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Any chance of shipping the Astro? Let me know how much…Thanks

PM sent…

where you located in so cal? Astro city cab still available?

I’m interested in the cab. So if I got this right you can connect a pc so you can run ggpo and other games? also is it possible to connect a 360 to it. if so do have the parts for it?

Honestly an Astro in that nice of shape with a working coin mech, JPAC, CPS-2 board is definitely worth at LEAST $500. I bought my New Astro City from a guy on SRK last year and gave him $600 for it and it wasn’t even in as nice of shape as GLockNYne’s Astro.

Sorry, local only :frowning:

Located in Long Beach, CA.

You can connect to a PC that has GGPO using a J-Pac if you have the right video card such arcadeVGA (http://www.ultimarc.com/avgainf.html) or some other compatible video cards for soft12khz software. You can connect a 360 if you can output it in 480i to jamma but I have no parts for it.


I also have a 40" Samsung LCD TV (1080p, 120hz) in good condition (no dead pixels, nor is there any damage or anything wrong with it) that I’m willing to let go for $500 (can go down to $475). Message me if you’re interested.

Just added pictures of the extra control panel that is coming with the cab.

does that 1p panel take a jlf or only a semitsu stick?

Would you be willing sell the 1 player control panel? If so let me know how much shipped thanks

Sending pm

:X i’m in long beach and I want that astro city but i wont have the funds for like a month. i’m gonna check back. what part of LB anyways?

I think it’s a JLF but I’ll double check tomorrow.

I would like to sell everything all at once and avoid shipping if possible. I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

Around Cherry and Del Amo.

Sorry about the late replies guys. Been busy. I think replied to everyone’s messages.

Model # or pic of the television?

I think that’s a very good price for an Astro City in that good condition with all of the extras. I’d buy it if I had more space.

Free bump.


I’ll post pics whenever I can.

That’s a ***VERY ***good price. I’ve sold 2 Blast City’s for $700 a piece in the last few months, and they were just the cab and monitor basically.

Did this cab ever sell?

Yes, just updated my post.

u can edit the titles now