Sakura Mind Games

The original thread was technically a match up thread. However, I neglected to read the date of the original thread. It was stupid of me. I deleted everything. My bad.

Anyway, I still have a question for everybody.

Some people have mind tricks very specific to their style that they do. For example, I’ll jump in with a nice HK and then follow up with a neutral jump and another HK to throw my opponent off. What are some fancy mind tricks you guys pull?

There’s already a matchup thread?

that mind game u do can get blown up by an anti air like dp or worse… makotos ultra lol. but i guess its ok to bait spd mashers.

[LEFT]when i have 3 bars i tick into ex dp and watch those tech mashers get blown up.[/LEFT]

Have a video showing how this is done?


2min and 15s

same concept you have to pretend your going in for the throw than ex dp its actually very tricky to stop lol.

I use that tactic as well, it’s quite effective.

It’s also good after a blocked lk tatsu, after a deep jumpin with walk forward delay ex DP. Or on their wakeup, walk up and ex dp. Can be done at any tech situation really and it makes them terrified to tech, which you then can throw them :smiley:

The damage she can obtain off this with 3/4 bars is crazy, especially ex shouken fadc cl.hp xx ex tatsu ultra.

What tricks do you know? I know you’re hiding tricks in that genius of a head of yours.

fake cross up in the corner is also what ive been looking into recently.

Am I the only one who intentionally drops tatsu loop links to bait mashed reversals? I like to do cl.hp xx l.tatsu > nj against grapplers or just block against those with dp-type reversals.

Nope, you’re not.

I didn’t see it mentioned much, but then I also realized that I’m probably the only one here who drops combos often enough that the people I play on a regular basis know it’s a viable strategy to camp my cr.hp links lol :sweat:

im much to suborn to risk potential damage lol

Same here. I still think that cr. HP link is one if the hardest in the game.

Oddly enough cr.hp link is automatic for me but I fuck up at least 40% of the time, lol.

I think its best to avoid this risk and just hit the link to get your damage that you worked so hard to get in the first place. Always a better option, even if the opponent has been doing it all game who said they have to that time? To me it seems like an unnecessary risk and a loss in free damage and post set up options. Thats just me though.

I mean that it’s only like an 80/20 if I actually land the link when I attempt it. The people I play regularly know this, so they tend to try to reversal/command throw me when I hit that link. If my links were automatic I’d never intentionally not do one, lol.

hahaha hit those links! its better than making strategies around dropped combos :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t worry, we all drop combos but its important to have the mindset of never dropping them… Hard links are just about confidence and remaining calm… Which is why they are so much easier in training mode, no pressure. Gotta train your mind to always play like that.

^^^ I would never do it in a tourny. Only when I get pissed losing to a gief who’s churning while I’m dropping combos online…

at 8:40


is y you dont netral jump