Sagat Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

Could all the newcomers seriously just post single questions in here? Rather than make an entirely new post for a 1 post reply…

Mod sticky?
I think a thread like this is MUCH needed, it’s a mess right now

Redirect all Fake Kick questions here plzzz


Why is Sagat so cool?

I wish there was a way to report posts.

settle down… take a deep breathe … smoke a joint if ur not square… the world is not over… ur not a shoryuken god… stop wasting ur life wondering about other people and complaining that the forum is a mess change ur maxi pad …

did saget break?

aslo how do you do glowing attack when seth is a surf board?


I was wondering in TN4 when you FA > does EX Tiger Knee work because when I practice FA > > Tiger Knee the knee never hits.

TN4 pain in the ass ;_;

how do you uppercut dash cancel?

Tiger Uppercut > press and hold mp+mk > tap f, f to dash, release mp+mk. Timing is of the essence. Make sure you have at least half ex gauge, to fadc a special move.

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more questions…what’s mp and mk, and what’s fadc…i dont know any of these terms. i think haunts is right…i’m hopeless :sweat:


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how do you obtain sagat’s PANTS!?

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PS3 HOME go to your room and closet and pick them. ps3 exclusive pants

How do you do the fake kick when it says “HK>HK”?


I don’t know if you are looking for a secret way to do it put tap it as fast as possible. There are many answers I around I believe. Double Tap HK etc.

My end result was lucky I just put the controller down with all buttons set to HK and success popped up on the screen. You might have the same luck?

It’s much easier after you connect a Heavy Jump kick. Just spam HK after you connect the j.HK. Good luck.


I realize this is -probably- just me being unfamiliar with the game. But perhaps I can get a few tips. Any time in a combo I have to go from crouch to Tiger knee/uppercut, I end up Tiger Shotting instead.

It might be a question of me using the 360 controller thumb stick, and sliding from 2 to 6, for the tiger knee/uppercut motion. It seems like even when I let the stick go back to Neutral I still end up doing Tiger Shot. It is very frustrating.

Here is an example of what happens, Example:,, c.lp, 623p - Now at this point a tiger Uppercut should come out, but instead I get a Tiger Shot. Even when I let the stick go back to neutral between c.lp and 623p.

Le sigh. Re-reading what I have written. It’s probably just me being unfamilar with the game and I’m not doing what I think I am.

From gathering information around and practicing you should hold df when you do you a cr.whatever > TU and Knee