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SLG3000 - Scanline Generator

SLG3000 without case

SLG3000 with case

[LEFT]So I´ve worked lately with Winnie from the german arcadezentrum forum on a new project called scanline generator. It simply emulates scanlines for classic videogames. I put here some background infos from the best site out there about scanlines (SCANLINES DEMYSTIFIED - Regain Scanlines on filtered and upscaled videogames).[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Q : What are scanlines?[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Classic TV sets are designed for interlaced 480 line signals (actually only in NTSC countries, but let’s stick to this right now), so when running them in 240p (240 lines progressive) mode you’ll see dark lines between every two drawn lines. This is typical for all classic videogame systems and almost all arcade games of the past decades. It gives those games a typical look and makes the low resolution quite attractive.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Q : What does SLG3000?[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SLG300 emulates the scanlines and give modern LCD display the classic videogame feeling back. Take a look at some examples:[/LEFT]

[LEFT](taken from shmups forum, Dreamcast)[/LEFT]







[LEFT]Q : How does it work?[/LEFT]



[LEFT]So feed SLG with VGA and it will make the scanlines for you. For older consoles use a scaler. Hook it up directly on consoles supporting VGA like Dreamcast, xbox360, xbox1 and such.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Q : What features does SLG have?[/LEFT]


[LEFT]- Plug and Play[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Potentiometer for continous configuration of scanlines[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- screw terminals for on and off[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- DIPs for resolution config[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- 2 female VGA ports[/LEFT]
[LEFT]no PSU needed[/LEFT]

[LEFT]- even and uneven lines for scanlines[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- from 640x480 up to 2048x1536 60Hz[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Q : Where are the order infos?[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SLG3000 can be order via PM or my company shop under - ArcadeForge[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SLG3000 Order site[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Q : And what about support?[/LEFT]

[LEFT]In this forum and of course here:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SLG 3000 Support Thread on shemup[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Infos about scanlines and video hardware[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SCANLINES DEMYSTIFIED - Regain Scanlines on filtered and upscaled videogames[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Deinterlacing, Scaling, Processing: Classic videogame systems on LCD and Plasma screens[/LEFT]


This is a really cool mod for anyone building their own cabinet with LCD monitor and wants the old school scan line look!

and for those guys who want to play classic consoles on big LCDs in their home theater… :wink:

Could you in theory use this to replace a dead CRT in an old arcade cabinet with an LCD then go from a CPS2 (or other arcade board) to the SLG and then to the LCD to keep the authentic look?

Oh man, I want one. <3 scanlines.

sure, exactly this !! You need a scaler for the output to vga. Look at the links above from fudoh. He has made great reviews for scalers.

some more pics about old consoles on LCD (thanks to ZOM)

: [Console@60Hz via RGBS]–> Extron SW6 --> Holo3DgraphII(640x480) --> SLG3000 --> Sony LCD





Love this, keep up the good work.

I have one of these, it’s completely awesome. If you play retro games don’t hesitate, perfect scanlines with any emulator. Those Dreamcast pics are from me, BTW. :wink:

I don’t know why this thread is getting buried all of a sudden, but anyways take a look at the end of this video. [media=youtube]1uOEFj_ehP0[/media]

and this one. [media=youtube]Gvv4rHRaVpk[/media]

I own those games on dreamcast and I’ve been looking forward to a solution to this for ages. If I ever do get a proper scaler/line-doubler, are there any other games worth suggesting?

Hey… thanks a lot for all this great reviews on youtube. I wasn’t aware of this at all, so it was quite surprising.

This is awesome. Bencao74, you’re the best.

Case Prototype is done for the SLG. I`ve chosen transparent and black acryl. I think the pics speaks.

thanks a lot Fayk :slight_smile:


Love the black acrylic casing, well done :tup:

Many, many questions about what system cables are compatible with a device like this.

Questions also about where you can find compatible scalers and which are good/excellent quality!

The questions will never end because the HD era is very confusing for people who still own older systems. LCD, Plasma, etc. just weren’t built in mind for our old consoles. As long as old tube TV’s last great, but when those break for good OR you have to move and you can’t take them with you —!

I’ve been kind of looking at this on-and-off since I have PS2/PS3, Dreamcast, Saturn, and Gamecube. There are pieces of information scattered about this through the Internet but the problem is a lot of the equipment is no longer in production or you have to get something arcane and practically unheard in the States.

(Figures the Saturn will probably be oddman out. That system never gets a break!)

I didn’t know about SCART until recently. Yeah, I sort of know about VGA but does this mean I have to buy a VGA cable for Dreamcast, or will the existing composite cables work???

Goes without saying that IF I can use this device with all the systems or at least some of them, what’s the price?

Yeah, that case looks great.

Hey George,

You can get a perfectly good VGA box for Dreamcast over at Racketboy or on ebay. Saturn supports RGB SCART and it looks amazing.

The most in-depth guide to scalers and line-doublers is located here:

Deinterlacing, Scaling, Processing: Classic videogame systems on LCD and Plasma screens

Probably the best all-around set up for the average retro-gamer right now would be DVDO Edge, HDFury, SLG3000 – although the XRGB-3 is still better if you want to scale 240p games without using scanlines, but the XRGB is a quirky beast. There’s tons more info (XRGB, SLG3000, HD Box, etc) over at the hardware forum at shmups, the best retro-tech forum IMO. • View forum - Hardware

Thanks for the links!

I’ve already got the thread subscribed to, but I’ll look into those links a bit later!

Would it be possible to hook this up to a mame PC’s VGA output, then run rgb and sync from the output’s vga connector to a yuv converter (like’s) so I could use component and get scanlines?