Samurai Shodown 2: Hot or Not?

Youre letting nostalgia get the best of you. Rotfl. SamSho2 has nothing on 5, not even Tenka.

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On topic, 2 is nostalgia at it’s finest. Asking someone to explain what makes it so great produces some interesting results…case and point: Ask Mussy.

i prefer the pacing in SS2 compared to the later games.

Slow…That’s in all of them.

The pace in Vsp and Tenka (more or less), the two Hyper Neo Geo games is the same.

So you’re not making any sense. Hell, even III and IV are about the same in speed but because of the increased emphasis on combos and other setups it seems more drastically different than they really are.

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are you guys messing around or is this the saltiest nerd fight i’ve ever seen on srk?

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Where am I salty? Don’t lie to yourself, son. I STARTED this shit with him! ON PURPOSE! LOL!

Wow there is some anger in this thread, but then again it is kind of hard to expect anything civil in any SNK related thread on SRK. Oh well, I just happen to like 2 the most. I put many many quarters in the machine back as a teenager and to this day have fun playing it on my own MVS. Have played Vsp and it’s fun but the cart goes for just retarded prices and that is pretty much the only way I’ll play it (not a fan of emulators). My whole thing just boils down to what I have had the most fun on, don’t care about the other shit.

I can’t say Samurai Shodown 2 is my number 1 favorite, but it’s still good fun. Old School!

…and it has Cham Cham. murdered

SS6 and SS4sp too have Cham Cham

Yeah I know SS6 has Chams. Wait SS4sp? o_O

I never heard of that one, but then again I don’t know a lot about samsho. I’m still learning about it. XD

SS4 Special was released for PSX, it has playable Zankuro and Cham Cham, as well as practice mode. Cham Cham has Shura and Rasetsu modes, in Rasetsu mode she fights without Paku Paku

I didn’t even know that. XD

Thanks for telling me mang. :smile:

its a good game that brings back alot of good memories…and yea once you start to see how techincal it can be it really does become a game worth coming back too.

most would say samurai showdown IV is best, soundtrack & gameplay

Who is this most you are talking about. I would rather play III ‘fixed version’ than IV.

Yeah it’s a great game despite Ukyo being a tad overpowered. Definitely the best on the saga. Sadly the following games lost sight of what made SamSho great.

Dont worry, Ukyo is again top tier in Sen so the sight is restored