San Antonio, TX

Welcome to the San Antonio thread. For info on our tournaments, ranbats, and gatherings please find us at Real 210 Fighters on Facebook. Ask permission to join the group and you’re good to go.

Damn, someone posted and actually wants to play. Gotta say though I’m all booked up for Fiesta week, but I should have more downtime laters. Oh well, the rest of ya’ll start posting.

I’ll be off in upcoming Tues and Wed. Let me know if you guys want to meet up.



what games do you guys play?

I play CVS2, A3, 3S, GGXX. I’m rusty in fighting games and I would like to meet up with some people sometime and get some casual going on. Anyone go to a university that has a public student union with a tv lounge? SA UT? If so perhaps we can set a date and meet and hook up our systems there. I’m still up for Tues and Weds this week.

I play primarily MVC2, though I’d like to get some A3 experience in.

Anyhow, name a time and/or place for Tuesday and Wednesday nights and we’ll get some games in. The rest of ya’ll post up. Later haters.

My place is ok. I live on Medical drive by Fedrickburg. PM me your number and I’ll call you.

I playem all , but now im more into developing strats.
the playa wants to coach!

I was hoping to find more people from SA on this site but seen only a handfull…

Well I play 3s,Mvc2, SvC chaos, KI-2,KOF2k3. I play at culebra diversions now since theres no other comp at any other location when I show up there. I could be wrong. The only college I have been to where it has video games is SAC which is down town. They have SC2, SnkvsCapcom 2, KI2, TTT, and T4( i think)

Anyways am looking for some good comp in all the games i play. Reply back and ill try to meet some of yall this weekend

Southside tournies, sounds good. I’ll have to start showing up there now.

im not 100% sure but i might be in San Antonio for a week or two after school lets out, where can i get some Marvel action?

Well if someone wants to hang at thier own place to play some games, I guess the Diversions on the southside after that. Just post up.

For some MvC2 play and some pretty good comp to me is at diversions on SW military.

Drumline… What games you into. Hopefully kof cause am looking for some new comp in that. And looking for a teacher in MvC2. I like using Iron man and i could do his ground infinite but need help on his air combo. Want to learn the broken char mag. and sent. i use IM/Jug/Hulk… dont hate on that team be suprise what they can do :smiley:

Sorry can’t help you on the KOF thing. I’m pretty much exclusively MVC2. I use a lot of Rogue based teams so you’ll know me by that. I might go to Diversions tomorrow evening, if not I’ll probably catch you round there sometime.

hmm Theres only 1 good rogue player that ive seen who is good. Do you have like a pony tail and are mexican. Well i think you put your hair back in a rubber band. If so teach me ol wise one. Which diversions culebra or SW

You’re probably talking bout Chris, huero dude with DBZ shirts. I’m a dark Mex with a goatee and short hair. Tonight was the first time I’d been to an arcade in like months so I probably haven’t played you. But if you wanna learn I can help no prob.

I might be able to game on Fri evening, but thats not for sure. Monday and Tuesday next week I’ll be free. Let me know the Diversion you guys meeting up.


Sorry, that was a good joke. If people want to be “good” at that game they need to play the whole game, and not some game they made up, where Sentinel/Cable/Blackheart/etc. are “cheap” and unselectable in tournaments. For their stupid upcoming “No Cable” tournament, congratulations, they’ve made Sentinel better than he already was, and he’s already the best character in the game. Unless Sentinel is banned also, in which case Storm and Magneto and Spiral are way better than they were already. Oh wait, are any of them banned also? And so on. Tell me how banning Cable encourages me to do anything but back up and call my assist of choice until you get frustrated, then just stomp on you endlessly.

IM/Jug/Hulk - OK if people are being really careless with their assists, but eventually you’ll play someone who isn’t. Maybe you should try like, Jugg/IM or Hulk or something/Sent, and power Jugg up then tag in Sent, you can get away with that a lot, especially early in the match when they don’t have the meter to hurt Sent too bad. Then you can just fly around and stomp on them and call your glitched Jugg assist.

If you want teams like IM/Jugg/Hulk though where you can kill characters instantly with meter without much effort, any combination of Jugg/Hulk/Sent/IM/Rogue/Spiral/BB Hood/Colossus works pretty well, with nearly any team on that list short, short, team super is a dead character. Most satisfying with Colossus/Hulk/Jugg. :smiley:

Don’t forget, Tron MURDERS people who are careless with assists.

Say Joe you down for coming on down to the southside for some games tonight? I’ll tell all the vatos not to shoot the white guy with the glasses cause he don’t got money anyway. I’ll probably be there round 7 or 8 or so till around 10.

Oh yeah but there’s no more 3s there anymore, just some SNK and MVC2. Sorry. Anyone else wanna play today be there. Later haters.

Oh yeah Trung, to get to that Diversions just take I 35 south all the way to SW Military drive. Hang a left and Diversions will be on your right side. Later haters.