Sauga January 2005 Thread

Damn right

take that curt! we’re on a roll!

:confused: Uh… what? :confused:

Anyway; everyone make sure to make the York U tournament. It’s critical we get as many players as possible for that tournament so I can put a lot of other big plans into motion including making T6 look truly pro later this year. PLEEEAAASE!

Happy new year people.
Drunken mario party 6 and mario tennis are too good.

:tdown: ugh

new years gut rott

Wake Up!

so who wants to play one game of poker before i leave?

I’m in. Time?

I might be in…

Teddy; what’s up? Are we playing? If not I’m going to hang with Jason for Brampton Sunday Casual.

People come to EMTC.

Going to mall for a haircut. Will probably end up playing.

Edit: To anyone who’s interested, the FMA movie trailer is out.


that trailer made me soooo angry -_-
this movie better not continue after the series otherwise they got A LOTTA explaining to do :xeye:

anant is ok man, i know u are praying to the elephants for ur ppl

when is this york tourney and whos going?
also, i heard its on jap sticks, that true?



Cuba High lights:

  • I was all ways drunk. I mainly stuck to beer, but rum and cokes, mojitas, brandy, and random bitch drinks were had as well.

  • I smoked at least 20 smokes a day…ever thing was a reason to smoke

  • I fucked 3 times, got head 5 times, and thats from 5 different girls. 3 from montreal, 1 from thunder bay, 1 from orogon…all three of the girls i beat were from montreal, proving montreal is slutier.

  • a girl squezed my balls hard when she was giving me head…i made her stop using her hands.

  • A cuban guy squezed my balls hard…i punched him in the face.

  • A 16 year old girl had a tatoo on her arm that said “NASTY” and was wearing a super short skirt. I asked her if she wanted to beat, she said no, and i said “your false advirtising”

  • I asked a girl for head on the beach after all ready getting head on the beachfrom another girl, and the girl said “i all ready heard about you on the beach.”

  • a sand storm started during a naked period on the beach. I got sand in pretty much every orafice.

  • I was swimming nude, and a stron wave hit me in the balls. The wave then pushed me back to shore, and i scrapped my ass on a rock.

thats the story. i Have mini monticristos…msg me if you want some, i have 50, i’ll sell em for 1.50$ I have not been able to find a good way to split them yet, but if i find one, i’ll let you stoners know,

York=all Jap sticks

Haven’t had any problems with them when I played there really but if you don’t like Jap sticks to begin with, it’ll suck I guess…

Tourney=Jan 22

very good to know, im goin to montreal durring march break if all goes well.
sounds like fun :tup: who wants to go somewhere bomb over the summer? i was thinking either BC or somewhere exotic. :karate:

thx for the info, even though japsticks are my mortal enemy along with snow, ill probably attend assuming the NYc players show up and ill probably not have anything better to do durring the day anyways, or even for that day all together :xeye:

screw BC, save for Evo!