Sauga February 2005


nigga doesnt even live on the block anymore :rolleyes:


I do! Starting April :stuck_out_tongue:

who else here thinks naruto manga chapter 245 was crap?
and episode 119 looked like it was drawn by my sister after she broke 7 fingers.

119 had the Worst art EVER!

And 245 was dope, wtf are you talking about. Pervert No Jutsu!!!

Who do you think you are sonna?

Who’s giving rides to U.N.? Who is actually going? I’m up for playing some games after smokin some of that shit like cheech n chong!

Im up for UN.

When’s UN? and let me come!

Saturday February 19th is U.N…

Kevin, Justin, Yu-hin: can you give me n anant a ride? and whoever else wants to come also :stuck_out_tongue: Chris n James will probably end up going with Poeta so I don’t think they’ll have a problem with rides.

Unlimited Night is on the 19th, same day as the METRO tournament (if that actually happens). I’m definitely going if there’s free Tekken 5 and Guilty Gear XX.

EDIT: sorry Shu but if I’m taking anyone it’ll be Team Brampton because I know that at least Steve & Tyrell expressed interest in Unlimited Night and I’m hoping that Ian wants to come as well so he can get some practice under him.

It’s cool. Kevin? Yu-hin?


Funny story tonight…Public breakups are top tier

I was in my calculus tutorial and in the back row there were this asian couple. I’m there like 5 mins before class for some reason. Anyways, I’m just sitting there and I start to constantly hear banging. That banging turns into yelling. They’re practically yelling in Chinese or somethin. I’m trying not to look back, but i look to my right and there’s this chinese kid who stares at me and moves his head towards them and starts laughing. I guess he assumed I understood wtf they were saying. I take a quick peek back and the chick’s in tears. More talking ensues, and the girl just yells and leaves. This is all before our TA (teacher’s assistant) walks in. And instead of chasing after her, the guy just stayed in the tutorial. Hahaha.

Well… Justin and Kevin can’t give rides. I guess Yu-hin and technically Poeta are also left. Poetas car will prally be full with chris, james, ramy, jerris though. What’s the deal Yu-hin?

I doubt Poeta is going anywhere from what happened at york. No Ramy does not come in poetas car… :stuck_out_tongue:

reminds me of my friend. him and this girl were going out for 4 years… and when university starts she dumps him out of nOWHERE. These guys were supposedly in “love” and the bitch dumps him like it’s nothing :rolleyes: He tried to get her back… everytime she’d go in the car with her mom he’d be grabbing his crotch yelling out “She sucked my cock, she fucked me, your daughters a whore” and her moms the really religious brown mother so… yeah. The next day he got a slap on the face in the middle of the school… ouch. and that is a “shu” story my friends… haw haw.

:rofl: and this story takes best story of 2005. It overtakes the probable lie about the guy who was fishing his Jolly Rancher out of the girl’s cooch and ended up biting down on a Herpes Sore and got the puss all over his face. :rofl:

Its not really a break up story but my friend was so shitfaced at commencement and infront of a bunch of parents including the guys mom he goes “Hey Vince, I fucked your mother grabs cock I fucked her REAAAL Good!!” And the guys mom was standing right next to him lol.