Ryu's Balancing Wishlist

Well, as you guys know, Ono is hinting another possibility of more balancing changes.

What would you guys want for Ryu at his current state?
Considering that Ryu probably went from high mid tier to low mid tier (not to mention he’s gotten a lot more bad matchups in super: Yun, Yang, Makato, etc), I would want the following:

Return of the 5 frame low forward (or perhaps increase the frames and simply make it better, ryu has weakened significantly because of this).
More frame advantage for Clk on block.
Better Backdash.
Return of Original forward fierce damage.
And faster startup for cmp (more deadly frame traps)

Fake Fireball.
Reduce the startup on f+fp.

SSFIV Ryu plus AE MP DP with 5 invincibility frames. That would be perfect.
Or Dream match Ryu would be Vanilla Ryu plus a special cancelable low roundhouse.

Like this thread would make a difference. The developers won’t listen to DETAILED requests.

Joudan and fake hado is enough for me, adds a little more options for U2 and more combo to U1 and zoning game in AE.

I don’t play Ryu anymore, and since this is a “wishlist” as opposed to an actual balance discussion, I’ll say what I think would make Ryu a more interesting character in a relatively uninteresting game.

Return of the Alpha series F+MK.

Cl. HK a command normal

Fake Hadoken

That is all I can think of for character adjustments without changing actual game mechanics.

copter and just overall damage buff.

The coward copter was just a stupid way to get outside the corner for free. You don’t learn anything about getting out of a corner if you just abuse that. Personally, I still don’t think Ryu should have that >_>. Damage buff would be good though.

Since Capcom announces a balance patch this fall, I am just asking for the c.mk from SSF4 back.

I actually want Vanilla ryu back; 1 hit shoryuken and low forward range. Keep his damage output the same or change the advantage on hit to those 1 frame links he has 1 one framer and its his solar plex punch so if they give him added frames to it Ill be fine or give him his damage back from the move Ill be fine.
I just want ryu to be more offensive like in Vanilla

Give him vanilla’s strong SRK back

Fake Fireball
Donkey Kick
Faster low foward
faster f hp or more damage
Bam, Ryus gdlk again.

dat donkey kick

1 hit dp and make the hp version the most, useful mp dp is too weak.
original cr.mk.
original f hp damage, faster start up would be nice, but not necessary, and make it so that if people fa they still can’t backdash out of it in time.
Fake fb would be nice. It would add more depth and fun into Ryu and it will help him with characters that have good tools to get around fbs which is basically 70% of the cast
Allow ryu to jump in with tatsu from a further range like in vanilla and super, it was a very useful tool against Guile, Sim, Sagat, Seth, and Rose.

Give back his low forward. It’s too much a nerf in AE.

Bring back Vanilla Ryu and leave the super trap out and the coward copter. Then he would be more solid; with defensive game and rushdown game. The ST. MP isnt used imo and that was supposed to be his best buff and that move is irrelevant

ok but yet ken sorta still has his? And then akuma has a chance of still getting out of trouble? lol please…And what does learning anything have to do that? It was a good part of his zone game. To be forced into the corner by more then half the cast is lame.

Not only that, since that got nerfed he has a harder time vs sim now since it was a useful tool to get close to him…

I’d like a faster startup on U2. Currently it is active on frame 8, would like them to reduce this to 6. That way I could link a lp/c.lp/c.mp (on counter hit) into U2 with full animation, like what v-ryu did with Mak U1. Apart from that I think he’s fine. I’d love for him to have more ambiguous cross ups so that I could apply more pressure after a knockdown but cant see what they could do.

I dont think AE ryu has been fully exploited yet, especially the weird trajectory on his tatsu. The coward copter makes it harder to chase after run away characters like Sim and Claw, but I thought it was a cheap get out of jail card for Ryu especially against characters who find it a struggle to corner ryu. Now you have to play more cleverer. The change to ryu’s c.mk makes it harder to punish on whiff so its not all bad.

  • SSF4 low forward. thanks troll Ono.
  • Super low strong hitbox. thanks troll Ono.
  • far standing strong, not special cancellable anymore, but better poke, on counter hit able to sweep for untechable knockdown.
  • solar plexus, if you choose to keep AE damage, then make links after it easier OR its start up faster. if not, 10+ damage (50+50)
  • Air tatsumaki. if not, high jump buff so he can still get out of corners and use tatsu as pressure against Sim :smiley:
  • U2 is useless
  • NO Joudan, NO fake Hadoken.

I’m assuming they will revert Ryu back to his SSF4 self.