Sagat is being patched?

Hi, so i was practicing Sagat cuz he’s pretty hard… for me atleast…

then a guy named MattsOnlyHope d/c’s on me on the PC version…

then I reply, lolumad?

… cuz that comment seems to piss ppl off.

Then I get a long string of reply that he is going to post me on SRK??? and that

Sagat and Seth is being patched… Evo 2009… some nonsense… i dont think this

guy has any clue what he’s talking about cuz he was really terrible.

But I would be happy that Seth gets patched… hehe… cuz my main gets torn

apart by him.

Long story short… is there a patch/nerf/soft ban on Sagat?


Of course there will be a patch. I mean Evo top 8 was a wake-up call for everyone. I’ve never seen more Sagat on Seth action. Shit was durrty.

Very durrty… 4 Seths, 4 Sagats.

Patch that shit Crapcom!


EDIT: if you can’t smell the sarcasm here then whoa.

I really hope there isn’t thats means I’ll have to look at the tier and find my next main. Lols

umm, i’m confused…

i dont c any sagats in the top 8 of evo 2k9…

Wow I really thought had gotten past all the trolls… guess with all these new SF4 n00bs come more trolls!

It should be common knowledge that if someone posts and they’ve joined in the last 2 years take what they say with a grain of salt.

No Sagat won’t be patched, neither will Seth. As for Evo 2k9 there wasn’t a myriad of sagat/seth players …

Sagat has always had an eye patch…freakin noob…(yes it’s a joke)

As a life time Sagat user, I do not think he needs any true tweeking, except maybe give his jumping back medium punch less priority. But thats it, and if it will get the scrubs off of his back, fine. But I fear as long as he is #1 on the tier list, the complaints will never stop, so I suggest we slap Gen as #1 on the tier list, that way the scrubs will flock to the Gen forum and make stupid ass threads daily complaining about him and making wishlists on how to nerf him.

I like the last two sentences cuz it answered my question.

Was the first 2 sentences aimed towards me? Cuz i’m not sure exactly what part of my post was trollish.

Sagat is already patched, look at the mans face. Anyway, NO there are no balance changes coming to sagat in the near future, I can’t say forever, but def not in the near future. People start rumors. People seem to forget that capcom balanced this game by giving each character 1 trait that is ridic. overpowered. The thing is sagat’s trait is damage / health. Which takes 0 skill to unlock, just play, and the advantage is yours. Whereas a character like seth / akuma trait is teleports, mix ups, semi infinites, etc. etc. etc. which take a while to figure out as the game progresses.

He said the same thing to one of our Dan players over at

Lulz were had.

only reason he wasnt in top 8 is cuz Sagat users are noobs and ppl with true skill prevailed

I dont know about him being over powered since im not at the absolute master peak of my game yet but i can say that any player with a medium amount of skill can give me a pretty hard time, where as with any other character, they get crushed.
I think its that Sagat has an insane S.HK, His tiger uppercuts and fireballs, put that on top of his Tiger knee which is enough on its own to support a fresh character. Its like he has 1.5 characters moves all of which do insane damage and have really high priority.

He does feel strong, maybe even too strong but overpowered ? I dunno about that.

First he loses an eye

then he gets a huge scar on his chest

they don’t need to do anything else to him

Why not give him a peg leg?

Because then he’d say “tigarrrrr” instead of “tiger”.


Pirate Sagat ftw. Considering his size, he’d have a huge tolerance for rum.

for a number 1 character, sagat doesnt seem to win many major tournaments.
he is like sf4’s boogey man.

If you gave Sagat a pegleg, his damn standing HK would have even LONGER reach and do more damage because of it being made out of titanium.