoku:
Another Great replay site, with listings sorted by manufacturer:
Replay Champions:
MARP. MAME Action Replay Page, the number1 western resource:
and thier very friendly and helpfull forums, run by SRK Member BBH.

Great archive of older mame versions
and MARP’s own:


Awsome Boss battle video (WMV format):

Perhaps the most impressive replay I’ve yet seen is this incredible ‘no damage’ WOF replay:
Needs this version of mame to run:
my write up of this incredible replay is here:

A thread containing the latest tricks for upgrading you character:
An excellent Japanese site:

A great Japanese site:

Official Site

Any other brawlers here?

what about Final Fight & Streets of Rage. And has anyone here ever played Captain Commando for SNES? lol Wanna know if it’s any good at all

Oh, Im sorry… stupid me!! If anyone else has any more insights into areas of neglect in my post pls share them with us. Oh and dont bother checking the links I posted up to the replay sites before either…

Haha, yeah Capt Com for the Snes eh…

Interesting stuff here …^^

I loved Final Fight 3 for the SNES the most and still think it is great. I know a lot of guys never liked it but hell, the combos, attacks, ways to go through the game are just damn fun.^^

Streets of Rage 1 and 2 are also very good, but hell I bet you all know this already. -_-

Well in the end Final Fight started it all for me as a kid … I could barly but my head above the controls but then came the moment with my bro. After a lot of days we finally beat the game. Damn remembering to win against the first Boss without losing a life for the first time was so good.:wgrin:

More avi. Movies :slight_smile:

Alien vs. Predator - 1 life Clear:

Final Fight CD - Team Time Attack:
from Kiken’s Bullet-Time Paradigm blog:


I love final fight ! I play it from time to time, my goal is to finish it with one coin. I also love battle circuit, knights of the round, cadillacs and dinosaurs, king of dragons…
Capcom is really the king in the field of beat them alls : IMO no other company managed to create scrolling fighters that are as interesting to play as the ones made by Capcom.

The ones Konami made were very well made in the aesthetics department (beautiful graphics and sounds) but unfortunately most of them have shitty/limited gameplay.

Genesis Streets of Rage 2 (USA) in 30:43 by Gavin Ward (aka. SprintGod).
Clear with Max on Mania difficulty:

Incredibly skillfull speedrun of Streets of Rage 2. The fight against the guardian robots on the last level is especialy amazing, hoping over thier lasers, incredible… Deffo recomended:tup:

Yeah I pretty much totaly agree with you there. The analogy I always use with this genre is Cola soft drink. Lowly regarded and thought of as a simple formula, but its damn hard to make a good one, only a handful of companies have managed it. Its a far lower hit rate than VS fighters, Shootemups or virtualy and other genre you care to mention.
There are a handfull of more recent, really solid, non-Capcom Beatemups that I think deserve an honourable mention tho (even if they simply rip-off Capcom inovations) inc:

Knights of Valour/ Sangoku Senki Plus: Basicaly D&D with a Warriors of Fate Setting and Alpha graphical style. Very popular and deep series. All the multi route and magic stuff from D&D, and lots of extra stuff too:

Guardians/ Denjin Makai II: Whacky Cyberpunk beatemup in the vein of Battle Circuit. Lots of Specialmoves, projectiles, flying and other mobility features:
Superplay here:

Golden Axe 2 - Revenge of Death Adder: Imo, this is one of the most georgeous 2d games ever made. Has some really cool features, like being able to combine catapults and crossbows with creatures rides, healing magic and WWE style team-up moves. Superplays here:

As you say there are quite a few aestheticaly wonderful beatemups from other companies, but they never quite feel solid in the same way the Capcom ones do. I think the ultimate example of this would be Irem’s awsome post apocyliptic ‘Undercover Cops’, Akio’s delapidated industrial masterpiece, made years before Metal Slug:

Superplays available here:
Make sure to play the Jap version of Undercover Cops, its far more complete than the world version.


check out The King of Dragons, its pretty good.

Man, I love these games just about as much as I do fighting games. Here are a few suggestions for you guys:

Zero Team by Seibu Kaihatsu - I’m pretty sure this is an arcade only game (one which is QUITE hard to find). You might be able to find a ROM for it, but I don’t know if there are any good ones out there for it or not. Up to 4 players.

Undercover Cops by Irem - this game also came out for the SNES (I think jap import only… and may pale compared to the arcade ver). Somewhat hard to find in the arcades. Up to 3 players.

The Punisher by Capcom - just about right on up there with AVP.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs by Capcom - another fun, kind of obscure game. Up to 3 players.

Double Dragon 1 & 2 - 2 was different, but still pretty good on SNES. 1 on SNES was only a single player almost mission style game… decent, but no team play. The arcade vers of both were still the best. DD3 was a very different looking game.

Rushing Beat 2 (aka Run or Ran) by Jaleco - a fun 2 player game with MAD juggle’n go’n on (I think only for jap import SNES). Tip: throw items with the shoulder button, including food! Be careful, cuz after a few throws, the item will disappear. (Like Streets of Rage, I think part 2 was the best title of the 3 made).

I can’t finds vids or whatever but Sengoku 3 was tight as hell. shame it was only 2p though

Well, the run itself doesn’t involve normal skill per se, it’s a TAS. If you don’t know what those are, see .

Small miracle someone else mentioned it first. Might as well plug my FAQ and short combo video for it.

There you go, respectively.

Here’s another game that I forgot to mention:

Armored Warriors (aka Powered Gear - Strategic Variant Armor Equipment) by Capcom - more Final Fight style play, but with Cyberbots characters. I’ve never played this one, but it sure looks fun.

Btw, does anyone know where I an find speed run clips for Capcom’s AvP? The speed run with Max in SOR2 was dope. If you guys find speed runs with other characters, be sure to post up. :lovin:

Keep Play’n. Peace

Look at my third post or check any of the emu replay links in my first post…


I’ve uploaded here one of the best I’ve seen, its a Lt.Schaeffer run. Its a Winkawaks 1.45 replay for AvsPj (Japan). Put it in the ‘recinput’ folder, set the recording slot to ‘8’, then select playback input.


Hey Crayfish do you or anyone remeber two crude dudes or alien storm? i think those are the right names. What about the arcade four player ninja turtles or whisper it four player moonwalker, how about simpsons arcade or Xmen the rock hard scrolling beatem up.

oh and P.O.W prisoners of war that was cool.

Oh man, the arcade X-Men beat-em-up was the shit. IMO it was the best of the Konami beat-em-ups. The best gameplay out of all of them hands down. Miles above Simpsons, the Turtles games etc.

Just the intro alone let you know that you were in for a bad ass video game experience. Techno X-Men theme song FTW! eh eh eh eh X MEN!

I love Ninja Warriors…The Xmen Beat em up was awesome…7 at a time on the screen…excellent…

Anyone remember Brawl Brothers for the SNES.

It was a Final Fight clone… but it was pretty good.

Brawl Brothers is the US release of Rushing Beat 2 (or RB Run/Ran). Fantastic game. Just don’t get juggled to death. :sweat:

Keep Play’n. Peace

many moons ago, my local newsagent had a machine out back with various games in (world heroes 1 &2, moral kombat 1, SF2 rainbow etc so you get an idea of era) and they had a digitised scrolling beat em up which was very violent and also had the characters using a lot of swear words.

You beat up hookers and called them ‘bitch’ if they hit you.

anyone know what that is?