Sagat is being patched?

He’s already powerful.

I hope they patch him… I’m so tired of every tournament going to a scrubby ass sagat player…

Seriously though… it’s a game, not life, who cares. Don’t complain because you CHOOSE to use a character that has 3-7 matchup disadvantages. I’d never use a character that would handicap me so severely. But if I did, I’d accept it and not complain when I lose because of it.

I just laughed for about 5 minutes after reading this. Thank you.

rofl good one.

lol, today I beat the hell out of this Guile player. Afterwards, he sent me a very pissed off message regarding a balance patch and Sagat. It states :

lol, I love scrub rage.

Peg-tier Sagat would be beyond dope. I would drop my three mains in a heart-second to pump out peg based combos on mutherfuckin’ noob boobs.

I agree. Don’t crush his ego as well…at least leave that intact.

And to end all the Sagat discussions: [media=youtube]sGh4ZU4H5Hk[/media]

Shit’s true, son.

he’s playing guile…he’s got a reason to rage lol

he should not be able to do two forward roundhouse kicks in to ultra one is fine but two come on man. and lessen the priority on his standing round house its a little too good. other then that and lessen the damage on ultra i dont mind what they do to him.

If they gave him a peg leg - that would make his legs lighter, which would make them move faster. his crouching short is normally 4 frames, it will now drop down to 2 frames, making it the fastest normal in the game. his 3x cr.short into is not a true block string in that you can dp the if you know it’s coming and interrupt, with a peg leg his would come out even faster and leave him at block advantage - so you can repeat the block string forever.

They would have to nerf sagat again. So they would remove his only eye. Now he’s blind. but since he’s blind, his other senses are now stronger. So instead of looking for random uppercuts he can SMELL them. Instead of looking for a tech grab - he can feel them. Instead of guessing for an up close anti air f.rh x2 juggle into ultra - he can hear it coming from a mile away.

Then… they will just have to shoot him in the face and kill him. BUT then he will come back to life stronger than ever - bison will bring him back like he does with himself, in a newer more improved seth prototype body… basically… he will be sagat with a teleport, head stomps, yoga arms and his ultra will suck you into his ying yang belly - spit you out - and then tiger destruction you. you don’t nerf sagat - sagat nerfs you.

lol pls name me the top 8 sagat player in evo u guys speak of… bc he doesnt exist

Im tired of people complaining. In every fighting game their will always be a character who is #1 on the tier. Get over it. its not the character its the player. Every character has a chance to beat another. it al comes down to planning and skill.

hahaahah…its true man…i rage like that…

at myself picking guile against sagat…hahaha…

its fun trying to beat him…

That’s why Sagat is king apparently. (According to some of the win quotes in SF4 lul.)

Just my 2 cents about Sagat.

If he is played right, he will trade or be guaranteed right. With that being said, I have not seen anyone Zone properly (out side of like 1 or 2 top Sagat players). I am buy no means a top player, but I can defeat 99% of the Sagats around. The key is to either Spam fireball and build meter with him, occasionally jumping to avoid EX, OR to stay @ 1/3rds screen away from him. You can sweep him if he fireballs, his tiger knee will whiff (and you can punish him afterwards), Roundhouse will miss as well, and he cannot jump in as you can use almost any anti air basic attack or if you have shotos, shoryuken. Sagat is overrated to me. Then again, maybe I have not played the correct Sagats. I believe one of the best Sagat players in the US is Graham Wolfe. He is the only Sagat on XBL that gives me a very hard time (due to his proper zoning), but other Sagats have not given me a hard time. NOW… if we are talking about compensation due to lag… that will never happen. You are asking the impossible because in real tournament play, he will suck real bad if they make a move counterable with lag taking huge effects on gameplay. I could be wrong. I am not sure. Anyone else care to enlighten the situation?