Sagat Match Ups and Video Thread - Ultra

Hi all,

I’ve started a Youtube channel to document various techniques and match ups that Sagat has. Follow the link to find help on general Sagat combos/traps/footsies and also match up advice if you are a beginner or just a Sagat player looking to improve. With the old Sagat match up thread being a little old now, I thought it would be fun for me to document and share some of my findings with the KING.

This is obviously only my point of view, input is more than welcome and we can expand it as we discover new tech for the latest edition. Having just started , it will take a while to complete.

Match up Videos

Chun Li




Videos/Help Guides on Execution-Frame Traps -Option Selects - Footsies.


good looking out highland :smiley:

You’re the fucking man for doing this. God bless you.

Long live the King

Yo seriously thanks alot for this…

Vega added - Bison next.

Seen it!
Now all the Vegas can just bring it on!
Learned a lot from this, especially how to deal with the random wall dives, those are the ones I struggle with since I am at a scrub level and people actually do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, those Vegas you just have to play simple. AA when they jump (which will be always), don’t push too many buttons in close (because they are mashing on shit) and just either focus hold or dash or you can take to the sky yourself when you see them fly to the wall. Honestly that would be my tip against bad players in general. Just drop everything you know and play ABC punish. Just make them do the silly things because they have no patience and no spacing knowledge.

Highlandfireball with another hit! You’re the man, dude…know i’ve told u this before but just a reminder…in case you forgot.

Havent seen the vid yet, but will be back with feedback when i do…

On a different note…concerning the chun vid…what would be the best button to whiff punish or deal with a grounded chun who likes poking with far stand fierce?

if we ever meet the first beer’s on me mate.good looking out for sure!!

I know high tiger shot nerf is huge in the Guile MU, but somehow that MU feels easier in Ultra. That 50 health reduction on Guile is really big IMO especially when so many gat-guile matches go down to the wire.

Sakura feels a ton easier too, don’t have to deal with fake crossup setups as much anymore with DWU and she does struggle to get in on Sagat if you can anti air j.HP/j.HK and don’t stick out anything that can be whiff punished by her low forward.

I agree, Sakura is much more manageable, I’d even say it’s probably slight advantage Sagat now. Guile is tough but really comes down to small errors and spacing nuances. Zoning matches (bar dhalsim) are tough to call because there is very little pressure situations, it’s more about solid whiff punishing and a tight fireball game. The only bonus in zoning matches is that we never really have to jump, where as Guile players will usually always take a chance at some point.

Awesome work Highland!

USF4: Santarouman (Sagat) vs Yossan (Juri):

Interesting that SSM prefers Ultra 1 vs Juri, guess he’s just trying to maximize damage whenever he can get it.

Also lmao at the last round when he just says fuck this and rushes Yossan down

lol that last minute rush down was very morally satisfying.

You can juggle Juri from the EX upper, she falls a bit slower. Might be a reason. U2 is really not that great apart from a select few matches like Dhalsim IMO.

Awesome stuff!

I like Ultra 2 vs. Sim, Rose, Blanka, Gouken, Poison, Guile, and Seth.

Bison, Ryu, and Juri it just depends on the player.

Anyone disagree?

since i try to stay in rose’s face most of the time i fight her, i usually go with ultra 1. Same with Gouken.

I also use ultra 1 against seth…for the simple fact that its the equivalent of a Mortal Kombat fatality to the pest.