Samurai Shodown 2: Hot or Not?

This is the thread for debating whether or not SS2 is actual today in spite of the many (9 to be correct) subsequent SS releases

i believe so.

I thought it had a decent following in Japan? XBL wise I mostly see japanese on there. If you are asking does it stand up to the other games gameplay I say yes. It always was a pretty deep game. Personally I play more Sam Sho V but I understand why it has a following.

It’s certainly not the best fighting game around, but it’s plenty good. It has some problems like wonky hit boxes and the rage animation, but I think the good surpasses the bad. As I said in the other thread, it offers a type of gameplay that is very unique, only being found otherwise in the generally-worse original game. If you want a game that’s careful pokes and high-risk-for-high-reward taken to its limits, then this is the way to go.

My biggest concern is ground rolling possibly taking over the game at high end play. Does it start and stop instantly? It seems like it does, but I’m not quite sure.

I think it’s a good game.

2 & 5sp are the ones I prefer personally. SS = Great game & mechanics, not the best but definately up there with the rest.

It’s my favorite SS game and one of my favorite fighting games ever. Sure it has some balance problems (Ukyo) but he is not better than CE Bison. He certainly is not ST Akuma, Ivan Ooze, or T4 Jin level of brokeness

Not. It’s been surpassed by 5sp.

Touting one game over the rest before you have tried it has been a trend in the US when it comes to SNK games…

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My main gripe with SS2 is the way combos work, or a more accurate term, how they only sometimes work due to the way hitstun is done in the game. Sometimes if you do things too fast the attack will whiff even though you’re already going through the opponent with a slash.

A lot of the game was pretty unique when it came out, stuff I didn’t even know until I went back to it and learned about stuff later like just defense, the movement options with the rolls and crouching, etc.

SS2 is a really amazing game for its time and a lot can be learned from it, but I would pick SS5SP or Tenka over it any day.

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BTW how are you doing as of late? Have you been playing Melty recently?

Ah, not as much lately I’m afraid. The scene here in Louisiana is mainly SSF4, and there are a lot of people in it. The Melty community here consists of people I would have to pick up or someone else and they would also require somewhere to play, which I just don’t have much time for nowadays.

I still do practice from time to time, since Melty being at Evo was a decision maker for me to go this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

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