Santarou vs Luffy for all the Money$$

So , according to Ryan Hart this is going ahead. I think the amount is $10,000 US - SHIT! Stunfest - 22 May.

Santarou must feel super confident in the match, he is a touch more aggressive than Bonchan so perhaps he feels he can shut Rose down. I don’t think there will be any tech pop up that swings anything but I think Bonchan could still play the match a little better. Things I’ve noticed -

  1. Bonchan seems to favour cr.fierce over some of the time. Although the data is better, considering the hurt box on crouching fierce is worse since it’s pushed out in front- is still the way to go for me, plus it combos - I expect Santarou to use this more than Bonchan. actually moves Sagat back a touch where as Cr.fierce moves us forward. Seems like a much better choice all round.
  2. I’d like to see U2 used to counter Roses mid range and EX fireballs more, there has to be more application here for picking U2 rather than the usual juggle or you might as well pick U1.
  3. Throwing full to 3/4 screen shots seems completely useless, the meter gain difference is too big, they have to tone that down unless they have EX meter.
  4. Luffy likes to back himself into the corner I’ve noticed, they should just let him do this and take advantage of the screen.
  5. Rose needs pressured at all times if possible, especially on WU - No reason not to.
  6. Rose’s - screw this button! I expect Santarou to have the reactions of a cat and try to counter it when she dashes up with cr.jab, it’s important to not let her get the momentum back.
  7. Other potential Luffy weaknesses are he can sometimes get a bit jump happy from what I’ve seen, hopefully Santarou can AA these attempts.

Tough call! Can’t wait to see this one unfold! Good luck to both players (but comon Sagat!)


I think Santarou has a better chance than Bonchan. Not saying he’ll win, but I’ve watched him in a couple long sets vs. Japanese Rose players and he destroyed them. Louffy is a tougher opponent but Santarou is really good. Second best Sagat in the world free and he might catch Louffy offguard with his MU knowledge and play style. He’s gonna option select every single backdash with st.fierce I’m guessing and he ultras and ex uppercuts through Rose fake strings.

He must be feeling immensely confident to put 10k on the line though goddamn.

All i can say is … this dude must have an ace that we don’t know about… either that or he is trolling (would be pretty expensive trolling i might add). I really hope the Super one can beat louffy, but i honestly don’t see it after that last topanga set he had with bonchan. Louffy seems to really know the matchup, and that dash in stand mk or grab mixup is what decides the fight IMO. Bonchan couldnt deal with that and it cost him.

Santarou’s only hope is his wildness, and we all know that won’t take you through a long set. Add to that the fact that Alioune said that “any random Yang from Japan has a better shot at beating Louffy than Santarou”…kinda hard seeing this going any other way than louffy’s.

but im still holding out hope Santarou pulls it off.

Hey Marz, Can you post some of the matches with Santarou and the Japanese roses on here? Thanks.

I agree about louffy getting jump happy at times. But when i’ve fought roses (which hasnt been that many times) i noticed that her jumping fierce shuts down TU (kinda like dudleys elbow, but more in her favor because it outright shuts down TU more often rather than trades). That could be why he is comfortable jumping against Sagat.

I do agree that Santarou would need to address roses dash ins because that is where she got Bonchan. Louffy is pretty sneaky with it though, so knowing what to do about it and reacting to it are 2 different things.

Lastly, I do think you are also on point regarding the pressure, however Louffy does have a good pressure breaker (ultra 2 orb thingy).

looks like an uphill battle, but I still think Santarou knows something we dont…dude has been hounding louffy since evo, lol.

He can’t activate U2 on WU though, has to be in neutral, but yes, fuck that Ultra. What annoys me about it most is that she get’s it twice. She can activate - lose it, take a nice chunk of damage off of her, then activate again.
I’ve never liked this mechanic in SF4 and it hurts Sagat more than other characters due to a ton of them having Anti FB ultras.

The match is more than winnable though, I’ve watched luffy (like a lot of Rose players) get flustered when it’s not going his way, I think if Santarou can get in his head a bit, it could change things. Bonchan is sometimes a bit too “control” orientated and I think that actually helps Rose in the match, when she’s got time to think, she controls the screen. The reason Alioune mentioned Yang, is because under pressure, Rose literally just falls apart.

Thanks Marz. Will get to watching these ASAP.

Santarou’s reaction to some of Rose’s mid range game is scary, especially the into uppercut to counter the slide. I like how he’s trying to use U2 like I mentioned in the first post, it really makes Rose second guess herself. Luffy will be a whole other level though, if he can take all these little tips in against Luffy it’ll be an interesting match for sure.

I also like how he just takes some raw reads, Bonchan rarely does that.

I noticed the cr lk into ex shot or uppercut. Seems dude is very confident that the first hit will connect because you dont have any time to visually confirm before you uppercut etc.

Watching the matches though, it’s clear that these rose players dont have luffy’s spacing and random dash ins. luffy also uses ultra two in a scary way, either threatening throw or focus or simply backing you into a corner. From watching these games i cant say it has changed my opinion that much. it is a pretty steep hill to climb and i think Santarou has bitten of more than he could chew here. His confidence is admirable if not misplaced though.

The sets against Ninomae were closer and more competitive. Kawaguchi was just mauled though.

I bet on Santarou. He can play better than Bonchan in this matchup. Most importantly, he is very confident.

Wow, Alioune’s talking a load of smack here. From what I’ve seen Santarou has a very solid grasp on the Rose matchup and you wouldn’t bet 10k if you weren’t at least extremely confident in your abilities.

I think he has a good chance of winning, can’t wait for the match. With high stakes like this it’s bound to be hype.

Sooooo…seems the match has been called off. Event hubs reports that according to Luffy the sum was too high and risky and it is illegal to do it anyway…or something to that effect.

Was looking forward to seeing what santarou would have for luffy. Oh well.

Weeeak. Someone got cold feed. There doesn’t appear to be anything illegal about money matches in France…though nobody seems to care about those laws anyway.

if he got cold feet it’s fine I think. that’s a lot of fucking money to lose on a video game. not worth the risk even if you think you’ll win.

A sensible amount would have been better like maybe $1000. Not the end of the world, but enough to give it some hype.

So they are not playing at all?

They didnt mention anything besides that the 10k deal was not happening. When asked about the match luffy said it wont happen. then he proceeded to give the reasons he gave. it would still be good if they just played. Hope they do.


It’s going down and it might be streamed. Here is the video description

「世界一のローズ」vs 「ローズ戦世界一のサガット」ついに決着。

EVO 2015 の最終日にMadCatz ブースで行われる

日本時刻 7/20 AM3:00~5:00
現地時刻 7/19 AM11:00~PM1:00

EVO 2015 でTOP12に入ったサガット YBK三太郎。
EVO 2014 覇者 MD.Luffy。お互いのプライドをかけた10先

スペシャルサンクス:MadCatz , XSplit

Hopefully someone can translate

Nice one maf. This should be very interesting. hope santarou can put up a respectable showing, given how much crap he has been talking.