Sanwa JLF's vs LS-32/40

Having only used a Mad Catz TE Round 1 and a Hori V3SA, I cant compare to anything else. I found a couple older threads, one with a chart breakdown of all joysticks, but am still on the fence.

Coming from a far engage and throw to a short and short seems like a major difference, especially in fighting games. Add the additional tension, which I assume is minor, and it sounds like a completely different world.

The reason I am throwing in the LS-40 is because it’s “high” pivot quality and the popup issue I read about with the 32. Going that route gives me an even shorter engage though.

I know everyone has their own preference but can I get opinions from people who have tried 2 of these or all 3?

My thought, I am still practicing, trying to get better. My movements are not precise and a short engage might be more critical on my movements, making it harder on me.

Does that sound like it could be the case or am I thinking about engage wrong?

Thanks for any help!

The pop-up issue with the LS-32 stops being annoying once you use it enough, eventually you end up just not riding the gate very hard at all(which you shouldnt really be doing anyway lol)

As for the JLF, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone with a heavy hand, not tight enough unless you add an extra spring to it.

I really like the 40, then the 56 then the jlf. I never really gave the 32 a chance, the pop up bothered me

i have used the ls-56, ls-40, ls-32, ls-33, and Sanwa JLF.

out of all those sticks i would say the ls-32 is the best one. I haven’t really given the ls-40 that much of a chance but will in the future so yeah, thats my opinion. it all boils down to preference in the end regardless tho.

Do you think the throw and engage will be harder to deal with from the perspective of a novice? I don’t typically play with charge characters.

Edit: On an LS-32 or 40

the issue will be less hardware and more practice…
you’ll adjust to whatever you’re using…

the difference in input leniency between something like SSF4 and KoF98 will have more of an effect than your hardware…

personally I like JLFs with octagonal gates, a bit of tape on the actuator and heavier springs for fighters…
I like LS32s for Puzzle Bobble…

Have used: JLF, LS-32, LS-40, LS-55, LS-56. Would recommend all except LS-32 and LS-55 (pivoting issues really bother me). Mr preference stick-wise is either a JLF with either a LS-32 spring in it or a JLF with a LS-32 and a LS-33 spring.

having just got a ls32 and using a jlf for a long time, I will say I prefer the ls32 a lot more. However I added an ls33 spring to my jlf and LOVE the way it feels now, Both have the circle gate.

Prefer the Seimitsu LS-32 and -40 over the JLF myself. Much easier to use square gates with those than the JLF.

The first time I used an LS-32, it was much easier to play with it off-the-bat than the JLF. The JLF just feels too loose in stock condition. I really needed an extra spring to feel comfortable with it. Even then, I never got used to playing pre-Marvel Vs Capcom 2 games with the JLF. I just couldn’t do dash moves with it to save my life and it doesn’t “feel right” with those games. The current poly fighters are more forgiving with the JLF. Retro and 2-D fighters in general are easier with the LS-32/-40. I consider the -32 and -40 to be better joysticks with games overall. Very good with 4-way gates for Pac-Man; everything else square.

The differences between the LS-32 and -40 are such => the -32 is the bigger brother with not-so-tight feel as the -40 and requires a bit more effort to do moves and manipulate. Still tighter than a JLF, IMHO. It is and isn’t comparable to the JLF. I think more than the spring differences that the gated microswitches on the -32 PCB are the reason it feels better to me.
The -40 is literally a smaller joystick with somewhat tighter tolerances than the -32. (Same springs, though. There is no “LS-40 spring.”) Some people can’t get used to the -40 because of those differences. To play with the -40 really well, you have to be relaxed and use maybe half the muscle that you’d use for the -32. The -40 doesn’t really have the gate bashing problem that the -32 has but with practice you can avoid that on the -32 as well. Both are very well-made joysticks with gated microswitches that make it easier to do 360’s and circular movements on a square gate than the JLF, IMHO. You really don’t have to do spring-mods with the Seimitsu’s. They’re fine stock condition.

My single biggest complaint with the LS-40-01 is that you can’t buy it equipped with an SS Mounting Plate. SS comes standard with the LS-32-01. UNLESS you’re hanging the -40-01 from a custom-modded faceplate, the -40’s flat plate can’t be used with stock Mad Catz TE and HRAP 2/3 SA/SE and V3/VX joystick mounts. Without the SS Mount screwed onto the LS-40-01, it just won’t fit into universal joystick mount areas.

The major advantages of the JLF is that it’s by default the most frequent OEM joystick on mass-produced joystick bases (save some money there unless you wanted a Seimitsu joystick!) and it’s possible to use a replacement optical PCB base with it. A Seimitsu joystick with a FLASH PCB base just wouldn’t be a Seimitsu because you obviously wouldn’t have the gates to nonexistent microswitches!

Installed a ls-32-01 for the first time today, previously only had experience with Jlf’s and american joysticks. I figured if I didn’t prefer it to the jlf, no worries cause I keep hearing people say that they are bee’s knees for shooting games. Apparently I ride the gate too hard though cause notice pop-up pretty bad. But for what it’s worth, I main Zangief and I only play with him cause I want to get descent before I move on to other characters. OCD… Might be a bad strategy… idk… but I only notice pop-ups doing 360’s and 720’s.

Hey guys just wondering what stick is on the round 1 te? I’m not quite fond of the stick being twistable , is there a shaft/stick that doesn’t twist? Or all sticks are like that

The round 1 use a Sanwa JLF. Not sure about the twisting part, maybe that’s the shaft cover?

No, its not the shaft cover, for example : If I hold the balltop with my index and thumb, and twist it clockwise it twists. Some people said that its normal, and its my first time having a tournament edition jap-style stick. I opened it once and tried twisting it and saw the shaft twisting as well.

All Mad Catz TE’s produced to date use JLF’s. Mad Catz has never produced a Seimitsu parts joystick edition. Only modders have TE’s with Seimitsu parts (myself among them).

Seimitsu joystick HRAP’s are extremely rare, too… Produced in very limited quantities. They mirror the HRAP SA sticks but of course use LS-32-01’s (default Seimitsu joystick for most modders and limited edition joysticks). There was no HRAP 2 SE ever produced by Hori, although examples float around of the HRAP 1 SE (the rarest Hori joystick?) and the HRAP 3 SE. Very little difference between the HRAP 3 SE and HRAP 3 SA besides the arcade parts vendor sources. Cabinets are identical except for the lettering on the face plates.

That occasionally happens with the joysticks from both Sanwa (JLF) and Seimitsu (LS-series). Just leave it alone. You get used to it. It’s normal for the joysticks since the shaft isn’t neutralized by a clamp part. Really wouldn’t work without the shaft being able to rotate. Needs to be free to move in 8 directions.

but wont you have more control if the shaft isnt dancing around as you execute moves?

ls-36 is quite nice. the mod is cheap and effective. ls-56 is good as well. all down to preference when it boils down.

JLF and LS-32 are pretty well-suited for fighting games. I think the LS-40 is too tight and error-prone, but it can be fun for bullet hell shmups. Just my opinion.

It just rolls slightly in your hand during use, which lets your hand position change without relaxing your grip on the balltop. If it were stationary it would be rubbing against your hand more.

Alright, thanks folks

I promise you that this is a problem that naturally goes away with time. When you start getting better with the stick, fast reactions will not allow you to ride the gates like that. At first it was an issue for me, now i NEVER feel that pop-up.

I’ve got an ls-32-01 and JLF - I much prefer the JLF. The ls-32-01 feels too stiff and messes up my execution when chaining moves together.