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15 events completed! - Thanks to all the local players recently showing up to events! Lets keep building! This thread is to meet up with your local central coast fighting game community as well as keep an eye on upcoming events hosted by Showdown Tournaments.

Please Note! Our events are run on Xbox360 unless stated otherwise

Also note, we can no longer run cash prize money tournaments due to campus rules. There will be “Bragging Rights” tournaments in place going forward at this time.

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Trexid - Josh - Founder - Community Organizer, Stream Master,
Saikoshin - Nic - Founder, Starcraft Tournament Admin
ClownHC - Scott - Founder - Pool Master, Event Co-Coordinator
Blaed - Action Hank - Cal-Poly Game Theory - Venue Host
Nik - Nik (visor guy) - Commentator, Stream Assist
DudeINeedSleep - Michael - Comentator, Stream Assist
**Godzilla **- Spencer - Event Helper
Darkhook88 - Dustin - Event helper, MK Community Organizer
Akemi - Bracket Master for FG’s, Controller

Venue Shoutouts!
Showdown Tournaments is graciously hosted by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s ‘Game Theory’ and ‘Poly Con’ student clubs on campus. Huge thanks to our friends for providing us with light speed internet access, electricity and space to build the community and host fighting game events!

Be sure to attend Game Theory on Friday Nights @ 5:00 - 10:00pm on the Cal Poly Campus for fighting games and more!

PolyCon MAJOR is currently in discussion. We need to work out some logistics with our venue hosts and determine if June will be viable to run another large tournament on the Cal Poly campus gaming convention.

Stay tuned…

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Weekly Fighting Game Casuals!
Friday Nights at Game Theory on the Cal Poly Campus
5:00pm - 10:00pm
Fighting Games and more.
Bring your own Stick, Console, Games
Some consoles will be provided by Showdown Tournaments, more consoles and setups are always welcome!
*This event is rarely streamed.

Venue Address:
Game Theory - Cal Poly
Cal Poly, BLD 8 Room 122

Current Planned Tournament Events

Next event is TBA…

Check the PolyCon website for the next event date, our schedule is based around theirs at this point in time.

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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition: 2012
Persona 4
Soul Calibur 5
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ONLINE EDITION
Mortal Kombat 9
Guilty Gear XX AC

Central Coast FGC Player Database (this is open edit, feel free to add yourself)

Previous Events:
February 19th, 2011 - Warehouse Casuals Flickr Set
Warehouse Fighting Games - 4/9/2011 - RanBat S.1.1
Good Game - Downtown Showdown in SLO
Polycon 2011

Evo2k12 has passed - Are you going in 2013 and need some travel buddies or roomates in Las Vegas? Post here to find local friends.

eVo2k11 - WAS AMAZING! Looking forward to 2012!
My Flickr Pool from evo2k11 is here:

2012 - SLO Fighting Games - EVO Information
Some community members may be going to evo this year. Post in this thread if you are one of them.

I live in Paso - i’m pretty much out of town the next couple months but i might be interested after that winds down. i have another buddy that lives in A-Town also that might be interested.

we’ve got SFIV for PC.

Cool, good to hear that. I just moved to Atascadero about 3 months ago and I’ve also just purchased a brand new 46" Samsung and I’ve got SF4 on ps3.

Let me know when your back in town and we can hook up and throw down some matches. I have absolutely no one to play with locally so looking forward to some games for sure. Online games are pretty painful most the time.

Let me know if your buddy is interested in playing though until you come back. Also I’ve got two custom sticks for ps3 so we’re covered there.

Hey man. Im new to the site and was checking out players close to me and BAM there you are. I live in Santa maria and would love to get some causals in with you. I can make the drive to A-town no prob. IF you need an extra system or game I can bring it. I also have a TE stick so ill bring that as well. Let me know if your still interested.

Sup S.L.O.! my fiance and i r decidn where to move. san louie or newhall…
how the comp in SLO??

Hey guys, I searched for people in my area back in jan-april without any luck, I decided to really try to start pushing it now, and hey here’s a few people right here. There’s 4 people right in here not counting myself, I’ve got me, 2 friends, and there’s a local crew that’s a few people big I can contact and probably get to come to a gathering. There’s also a couple people I’ve found from our area on the forum that I’ve messaged, so I’m waiting to hear back from them.

So that’s a handful of people there, let’s really push this, get our voices heard and get people to come out. x] It’s time for us to finally have a decent local scene. Seriously, let’s set up some times for next month or something to just meet up and play some games.

yea hit me up, i live in SM too. send a pm or email me at and we can get this ball rolling


Nice! Finally getting some interest here. Thanks for posting guys, yeah lets try and get some people together.

I’ve actually just completely revamped my home setup and would be down to host at my place some weekend.

I’ll update the original post with my current setup and games.

As far as availability for me I am going to be out of town camping this weekend up in Big Sur so that’s not going to work and then next weekend is Halloween so that’s out as well. Lets try and set something tentatively for early November if that sounds good to you guys, maybe like the weekend of the 7th or the 14th depending on peoples availability.

Once we get the first one out of the way we can discuss the possibility of a solid monthly or bi-monthly gathering.

Glad to see there is some interest in local games! Look forward to meeting you guys.

nice to see some life up in the northern 805 area…

I actually live in Atascadero as well (right behind the junior high)

I had no idea someone around here played SF4 with any seriousness.

I’ll PM you my e-mail, we should totally get something going.

Yea scykoh and I have been exchanging emails, we might have a place to host in the near future. We will keep you posted

Well, we’re currently trying to get the community together so I would say move here and join in to beef up the competition! :qcf::qcf::3p::tup:

*I’ve updated the original post. Check it out for Player Database and Current Events.

im in Lompoc, CA - AIM axl bomberIIDX - email:

I’m about 40 minutes south of SLO and would be down to come to a session if ya’ll get something going.

My e-mail is and my AIM is Scykoh123 if you’d like to update the main post with that. =)

I’m out for this weekend guys. My dad just passed away yesterday in a commercial fishing accident and I’ll be spending a lot of time with family. The weekend of the 14th would be better for me.

Also, Scykoh was saying that the Santa Maria host is heading down to Denjin Arcade for this weekends RanBat’s on the 7th.

Things are on hold for now.


im sorry to hear that. my condolences.:sad:


We’re staying strong and thinking of the good times.

Wow, that’s rough man. Stay strong, and my condolences to you and your family. SF can wait, family comes first, always.

Just a quick update, I will be able to provide a ps3, 1 TE arcade stick, and a 17" computer screen for these get togethers. Wherever we end up having this, you can count on me having a setup to provide.

Also, Krayzie Bone ,from this site and from MKU, is planning on throwing a SF4 in the next few months. Lets level up and show those guys in LA that we can hang with them.

Last little thing, I also play MKvsDC so I will be bringing that with me as well. I know that the MK series has been seen as a joke in most FG communites but they have made a pretty decent offline game here. I am trying to get a scene up here for that game as well, so you all might be subjected to that game at some point :smile: