Sakura in AE 2012

What changes do you lot think Sakura will receive in the new AE update?

Buffed, nerfed, the same? In my opinion, she will remain the same or get buffed, in AE a lot of characters got nerfed so Sakura went up. I sense a lot of characters will get buffed in AE+ and if Sakura remains the same, she’ll go down a lot. So I think Sakura will get buffed again.

New Sakura will feature many fantastic things such as: divekicks, a 3-frame shou’ken, the ability to teleport your way out of trouble AND the raging demon! Many other changes such as armor-breaking jabs and st. rounhouses, increased Akuma-like footspeed, Zangief-like stamina+ stun will also apply. Did I mention that her cr.fierce now hits full-screen? Stay tuned for Super Street Fighter 4: The Sakura Edition.

If only :stuck_out_tongue:

Realistically, what sort of buffs could Sakura get at this point? Her frames and hitboxes are pretty damn good. Only thing I could see her getting i maybe slightly better fireballs.

Sakura is perfect where she is imo. One of the things that I love about her is that there’s absolutely nothing reasonable to complain about with her. She has great damage potential, but you need to work hard to get in. Her mixups are diverse, but she needs 3 meters for a safe reversal.

She’s the ideal fighting game character to me. I would however be really happy with a slight damage increase to both her ultras and better recovery on her uncharged fireball. (these would make playing her easier but barely affect her tier rating)

I think they might give her a few buffs when she honestly doesn’t need them aside from a fireball that will travel screen length(even this might be too much tbh). But if they give her any more buffs, and no nerfs. She would easily be top 5-10

Then, when someone wins a tourney with her. People will call her OP, broken, no skill, scrub character, etc

Then the eventual Super Street Fighter 4 : Hyper Ultra Arcade Edition comes out. She will get nerfed to oblivion.

I agree with Shots. I hear all the time shes autopilot and easy mode when I win with her. Her not being in top 32 at evo helped her chances of not being nerfed i think lol. All i want is her fire ball to go full screen like vanilla and a little less recovery on it. If they make U2 stronger cool if not oh well. Id like her light dp to be more like Dan’s just for a better wake up option and slight decrease of recovery on but I dont expect to see any of this really…

she needs a faster dash nothing else

Sakura will never be top 5-10. That’s life.

EDIT: Sorry for my pessimistic comment, I was just really hungry and hopeless of Sakura ever winning a tournament. I ate and now I feel better :). The only thing I want from Sakura is a better backdash and level 1 fireball. After that I shouldn’t lose to scrubby giefs or hawks again.

I’d love to see Sakura given an anti-air hadoken but, yeah, that’s not happening haha

Yeah a better dash and a better fireball is what she seems to need. Also I want more damage on the first hit of LP DP so you can do more damage as a AA with it.

I am guessing (aside from possible minor tweaks) she will remain the same. I feel like the attitude of the community is “Don’t nerf anybody, just buff who needs it” and hopefully that’s what happens.

I doubt Capcom will go crazy with a bunch of changes to the majority of the cast. I’d be satisfied if she didn’t received any nerfs.

Still the same as I always write, fix her EX Sho starting to whiff on hit, make MK Shunpu useful.

I just want Sakura Otoshi to armor break, or have a lil more priority in an air to air situation.

i think this has nothing to do with sakura but here comes some new changes to other characters in AE+

Why call the game anything else than AE, it’s a patch for AE with nothing being added aside from character changes. If a patch is released for a PC-game it doesn’t change name.

Sak doesn’t need any sort of nerfs or outrageous buffs, that’s for sure. She’s already by now a solid character. Her fireball could use a frame or two less recovery and I want her damn cr.HP to EX Tatsu to work on Akuma/Honda/Twins like it would with nearly everyone else in the game. A slightly faster dash wouldn’t hurt either. Next one’s just wishful thinking, but I still always wanted AA ground Shunpu to cause a knockdown like it did in older games, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. As mentioned before, give me a reason to use MK Shunpu too, I really don’t know what’s the point of it really.

Still, I’ll be happy just as long as she doesn’t get nerfed. Seems her bad matchups like Rog, Bison and so on are getting buffs again so she could use all the help she can get.

Nearly all of those characters got buffs, I worry for Sakura now. She better get something

Posted some of changes I want for Sakura :stuck_out_tongue: