San Marcos - Texas

I’m moving back to San Marcos in less then a week so I figured I’d give a shout out and see who all would be down to meet up n play. Definitely wanna start stepping my game up and it’d be nice to know more locals then me and like … my 2 or 3 friends who play.

Texas BAR FIGHTS Tournament (Dallas, TX)

Saturday, August 28th
Sign up 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Tournament starts @ 2:00 PM!!!

Back Porch Grill and Tavern
210 N. Main St.
Grapevine, TX. 76051

–Entry Fees/Games–
There will be a one time $5 venue fee when you sign up.

SSF4 --------- $10 on Xbox
Tekken 6 ----- $10 on PS3
BlazBlue:CS — $10 on Xbox

The tournament format is Double Elimination for all games. Pot split 70/20/10

8 Screens: The same ones used at EVO to ensure NO LAG and that the tournament moves along quickly. Each screen has their own set of separate speakers so everyone can hear everything. HUGE venue with plenty of room and lots of good food and beer!

Top 8 Played on a Head to Head set up and projected onto a big screen!

Please, please, PLEASE eat and drink lots of alcohol at the venue. Back Porch Grill and Tavern has a great menu full of really good food and lots of beers/shots to choose from.

–Jeff (pkrstdnt) and Kent (FocusFlute)

hey man i’m moving back this thursday…and i’m DEFINATELY down to get some games in >:] (i got one other friend who plays as well)

do you go to txstate??

Theres this place called jbistro in San Marcos , every mondays at 9 there is a tourney there and The Best from San Antonio , Austin ,new Braunfels , Seguin Go there.

+1 for Game Night at J’s Bistro. I was there last monday, and watched BannanaKen wreck shop in his last week before going back to Peurto Rico. Many good players make a showing. Entry to the tourney is $5, casuals start at 8ish and tourney at 9ish. Come on by. (Special Thanks to the DPAD guys for helping with equipment.)

Also, Arcade UFO in Austin is a good place if you’re willing to put down your washingtons to play. Last I checked FubarDuck owned the place, and it isn’t too far a drive from San Marcos.

Everything in this post is true. J’s Bistro is an awesome place and I look forward to mondays now.

hmmm so there are tourny’s every monday? not just the 1st monday of every month?..and i go to ufo as much as i can…and if banana ken goes to j’s then thats cool cuz i love playing that dude…good challenge >:]

Its every monday, and Banana ken left to Michigan on thursday:sad:

cool well then i’ll most likely be there this monday >:]

TX Bar Fights August 28th! Check the Southwest Tournament and Events Page!

Just to clarify–if we have enough time for 2v2 after singles (and we should have plenty!), it will be $10 per team ($5 per each player) to go straight into the pot.

We had a ton of positive response for previous tournaments and this one so we are pretty excited!

i live in san marcos. i play vs series games (only mvc2 recently, mostly xvsf) and some other games like gg st breakers vs fhd hnk and i can probably play soul calibur 3. i think bb and ssf4 are fucking awful but ill play them because nobody ever wants to play good games. post here if you want to play some time~

Yeah actually I am at txstate. Sorry i took so long to respond

anyone going to j’s bistro tonight

So anyone down for a meetup this weekend?

I never noticed this thread before. I moved here this past summer from Austin and am going to txstate. I’ve wondered about J Bistro’s monday nights. My main question is if you had to be over 21 to be allowed in. Only reason I ask is because my girlfriend would want to go, but she’s 20 at the moment. That’s pretty much the only reason I haven’t shown up, yet. Also because I don’t have the game or a PS3\360.

I dont think that they would let her. We asked if we could take some friends that were twenty also , and they said no.[1-year-anniversary]-houston-tx-oct-9-2010-a-250852/ Has just confirmed 5 Major Money Match events going in St/Hdr/Mvc2/Ssf4. I will be adding more as they arise. All events will be played on projector! Example of how cali vs texas 1 looked-> [media=youtube]iEwrXLlwj6c[/media] We have all 5 major cities joining us in this showdown so plenty of competition. This event is a 1 day event and I have the venue till 2 am so plenty of time for casuals and mm’s. All grudges will be settled at TYS 12 and new ones will be created. I would like to see some ssf4 team mm’s. Whos down? This is going to be epic so do not miss it. See you all there…

Ps: Im sponsoring 50$ pot bonus to ssf4 and mvc2 to 1st place finishers only. Lets GO!

Ah, bummer. I may hit it up soon. Wasn’t there a place in New Braunfels called The D-Pad? I remember someone posting stuff about it in the El Paso thread. Is it still around?

Hello I live in San Marcos and am looking for some video games to play with some local people. I’m off work and have the night free, so if anyone wants to play, hit me up! I also have AIM @ MuNoon

I mainly play SSF4 and older fighting games, but I’m down for most anything. I also have Halo Reach