Scientist Seeks "Adventerous" Woman For Neanderthal Baby

Yes, everybody will want to have the human version of a canine drooling all over the house and battling against the superiour homo-sapiens. Nothing like guaranteeing your next child is born retarded.

Congrats on giving birth to what nature said “naaa you had your chance”.

If hybridization in nature is any indication, a human/neanderthal hybrid will either be strong AND intelligent or weak as fuck.

I say name the baby Kanye P.Diddy Spiegel; perfect name for something old that died out a long time ago and is getting remixed in order to be hot again.

All I wanna know, is how long until we can make them fight in arenas?

And after that, how long will it take for them to rebel?

A Neanderthal baby - and adult - is going to require a lot more food than a human due to how many calories a Neanderthal is theorized to have needed. I don’t think many people would be willing to put up with that. This is, of course, disregarding the ethics behind raising a close relative of Homo sapiens sapiens as a novelty (depending on who births this baby). I’ll leave that to the scifi scholars to fantasize over.

If a human fucks a neanderthal on camera does it count as inter species erotica?

There is money to be made in these ideas.


^ Fight money?

On a serious note I wonder what they’ll do with this clone. What’s the point beyond doing it just to do it?

From this page on has the answers you seek.

Im willing to bet we need their genes too keep us from getting weaker.

Wtf? As far as we know the only difference between Neanderthals and modern humans is the fact that they named the remains of the Neanderthals after the region in France where they were found. What most likely happened to them was that they fucked other humans and gave birth to more humans.



so much fail.

This manga is weird, like good weird (but really inaccurate).
But the erotica was not great >:(

What a coincidence. I too am seeking an adventurous woman, but in this case, it’s to get something freaky into her vagina.

There were many physical and mental differences as well. Neanderthals and Modern man shared ancestors, but they were an evolutionary deadend, and their intelligence wasn’t on par.

I’ve read many interesting ideas that neanderthal woman were evolved to be blond to attract both neanderthals and other men, and thus that was how neanderthals evolved to us. And why black people’s don’t have any natural blondes (due to them not having any neanderthal genes).

i’d pay to see that.
but only if its to the death.

naw, in all seriousness though, this is creepy.

*Fixed because you not liking someone doesn’t makes his albums not sell like the cocaine

on topic

… isn’t there anything else you could do science, anything?

With the very likely(though limited) gene flow between Neanderthals and our earliest human ancestors, I’m not sure they were such a “deadend”. But that could just be a semantics argument. More importantly though, we’re not exactly sure just how intelligent they are. They may or may not have had language, they most certainly had some form of culture(burying their dead, attending to their sick and elderly, mousterian tools, etc). They also had the largest average cranial capacity of hominins iirc, which tends to correlate with intelligence though it isn’t always the case. Homo Floresiensis had a much smaller brain yet was capable of controlled use of fire and hunting.


Granted she’s melanesian not black, yet it was originally thought that Melanesian blonde’s HAD to have European ancestry, which it was recently revealed that blonde hair more likely came about independently in their population.

Yeah, i totally don’t see a horror movie in the works… o.O

ooh cake!