Sauga December Thread 2007

Ship it ez.


carry my children bauza

One can only hope you all run good so there’s a lot less post whoring this month.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone want to get together for dinner sometime this month? It’d be good to hang outside of the arcade or casual games for once. I’m open to suggestions on dates and locations.

sometime in the next couple of days, my first exam is the 8th, and im locked in my room till the 14th, and then CC and then Vegas on the 16th.

I’m free.

I can’t do Wednesday (going out), Thursday (Bears vs Redskins) or Saturday (dinner with High School friends). Friday is the ideal date I suppose. There is no RanBat causing a conflict (I don’t think). Moxies? Anyone feel like spending money and doing Canyon Creek?

ughhhhh soooooo much mobney

canyon creek >>>> moxies.

so much truth but so much monies.

Hmmm new month, lets see how running goes this time.

i’ll be out of the country for a large portion of december. Gonna go meet Daigo.

btw, my dad found a sock in the van from one of you guys from SB2 haha.

:rolleyes: Why do I get the feeling we’ll get CvS2 for the one guy who won’t even be there? :rolleyes:

Quote of the month from SNAAAAAKE: “What’s Texas Hold Up?”

arnt u going to burn it?

depends if the socks are Nathan’s.

and if CvS2 is showing up at ghetty, i’ll show up for CC.

lol saturday fallsview players are the worst. Left with my best live sess ever.

$400 on Q 10 os. Ship the $1350 pot to the Q 9 looool.

Or how about calling all in in a $1800 pot with AK os on a T37 board and losing to Jacks

Or when I took down a $200 pot with jack high. . . oh wait a minute. . .