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Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway #2005
Antioch, TN 37013
Nearest Airport : Nashville (BNA)

July 24th, Saturday

Arcade with PlayStation to JAMMA converters (You can use PlayStation or PlayStation 2 CONTROLLERS or JOYSTICKS for this)
Arcade US version Speed 2 in options DEFAULT
USA version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo Arcade

2/3 rounds 2/3 games
SINGLE OR DOUBLE ELIMINATION (depending on number of entrants)

Please note this is the ONLY Official Super Battle Opera (SBO) qualifier for Super Turbo in the country. There is no other official qualfiying spot. 3 players from 3 SEPARATE tournaments will qualify to represent the United States in a 3 vs 3 battle in Japan in September of 2010. All three winners will be crowned at Game Galaxy in Nashville, TN on July 24th.

The USA qualifier is NOT a team tournament. There will be 3 single/double elimination tournaments to decide the top 3 going to Japan. $500 will be donated to each winner to help pay for their expenses to Japan. EACH WINNER is RESPONSIBLE for their EXPENSES TO AND FROM Japan. If one of the 3 winners is NOT able to attend, an alternate will be assigned in their place at the SOLE DISCRETION of Game Galaxy.

Character Rules:
Super and Old versions of characters are treated differently. If the first tournament winner uses OG Sagat and qualifies, OG Sagat is banned from the second qualfier, but the SUPER version of Sagat is not.

Tournaments times are asfollows:
11AM: 1st Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament
12 NOON Tekken 6 Tournament (PlayStation 3) 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
2PM: 2nd Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament
3PM: Super Street Fighter IV Tournament (Xbox 360) 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
5PM: 3rd and FINAL Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournament

Fees are:
$10 cover charge for 1st tournament (if you enter SF4 and T6 your total charge will be $20)
$5 for Street Fighter IV
$5 for Tekken 6
$30 for Super Street Fighter II Turbo (EACH TOURNAMENT is $30 and there are 3 SEPARATE tournaments)

10% of the fees from ALL tournaments will go to help pay for the SBO qualifiers.
Split on winnings of each tournaments will be 60/20/10/10 (to SBO quals)

These fees include all day play on whatever console we have open for practice (Usually $6 all day fee)

More details, driving directions, and rsvp links can be found on BattleStream:


Quick note to anyone coming for the tournament, the actual tournament is NOT at the arcade but on the second floor inside the mall ACROSS from Nails Pro in space #2151 (look at mall map if you get lost on the directory). You CAN go to the arcade and ask how to get to this part of the mall. From the escalators PAST the food court FROM the arcade, make a RIGHT and the tournament will be 3-4 stores down on the right. You’ll see and hear it= P All the arcade machines and console setups for the tournament games will be here.

If for whatever reason the US can’t find three people to go, I am available as an alternate. I live in Tokyo, and I’ve been practicing. :tup:

<3 arcade ST.

So ready for this. This event is going to be massive. TN fighting games are on the come up.

I’ll do my best to be there. So just to make 100% sure, it’s $30 to enter any/all of the ST qualifiers and not $30 per ST tourney, right? Anyway, very fair format in using single player tourneys and 2/3 every game. It’s a great thing you’re doing for the ST scene.

NKI is still alive! It’s 2010, and ST returns to SBO. Mother’fuckin’ ST is still alive!

(posting to show support for US players)

Will there be a stream available? I really would like to see how the tournament unfolds and see how everyone is playing. Good luck to all those competitors, I really would like to see the US do well in ST!

I’ve got a PS3 stick and an Xbox360 (USB) stick. Am I correct that neither of those will work with the setup will be used? :frowning:

geo: The tournament is run on an arcade system. Stipulations mean it has to be arcade only. The only type of converter we have is a PlayStation to JAMMA converter rig and believe me, that was tough for us to get as it was.

Ganelon: It is $30 PER ST tournament. Thanks for pointing that out. It’s the only way we can raise the money needed for the quals, but that’s what happens if you want to try and qualify for Japan…

Japairish: live stream depends on our internet connection. The mall only allows us DSL, so it may be tricky.

Rockin! I’ll be there even if I have to walk from Lexington! LOL

So if we don’t have a Playstation compatible stick then we can use one of your sticks?

I believe you can choose to use the Sticks on the machine or the use the converters if you wanna use your own psx sticks. Either way I would hope people are cool enough to let you borrow a stick if you need it. Of course you can use mine assuming we aren’t playing each other at the moment. lol

Ah, I see. Yeah, that’s cool too since everyone there will have to be serious about repping the US (or having fun playing the best). :tup:

geo: the tricky part is having two ample cabinets with “decent” enough sticks and buttons ALSO at an ample height for people to use their own sticks to put in their lap.

We can’t please everyone, but we can at least provide converters, but my suggestion, get to the arcade EARLY and get accustomed to the sticks if you don’t have any of your own.

I am not entering this tournament myself, I want everything to run as smoothly as possible, but those that are serious know at least the $30 charge, Turbo 2 US, and arcade as the info so far.

If we DO have to change to Super Nova/Gun format, that will be announced as soon as humanly possible.

This is to qual for SBO, at SBO you’re using their cab or nothing at all. Just deal with the cabinet.

I might be going to this.

Long live ST!

Good luck to all the participants, and I hope it all runs smoothly. Won’t be going myself, as I’m from UK and skint. A stream would be awesome, but it’s understandable if that’s not possible.

Regarding the cabinet/stick situation, what are the sticks and buttons? As Grog said, people may as well just suck it up and get used to playing on a cab for SBO.

isnt O sagat banned in SBO?

I don’t see anything about OG Sagat being banned unless that is supposed to humorous?

Also, to clarify a question I had, this qualifier is being run on US boards, not Japanese. We ran an SBO qualifier at MWC two years ago with the SAME US boards and the correct settings and there were ZERO complaints about that. In fact, the question I had was from someone who ENTERED that tournament beforehand so it baffles me slightly.

In any event, we will be running TWO cabinets for this with converters (unless the converters are WTF). They will be Sanwa on one cabinet with all Sanwa parts and possibly Seitmitsu on the other cabinet, but I HIGHLY suggest getting used to the sticks/buttons beforehand.

At SBO and at Japanese arcades you use whatever is there. You at least know exactly what is going on here when you come here :wink:

oh ok, i just thought i read somewhere that he was banned in japan

^he is soft banned, AKA frowned upon, but completely tournament legal.