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For Sale
**Blu-Ray Movies **(local prices)
-Alice In Wonderland (Animated) (new and sealed) - $15
-Avatar Special Edition (BD + DVD) (opened and viewed once + no scratches) - $10
-Bambi (new and sealed) - $15
-Cars (new and sealed) - $15 - SOLD
-Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side (opened and view once + no scratches) - $10
-The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring (new and sealed) - $10
-The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers (new and sealed) - $10
-The Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King (new and sealed) - $10
-The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Theatrical Cut) (new and sealed) - $30
-Memento (opened and viewed once + no scratches) - $10
-The Mummy (new and sealed) - $10
-Shinobi (new and sealed) - $10
-The Transporter 2 (new and sealed) - $10
-The Wizard Of Oz (new and sealed) - $10
-The Wizard Of Oz 3-Disc Emerald Collection (new and sealed) - $15

-PS3 Madcatz White TE-S (has some damage from acetone) - $60 - SOLD
-Sega Astro City bundle $400 - SOLD
-Xbox 360 (2x) - $95 shipped - SOLD
-Round 2 TE (360) - $95** - SOLD**
-40" Samsung LCD (1080p, 120khz) comes with original remote - $400 SOLD
-Yellow Paul Frank Hulius Beach Cruiser - $200 - Pick Up Only SOLD
-Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI Pad Control Unit - $150 shipped SOLD

Specs on the Xbox 360(HDMI, was it an arcade/pro/elite)? What does it come with?

Pardon me for asking but why is the Astro City so much? I got mine for much less then that. I’m actually looking for another Astro City to connect to my astro city so that I could have a versus set up. But I’m just asking right now.

HDMI Arcade - Comes with a 20gb HDD, controller, hdmi, power cord.

It’s because I love the arcade and don’t really want to see it go but if someone pays me that price I am willing to let it go. I am also including my computer and all the extras I have. Do you have any offers?

GLockKNYne, I’m interested in that other Xbox 360. Expect a PM from me very shortly. :tup:

I’m interested in the TE stick PM sent.

I live in Torrance so Long Beach would be an easy pick up for the astro but I think the astro is still too much. You got a picture? I want to see if it’s the same exact one I got.

1050 for an astro whaaaaaat?

how much for the xbox picked up? is it banned?

is that astro city made of silver or are you just on crack?

Post up picture of Astro City please:)

Updated first post… sold the 360s and mpd32… stick is pending but haven’t got another message from him… lowered the astro cab by $50…

I am willing to sell the Cab for $650 if someone buys the computer for $350… the cab will still include the extras minus the computer…

Sorry for not replying to a couple of pms… been very busy…

I will post the picture of the Astro tomorrow.

Updated first post with 2 more pictures of the astro running 3rd strike.

pm sent

TE Round 2 is now pending to Dander…

TE officially sold.

yeah, i just got two astro city cabs shipped to il. from california for $900 total(for both of them). and it would have been even less if i had gotten 4.this guy is trippin if he thinks 1000 for local pick up is fair. if you can find one locally you should pay like 3 or 4 at best. contact kingsley in milpitas ca if you want the deal that i got.astro cabs are the shit,everybody should have one.


Nice cabinet lol
best of luck

if you were near ct woulda picked this up