Sagat Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

-how do you beat blanka?
-is his hands as big as his head?

Q: i saw sagat did an awesome flaming multi-hit uppercut on a video…how do u do it???

i love watching those moves have that have flame with it, thats why i also like using ken!! :woot:

I checked for a while, but couldn’t find anything. It’s a pretty basic question, and from what I gather, asking basic (sagat) questions anywhere but this thread is just asking to be set aflame.:nono:

I do appreciate the help though. Holding df during the crouch fixed the problem.

Once again, thank you.

This might come across as blatant stupidity or whatever, but is a Tiger Knee crossup actually supposed to hit the back side of the opponent or is it just to confuse your opponent with the unexpected switching of sides?

is saget still in shadoloow?

i dont think its supposed to hit. if so ive been using it all wrong. i usually use it to switch sides and get them with a throw :wgrin:. just gotta use it during the right situations

I just re read what I wrote hope that didn’t come off as a mean as a it sounded. I meant from ME practicing and looking around that is what I found to be the best way to do it.

yeah TK can crossup

the EX one is not so hard to crossup with on Blanka

After knocking down an opponent do you guys usually start with pokes eg or wait incase of a wake up shoryuken? Seem to copping a few shoryuken when I try poking just wanting to know your thoughts and yeh I do used crossup’s.

Are pokes safe retalively safe from ultra eg ken does his ultra on wakeup and I throw a should be enough time to block?

I hear they want to tone down Sagat first in the arcade then the console. If they do what type of changes are they going to make? I don’t mind them reducing his damage or health, but I really hope they don’t take out or change any of his moves.

i need help doing the sagot hard mode trial 1 im doing the combo its registering but its not letting me move on help please

Hi There.

I got some major problems, with Crouching Blockers, I just got no Idea how to attack those folks, when im Ruhsing in with a TK or a TU i just ended up been thrown…

What is the best tactic against such guys?

hoW do i unlock saget

Throw fireballs at them until they attack you is one way. Very few characters are going to beat you in a fireball war; and you’ll force them to come to you.

Quick one

If you don’t mess up the timing on sagats block strings/combos is it still possible to eat a reversal eg shoryuken or is it safe.

Depends on the block string., c.lp is safe,, is safe,, is safe, is safe,, c.lp is safe xx tiger shot is safe.
lk, lk tiger knee is safe

only block strings that incorrectly place the tiger knee, or that go into or standing mk type stuff is punish able.

Basically, just learn to read the frame data, and you’ll get it. There only needs to be 1 frame for zangief to command grab you, and some people have 2-3 frame moves, but for the most part, as long as the gap is less than 2 frames you should be safe if you block.

I know that kinda sounds gumbled, but it makes sense in my head.

Thanks Shrimp awesome info. Makes sense I never really looked into the frame data but I will now time to hit the books lol.

Damn you SF4 making me study

Ok, so I’m having trouble with a couple of things.

  1. Can Sagat Uppercut in between normal moves, like Ryu/Ken do?
    (Example, somebody jumps with roundhouse, goes into c.LP/c.MP)

  2. Has sagat a useful kara-throw?

  3. Lots of peoples are getting wins on me simple because my throw tech problems.
    I try to crouching option select, but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you just mash down-backwards + LP+LK to tech it? Or you have to do it at the exact time.
    Also, most of the times I get a c.LK instead of a c.LP, which has a faster startup.
    The tech throwing shit is annoyng me a lot, what I’m I doing wrong?

anyone know where i can find some good sagat matches?

i’d like to see vs gief, bison and ryu preferably

What’s the best way to punish a chronic j.HK c.HK ?