Sako's Cammy in God's Garden Finals!

After falling behind 6 games to 3 against Makoto’s Claw, Sako finally found his groove and ran off 7 straight set victories with Cammy to take the match 10 games to 6 in impressive and dominating fashion and earn him a spot in the God’s Garden finals against Mochi’s Dhalsim, the same Mochi who took out Diago in this same round to advance to the finals.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I literally jumped out of my seat as Sako made his comeback this morning, great stuff, and for those who missed it I highly recommend checking out the recording of the stream once its put online. His links and Cannon Strike pressure make Cammy look top tier. In the final 2 rounds he even threw in some hooligan tricks, though I think it was more of a “We’ve played 17 sets, he’s probably not expecting this anymore” sort of thing further balanced by the fact he had a couple sets of fudge room if things didn’t work.

Many people consider the Cammy vs Dhalsim match up to favor Cammy so things are further looking up for Sako who got to fight Akuma in the first round (the other match up generally considered to favor Cammy). Regardless of how Sako does, however, just getting Cammy to the God’s Garden finals is a big step in earning respect for a character whose still largely under rated and viewed as “rufus jr.” by much of the gaming community.

A recording of the stream is now up here. The match begins at the 30 minute mark so I suggest skipping straight to there.

Also, for those who might have missed the Sako’s Cammy vs Tokido’s Akuma match, it’s here. That match began at the 14 minute mark.

Edit 2:
The Finals date has been set for Saturday, July 31st at 4 a.m. PST

That’s pretty freaking early -_- But event hubs has said they plan to have a recording of the stream up shortly after it finishes so those who miss it should still be able to check it out through that.

Edit 3:

The finals match is up: here
I believe the match starts at the 3:45 second mark

And spoiler alert…
Sako won!
Final score was 10 - 5. Sako got off to an early 5-0 lead before Mochi finally made the adjustment he needed to. From there things went an even 5-5 for both players, but you can’t settle for trading games when down 5 so Sako took the match. I think if they had to play again things would be a lot closer, but it still seemed like even at the end that the wins were coming a lot easier for Cammy and a lot harder for dhalsim so I’d still put my money on Sako in a rematch, maybe 10-8. Regardless this means Cammy has taken God’s Garden and we’ve all got another nice video to learn from how to play Cammy against top level opponents and win.

She was rufus jr in vanilla, she is stronger than rufus in super so no surprise sako is on godsgarden finals with her.

It was a very impressive come back for Sako. Watching him do pressure strings and those link combos never gets old.

where are the videos!!!

GODSGARDEN 07/17/10 07:17AM, GODSGARDEN 07/17/10 07:17AM godsgarden on USTREAM. Video Game Marathon

Hahah such a hype at the end of match one

HAHAHAHA “SAAAAKOOOOO” they’re yelling so much my cat is freaked out

Yeah, the commentating in the first match was up there with the best soccer “Goaaaaaaaaal” cries, I actually had to turn my volume down as I live in an apartment and my computer shares a wall with one of my neighbors and I was afraid I was going to wake them up.

no respect to sako cause all his matches so far and even the finals are 6-4 in cammys favor. I wanted to see daigo vs sako, that would be the best match of this tournament

Not convinced by the way he played vs claw(he did better last 4ish last matches) : Barcelonas are free ultra for cammy without need to forward dash, on block or whiff (fullscreen OR not) and Makoto got away 10000 times with it , after 3hk , Claw has a -1 frame advantage , so why do a canon strike ?cr lk beats claw’s jump,throw attempt , cr lp , anything except backdash.Also he was going for throws on claw"s wakeup instead of delayed canon strike (but he started doing it after 10 games , and the games became way easier because claw cant deal with it ) , not mentionning unnecessary strings like crossup , cr lp >close mp > spiral arrow hk fadc cr lk st lp etc…?

Rufus is still better then Cammy but I do think Cammy is high tier.

Rufus is better outside of Japan because there are no amazing Cammy players outside of Japan to show people what Cammy can really do. If Sako was playing in the states and attending tournaments there would be as many people crying about Cammy being broken as there is people crying about Rufus now.

not surprised. Sako is godlike and cammy is top tier in super. Although I don’t think akuma has a bad match against her, is either even or in his favor because she has difficulty shutting down teleport or the vortex

Alioune got a point… but i guess we;ll never know why sako played the way he did…

unnecessary combos for the most part… but sako likes them combos :rofl:

he’s wired differently…!! :looney:

Don’t really get it, so once vega leaves the ground for a barcelona thing you can just ultra him regardless of where he lands?

Well, you need to make sure you Ultra him on the correct side otherwise it’s a lost Ultra. He can switch up very easily.

aha thought it might auto correct itself :stuck_out_tongue: but anyway, good to know that I can punish that annoying move.

yeah even if he just filps and lands away (empty) … just ultra :rock:

but doesnt give alot of hits…

No u do the motion for ultra , then press kkk at the last moment , it will always punish him regardless of what he does free 400~dmg

ah thanks, sounds like easy damage :slight_smile: